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  1. Lenny was a medical freak! Not to mention we had players with effortlessly cool nicknames like Paul "Paul" Butler and Nick "Patio" Daws.
  2. they used to do a local cricket league round up and we'd invariably be on about page 67 out of about 90. Absolute agony trying to find out rival results if it first loaded at p70 or wherever, which it always did
  3. Could not agree more with this - the dual promotion teams of 95-97 were hardly blessed with "stars" (a great goalkeeper and two superb central defenders apart) and it was team effort, sheer will and guts that got us the promotions. The squad we have now would - on paper - destroy them, but I suspect the reality would be far closer (allowing for a time machine one way or the other to see it happen).
  4. we can't, we've just sacked all the staff
  5. The one in the mid 80s when we won the Lancs Manx Cup or whatever it was called with Nigel Greenwood bagging goals galore!
  6. I'm a grown man with 2 children too, and I like nothing more than a good wind up you're most welcome here.
  7. No but this is a public forum - if people didn't have any views we'd have no forum!
  8. I don't see any problem with this post at all, it's your money, you spend it how you want, when you want. I miss games each year for different reasons so it's not financially viable to pay for a season ticket and an additional 1 or 2 for the kids. easier to bring them along on family tickets on the day or just pay on the day myself. Season tickets surely can't be our highest means of income anyway, what about the 150 whizzo new sponsors we keep being told about! Surely they must be bringing in more than about 300k collectively.
  9. if there's a sell-on we haven't been robbed. How do you know if he's goign to make it at that age? He might get a career-ending injury at 18, might sell for 50 million down the line. I'd rather we sold off half the academy with sell-on clauses than keep hold indefinitely, and offload them without a sell on for 50k when they don't turn out to be stars Bedeau, Matt to Everton, the one to Liverpool, Styles, Miller(?) and possibly this person could be our biggest financial income in the next 5 years even if only 1 of them develop.
  10. if it's under 7 figures for Styles it would be an absolute shocker. But I doubt it is him anyway
  11. he's not been home? I know these are the facilities that sell themselves to everyone wanting to be part of this "project" but blimey that's dedication!
  12. Glad he'll be up and running. If he was just up and walking it'd be pointless
  13. But we have the best two wingers in L1 in Mayor and Ismail, how do they fit in?
  14. They got injued last seaosn for long spells, but Mayor isn't injury prone - like any winger that gets tackled a lot he has the odd spell out but he's not injury prone
  15. The Nevilles of course, actually being plural