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  1. You know what the Tory Party are like they'd rather have someone awful like Amber Rudd. Davis reminds me of Corbyn in ways. Quite a principled man.
  2. I'm worried about the deal. I think we've paid our fair share into the EU budget over the years don't you think! We shouldn't be paying a penny more. It's impossible to say to be honest. Yeah I'd agree with that. Our relationship with the EU will change but trade terms shouldn't drastically. Every country in the world has access to the single market. Yeah he's a fool too To be fair he's always been consistent with his view on referendums and EU. I don't like many MPs. I quite like Kate Hoey and Frank Field on Labour side. Tim Farron seems a decent dude. David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg on Tory side. Probably a few more but the majority are just irritating. Oh and Diane Abbott
  3. I haven't seen anything to suggest he's out of his depth. What makes you think that? Davis has had business experience and has been a minister. He's much more qualified than Corbyn to deal with Brexit and importantly actually wanted to leave the EU!
  4. What's wrong with him? One of the few decent MPs in there. I agree but only if they campaigned to leave the EU.
  5. May? Just so she could say "Brexit means Brexit"? 80% of people voted for parties that have committed to leaving the EU. I think most people have accepted the result and are now more interested in this apparent deal we're going to get. I don't believe May will get us a good deal, I know DD is the Brexit dude but she heads it all. It will be some watered down rubbish that will probably be rejected by current EU member states anyway. We can trade via WTO. It will be a lot less than this Brexit Bill + EU contributions (next 2 years) and we'll have control of our laws, borders and fisheries. Trade with EU continues and we can start trading with some great nations like USA, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand again. Everyone's a winner as Del boy would say. This is why we need David Davis. We need someone who believes in it.
  6. He would say that wouldn't he the fool.
  7. Christ not him. I think I'd rather have Cameron&Osborne than them two! Hopefully David Davis will run though. Council estate start, grammar school education and SAS man - he'd wipe the floor with Corbyn!
  8. Correct.
  9. I'll have to watch that. Was it any good? May out. David Davis in.
  10. Home to Wimbledon.
  11. Let's wait and see what the actual experts report back. I see rent-a-mob are out in force. Disgusting.
  12. I definitely think UKIP voters backed Labour more than Tories. Look at Bury North for example, Kippers were supposed to back the Brexit candidate Nuttall but chose the anti-establishment rhetoric Labour offered.
  13. Tories fortunate Scottish now turning on SNP and have DUP to fall back on. Labour have them racist UKIP voters to thank in a lot of marginals.
  14. Despite May's awful campaign, she still got more votes and seats than Labour. Speaks volumes about Corbyn. Interestingly, May has more votes than Blair did in 97. We deserved that result for having two awful choices as leaders. We need PR.
  15. Bring back Farage.