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  1. The list is endless for ways in which the Premier League is worlds apart from the English game now. How has it become this? As you alluded to, Sky have a lot to answer for by creating the mass divide in the leagues, whilst the formation of the Premier League may also have to take some blame. The problem is growing, you just have to wonder will it ever stop? I think we'd all love to see Bury grace the Premier League for at least one year in our lifetimes, but unfortunately the FA has allowed this to happen, effectively keeping 25-30 teams within the 'financial loop' of being able to compete and challenge for/in the Premier League. The Championship is the new Premier League for us little guys now.
  2. I think we've finally hit a point in which the transfer market and fee's which are being brandished around are completely ridiculous. Your average Premier League player goes for £10-30 million these days, anybody better and it's £40+ million as a starting price! I'm sick and tired of it all, to be completely honest. How does a club like ourselves expect to compete any higher up when this is becoming the norm? The Championship is year on year being pumped with more money, effectively making it difficult to survive in, for newer teams. Football is out of control. When will the FA step forward and stop this? When £100 million becomes a standard fee for a player, whilst two tiers below, clubs like ourselves can just about manage £100,000 transfers. It's gone... and don't get me started on how the FA encourage those vastly rich clubs to poach youngsters for pennies, from lower league teams!!
  3. According to the Bury Times, we almost scrapped the friendly with Sunderland because we drew them in the cup!
  4. Interesting stuff. Spee's got to up his game now! 😉
  5. Tony Caig as new goalkeeping coach has had a mention somewhere.
  6. Says a lot about our team last year that the ones who have found clubs, have been in the league below, if not lower.
  7. Not a chance with Dack!
  8. If 500k isn't 'scratching the surface' of what we value him at, then I'd have to agree. £1 million, minimum.
  9. They're too busy counting their cash...
  10. With him needing time to mull over the contract, it's probably led to us signing Thompson instead. Can't wait around for weeks, really.
  11. By releasing the information that we rejected a £500,000 bid for him... is that in a way putting him in the shop window? Telling clubs that we'll 'probably' sell if the deal is higher? A bid of £1,000,000 is needed to secure any deal I think. Well done to the chairman for sticking by his guns.
  12. I always thought Kay would go back to Tranmere. Given that it's his level now, his age is against him and he's probably fairly popular there. Also, with Danns, I keep wondering whether Danns is being used to keep a hold of Vaughan. I know how it sounds, but those two are really good mates, and I just think that may sway Vaughan to stay, if Danns does too.
  13. Had a little dig around on the 'Buy Kits' Twitter page, came across this little snippet of a shirt... Could this be ours?
  14. Not needed. Dawson, Reilly, Tutte, Styles, Burgess and Tsun Dai can all play CM.
  15. 7 points off the play offs to be precise! whilst also, 11 games without a win, dropping like a stone, lost the fans, lost himself, off the back of a bad second half of last season, terrible recruitment and 2 points above the relegation zone.