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  1. You can add me to the Tom Pope "meh" comments; I love his attitude and workrate and he's clearly one of the few that wants to fight for us (big plus), but he was a 15-20 goal a season striker when we signed him and we'll be very, very, very lucky if he gets to 10 this year at best. HOWEVER, this is (in my view, rightly or otherwise) because of the "style" we play. If we had functioning wingers who delivered a decent cross or two, or anyone with the ability to take a proper corner, we'd undoubtedly see more goals from Pope. At present, all he seems to be is a target man (and a not very mobile one at that) who has to deal with 60- yard punts from Kay, Leigh and co, so no wonder he looks sub-par. If we're going to persist with the current style of football, I'd pair Vaughan with Miller for the legs and mobility, as I fear Pope is being totally wasted. And yes I appreciate there have been comments that Vaughan likes him, but to me they really just don't look like a pair. You have a Championship quality striker with pace and power alongside someone who's there to head the ball on to him and rarely does that. Get the wingers back from injury (or try Burgess and Mackreth again) and stick with Pope, otherwise we use him from the bench. Sorry if any of that is contrary to the perceived view that he's awesome, but he's really not, at least not the way we play at present.
  2. 3-2 Bury, goals for Vaughan, Mellis and a returning Mayor (he wishes)
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything aside from "we have no left winger" erm, Danny Mayor anyone?
  4. I can think of a few Lowe scored, the one in the cup loss to Leicester being memorable. Going back - David Lee got a few, but my favourite free kick taker would echo some of the above - Rigby. That goal at Birmingham!! (In fact all 3 goals at Birmingham that night were goal of the season contenders).
  5. Ah Gareth Seddon - from Chocolate Teapot to Silver Samovar!
  6. Vale 0 Bury 2 - Vaughan and a returning Mayor!
  7. I'm not so sure that's true (in my opinion obviously) - how many Bury supporters actually live "in Bury" itself as opposed to Rammy, Greenmount, Walmersley, Brandlesholme, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Unsworth, Prestwich, Holcombe Brook, Bolton, Manchester, or travel for the game from outside the borough etc etc etc?
  8. Not fussed about that competition but the Carter performance was absolutely incredible. That volley!
  9. No no, it's Jack Mackreth not Macbeth
  10. Somewhere in Bolton? They don't have a football stadium in that town ....
  11. Hear hear Carly boy. You, me and the tapeworm are in total agreement. Stone Cold sends his regards.
  12. Head says 2-2, heart says 11-0
  13. I've just finished reading David Conn's truly brilliant "Richer than God", which interweaves his 40 year odyssey as a Man City fan with the changes that have happened since the Abu Dhabi buyout. One of the huge criticisms of the club through the 80s, 90s and early 2000s was their continued reluctance to acknowledge former players. The minute Mansour and co came in, all the old players were feted, brought back in official capacities, employed as club ambassadors, the history of the club was plastered throughout the stadium etc etc. Interesting parallels with Bury. Now if only someone would come in and give us 400 trillion quadrillion quid a week ... The football club is 130+ years old. To not acknowledge our glorious (and occasionally storied) past really does defy belief.
  14. Mayor's a marvellous player on the eye and I'd have him 1st on the team sheet every week from an entertainment perspective, but he does underperform for long stretches, every season pretty much. All my favourite Bury players of the last 35 years have been wingers or creative midfielders (Lee, A Gray, Rigby, M Jones, C Jones, Patterson, etc) - and all notably drifted in and out of games, with the exception of Lee in the last 2/3 seasons where he was pretty much on it week in week out. Beating two players and whipping a cross in may look great but he creates remarkably few chances with crosses compared with someone like Jones, or indeed Hussey who provided loads more assists despite being umpeen percent less talented. I'd also not want him to spend his energy tracking back, but prefer to see him hanging on the centre line waiting for a swift break or two. The onus then is on him to deliver. To end on a positive, he also doesn't score bland goals, they're mainly worldies, which perhaps makes us perceive him as being far better than he actually is.