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  1. 1st Gregory Farrell 2nd David Lee 3rd Danny Mayor The three wingers who have given me the most pleasure watching the Shakers for over fifty years. I would love to see him back to his best.
  2. Make it a sticky?
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if Danny left. That wasn't him against Huddersfield. Very sad. I hope he comes back but he looked a shadow of himself.
  4. Tight thigh. Expected to play a cameo role on Tuesday.
  5. Think he normally plays centre half for the under 18 team.
  6. Ryan Cooney Under 18 captain.
  7. Leon Best would be a permanent deal. He has been released by Ipswich.
  8. I have rarely if ever seen Danny Mayor play the number 10 role well.
  9. What would people think of Miller to boro in exchange for Ripley? Hence the need for Lambert.
  10. Some people are fans of attention seeking hissy fits.😱 look at the fuss I've caused.
  11. Not impressed by the local beer either.. Longing for a drop of Speckled Hen! Poor boy. At least he has the transfer activity to raise his spirits.
  12. Don't think you need to cross the Irish Sea when travelling from Glasgow to Walsall.😉
  13. Sunny Beach Bulgaria. Soaking up the sun.