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  1. Friday's ref 27 games 87 yellows 5 reds Last took charge in 2 games last season 3-3 draw v Crewe away (1 yellow ) and the 1-0 home defeat to gillingham (5 yellows)
  2. Your boys took one hell of a beating Bury 😂😂😂😂😂
  3. No. Trying 4 keepers a season is nothing new. It's our trademark
  4. Down to ref the posh game(if on) 25 games 102 yellows 4 reds Last in charge this season in the 3-3 draw at Walsall and previously the 2-1 defeat at Scunthorpe last season were he sent off etuhu
  5. Next 7 games will give us a good indication were we are as we play port vale ,Swindon ,Shrewsbury ,Chesterfield ,Walsall n mk Dons
  6. Where have I heard that quote before
  7. Did he get their 3rd goal right for the free-kick or was it another poor decision from a referee? Have to watch it again.
  8. Got it wrong today. 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 whatever 2-0 down then we change it and could say we win the match 2-1. Poor team selection cost us
  9. No need to remind us we're all feeling it
  10. Same formation as last week except Moore in for soares n lainton for Williams
  11. 2-1 Scunthorpe
  12. He might have, but was ignored
  13. Don't worry it's true not like one of your sources 😀
  14. Not going to put persons name up for obvious reasons, bt he's ex lens n frm Bristol city