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  1. On the plus side, it's funnier when you're the home side and the visitors travel the same distance for 7 minutes of football before the game's called off
  2. Clark, Clark, I want to play ... Now discuss which player you want to have their arm broken before the game ... over to you, Bistow!
  3. Not going to be very thrilling though - 13 scored and 12 conceded in 13 games. Exactly what we needed to shore up the defence and cut out stupid mistakes, but before that us and opponents were averaging about 5 goals per match* which was thrilling, if admittedly many of them were scored in our net
  4. Given the amount of games I miss with other commitments, it's cheaper to just pay on the day (and bring one son for free on a family ticket when applicable)
  5. If they read this board, I suspect they'd like to fill as many coaches as possible and then drive them to Southend, through Southend and off the end of the pier
  6. In the event of a fire in the Boys Stand you wouldn't have needed a route to the cemetery, your burned ashes would have simply drifted off on the breeze!
  7. Love this!
  8. What is a "material uncertainty"? Is it something to do with what they make the shirts out of? Or is it the chance of Mayor playing more than 6 games before being injured, Maher averaging a penalty conceded per 5 games played, a defensive howler causing panic for the last 20 minutes of every game when we're 2 up, or perhaps Pope getting slagged off on a daily basis by Bistow (no can't be, that's a certainty)
  9. You could say that about numerous games to be fair - Oxford home, Millwall home, the first Wimbledon cup game, Gillingham at home, Fleetwood home etc!
  10. No they didn't. walsall team v Coventry on Sat: MacGillivray, O'Connor, Preston, O'Connell (SENT OFF), McCarthy, Osbourne, Chambers, Morris, Edwards, Bakayoko, Makris walsall v Port Vale last night: MacGillivray, O'Connor, Preston, Roberts, McCarthy, Dobson, Chambers, Morris, Edwards, Bakayoko, Kouhyar They had 1 enforced change from the red card and replaced the injured Osbourne and Makris (both substituted at half time on saturday) with Dobson (who played 45 mins on Saturday) and Kouhyar, an Afghan international who has been injured for much of the season
  11. The staff costs refer to 96 though, how do you know what the playing staff costs were ? The directors might have been on 2.5 millon That's not Flitcroft's player budget, that's the club's wage bill as a whole which presumably includes all back end staff, directors, manager, coaches etc etc etc as well as players.
  12. Precisely. I couldn't be less interested in Bolton or Rochdale and indeed will hopefully forget all about football after Sunday until August if we're playing Bolton and Dale next year, great, if not I really don't care beyond wanting us to stay up. Nothing else remotely important in my view (which I appreciate will differ for others).
  13. In previous years they've had cameras at all games and switch to them if there's a goal or major incident eg penalty or sending off
  14. Happy birthday web god!
  15. well as I'm not from Bury ...