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  1. Talking of missing players though. Deslandes was a waste of a loan, never in the squad. Obviously Leigh is in great form. Beadling drifts in and out of squads. Tom Walker has disappeared.
  2. If Brown has left the club then why is he in full Bury tracksuit sat with the rest of the injured players. Rachubka was also there, and Ben Williams.
  3. Tutte plays 45 minutes then is out of the squad for 5 games anyway so doubt he will play tomorrow.
  4. Drive the team forward? There were times today when if he played a pass 3 yards in front of his team mates then he would be doing just that, but he played it behind them!! Styles was the only midfielder driving the team forward today.
  5. Today was the Kevin Friend show. He wanted it to be all about him. There were no major decisions to make but he made a meal of minor ones.
  6. I really don't get what people see in Mellis, he is woeful.
  7. A new stadium would be great, don't get me wrong. But why spend money on retail outlets on the current site if we are moving within 3 years. If the site was to be sold to make way for houses in the future then it makes no sense. Just throwing money down the drain.
  8. Really nice lad. Still resides in Prestwich. Always has a smile on his face.
  9. Little Lever so it is basically Radcliffe, we can let him off.
  10. It was only 2/3 seasons ago when Bristol Rovers were bringing 50/60 fans for a Saturday afternoon game so I don't know why they think they are bigger than us.
  11. Bringing Bryan on for Styles when he did was great management. Brizzle were getting physical at that point and we needed more steel than the midfield 3 on the pitch could offer.
  12. Much improved in a back 3. Wins everything aerially. That tackle in the first half is as good as you will ever see live.
  13. Great goal but other than that I thought he was quite poor. Some bad decisions, like releasing the ball too late when Pennant and someone else were clean through. Some poor passes too. I'm not knocking the lad, I like him, just pointing out what I saw.
  14. Agree. The 2nd yellow was soft but Sinclair had already put the ref in that position due to the first dive so he can't complain really. I thought the penalty was a dive too.
  15. Vaughan definitely. He won't be here next season. Leigh would be 2nd.