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  1. Disgrace is a bit harsh. We look very solid defensively now. Barnett and Burgess had stormers today. The back 5 look good but ahead of that there is nothing. Mellis wonders around with the fairies, S.Burgess had a very poor game again, and Tutte was ineffective due to doing the running for 3. He did well to play 90 minutes. There is no point playing 2 strikers with this formation. Pope was ineffective. For the next game I would do this.... Murphy Moore Barnett Kay Burgess Leigh Mackreth Tutte Brown(if fit) Pennant/Mayor (if fit) Vaughan. It may look negative, but we are playing negative anyway and the midfield is over run. If we play the extra man in midfield then counters will be more effective.
  2. Sorry to shoot everyone down but this is an internal player of the month. So it will always be a Bury player.
  3. That's a cool looking stadium.
  4. People are forgetting that Brown is a centre half/right back. He isn't a midfielder.
  5. Training with us.
  6. True. We have been playing 4-3-2 with Hope not in a position anywhere really.
  7. I feel sorry for Hope. He is a striker, played there all of his life then is stuck out wide when signed for us. He doesn't have the pace, technique or agility to play wide. It must have ruined his confidence. Can't fault his effort but he is a waste of a player in the 11. I want him to move on. He is probably on a decent wack too. We have plenty of players who can play striker. Miller, Miller, Lowe, Vaughan, Pope, Dudley. We have plenty of players who can play winger. Pennant, Ismael, Burgess, Mayor, Jones, Mackreth.
  8. Winning the free kick is an assist as the free kick was scored directly (albeit luckily).
  9. Yes it does.
  10. Brass' fault today, should have made a sub around 60 mins when tiredness kicked in and Walsall were getting back in it. Pennant for Hope or Burgess for the ineffective Soares. Everyone will be bumming off Soares because the ball hit him in the last minute, he did nothing else again, all game. Someone said Pope is defunct? 2 assists again for him today so he is doing a job.
  11. Something has seriously gone wrong with this lad. Buying that Lamborghini was the beginning of the downfall.
  12. Stephen Humphrys Current club - Fulham Stephen has made 2 first team appearances from the bench, 25 minutes in total. For the U23 team, this season he has scored 12 goals in 14 appearances. He has played 909 minutes overall which is an excellent goal return. Aged 19 now and is expected to feature more around the first team at Fulham and hopefully kick on to earn us some sell on fees!
  13. He is definitely a centre back by trade, but he is also the best Defensive midfielder we have! Shows the quality, or lack of, we have in that position.
  14. His work rate impresses me the most. Always harassing defenders and chasing every ball.
  15. Is it just me who thinks Brown playing in Etuhus holding role show how crap Etuhu really is?