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  1. Can't recall him. Left footed centre midfielder fits the bill though. Only 23 so plenty of improvement time and potential sell on.
  2. He got lucky with the games he picked then! Maybe should have scouted him over more games.
  3. He has got 2 left feet. You and Evans are both wrong!
  4. Don't worry, you were right. no Raccy again.
  5. Chris Brown
  6. Well on his Instagram, he replied to someone who said 'don't be going to Bury' by saying 'that definitely will not happen'.
  7. 'He could go anywhere with my blessing, but if he went there it would hurt'
  8. He does porno shoots on Tuesdays.
  9. Skarz won't come as just back up, that's a load of bull. Unless Leigh is moving on. Dawson has been mentioned more than a few times. Interest seems high in him from other clubs too. Would be a great signing, something we have missed in midfield since....well, Dawson. He would want a decent contract though due to the interest.
  10. Heres hoping he moves on. Seems to have impressed with Blackpool. When he signed for us, I was delighted. Then I saw him play.
  11. He is 5ft 8, I think you are full of billy bull turd.
  12. Dropping down to League 2 would suit him and Port Fail.
  13. Regarding the Wolves loanee and them not sending players to use again: He gained no match experience but he could of improved 10 fold in his time here.
  14. I take it that you play Football Manager Spee.
  15. Good post. I think if Williams wasn't under contract, he may well have been given a deal as our back up. good luck to him, improved greatly in the last 2 seasons.