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  1. People who do not want to watch the video, I can understand. People who feel they need to tell other fans that they can't be bothered watching it puzzles me.
  2. You can have an opinion. It's just that it will be ill informed if you don't listen to others. Recognise people who have an agenda.
  3. These wet fish aren't prepared to listen but have an uninformed opinion about everything.
  4. 30 minutes spent listening to positivity is time much better spent than listening to the whingers on here. Imo.
  5. So what did DF do wrong with regards to the young players? There seems to be a consensus that they are not quite ready. It's exactly what he said.
  6. Bigger than Alexander Constantopolisoski?
  7. He's well versed at instigating moves. Pawn to king four?
  8. How many corners did we score from last year?
  9. 21 today! 21 today! Never been 21 before.
  10. We've been told that he's in charge until the end of the season. Are you expecting an announcement on news at ten?
  11. There is usually a reaction from a team when a new manager is appointed. I have yet to see that from this group.
  12. Better football? The first half performance against Millwall was dire.
  13. They had space because they were midgets.
  14. It is usually the new manager who gets to choose his staff. So unless someone else is already in advanced talks, it looks like Brass has got the job. It would be crazy to employ Lowe and then pay more compensation when a new manager is employed.