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  1. + 6. Any idea how many tickets we've sold? UTS!
  2. @Keithclubline: Marco Navas becomes the latest to leave the JD Stadium
  3. @bbcradiomanc: The former Rochdale boss John Coleman has told @bbcradiomanc he's wants to be considered for the manager's job at Bury. #buryfc
  4. Having been to every game so far I've been really disappointed with Roberts. Was expecting him to be a stand out player for us and lead by example but the amount of times he's caught out of position is alarming and his distribution is non existent. Hooooooof. You can argue the younger less experienced players need time to adapt and build confidence/fitness but for a seasoned pro dropping down from the championship I personally expect a certain standard of positioning and distribution. Hopefully he picks up some form (and the oppositions right winger!) or Holden is given a shot at left back as I can see him costing us goals game after game.
  5. What time does the ticket office close today?
  6. Your a joke, only come on here to complain. He'll improve in fitness and game speed. Had a good first half. UTS
  7. Don't forget your camera!
  8. You also need experience along side the youth. Look at the promotion winning side; Lowe & Ajose, Sodje/Futch & Lees. Would love to see Lowe back providing we don't break the bank as previously mentioned.
  9. I've heard that the new board are local people in their 30's/40's and that JD sports are taking over the lease on the club shop, hence the rumours about Makin & co Just another rumour to add to the rest!
  10. John Paul McGovern & Papa Bouba Diop in centre midfield!
  11. Jason jarrett
  12. Bloody rubbish bury!
  13. Couldn't agree more. I personally would of liked either Holden (or is he injured?) or Harrop given a chance at left back allowing Worrall to play on ze wing.
  14. Couldn't believe it when I saw the replay and not the first time he's done it! Wonder if they'll roll out the luis Suarez T-shirts again...
  15. I'll be attending. Should be a more diplomatic affair compared to the fans forum where a lot of built frustration was let off by the fans. Hopefully now some financial truths will be told