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  1. You and Spee need to get together. Soon.
  2. Both away games at Blackpool and Fleetwood are on Tuesday evenings, which has pissed me off more than somewhat. However we start and end at home, which is good I suppose.
  3. They're on a real roll at the moment, after an amazing season. Even so, 5500 STs is a fantastic achievement and one that I doubt we would emulate even if we reached the Championship. But having said that, it's about catchment area and competition. Lincoln has a metro population of nearly 200K with no real local rivalries. Plus, let's face it, they have a population that actually seems to care that the city has a football club. When could Bury last say that?
  4. Goal difference of minus 87? Bloody rubbish Bury.
  5. Yep - and we were incredible between 1900 and 1903.
  6. They've lived in the shadow of Norwich. Who the hell would turn up for a friendly against Ipswich?
  7. I couldn't agree more. No one in their right minds would see the events of that awful night as anything other than an utter tragedy, but there is a very fine line between public mourning and mass hysteria...and I think that line has been crossed.
  8. There's been some shockers down the years, but two stand out. The 11 man nightmare against Chesterfield in the play off final still gives me cold sweats. But the one I most remember is the 1-0 defeat at Spotland at the tail end of Blackwell's reign. Simply the most gutless performance I can ever remember from a Bury side and confirmation that Blackwell was a complete waste of space.
  9. Every northern L1 chairman would have been rooting for Blackpool today. But what about that atmosphere? It made Gigg Lane sound like the Bernabeu!
  10. I didn't think he was that brilliant today TBH.
  11. Well done to the lad. His commitment and attitude should ensure him a career for a long time to come, all being well.
  12. What happened on Monday night was truly abominable. Equally, I think it's important to draw breath and not to succumb to mass hysteria. But, if that's what you want, fair enough. Not for me though.
  13. I've just heard. What a tragic, pointless waste of life. My thoughts go out to those grieving this morning.