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  1. Bury still charge £3 on top of the season ticket cost. It's 2017, we need to get with the times.
  2. Depends who is asking. Can be electric.
  3. Seems like it works out cheaper than adding the luggage to your flight.
  4. Does anyone else think O'Connell looks very wooden? Reminds me of Jon Fitzgerald.
  5. One of those was a goalkeeper right? He warmed up with the first team quite often.
  6. Difficult to say. Styles drifts in and out of games, that's the player he is, whereas Dai is involved a lot more.
  7. Tsun Dai - I believe he is a centre midfielder but was playing left midfield. Some good touches, comfortable on the ball. Involved in build up to the second goal. Looks a good prospect and wouldn't be afraid of playing him if needs be. Saul Shotton - A big lad for 16. Cool and composed on the ball. Confident. Lack of pace shown in Sunderlands second. Looks a good prospect.
  8. Emeka Obi sold too, we just don't know how much for.
  9. source....
  10. Absolute lies. if Bedeau was worth 900k, then Miller who got 8 goals last year despite mainly appearing from the bench, is worth at least that. the fact he has been all over interviews and coaches the children's squads, I can't see this being true.
  11. Danns is scouse so it would be further.
  12. Well worth visiting the 9/11 museum. It has such an eirey atmosphere. Really interesting too. If you want to see a broadway show, there is a ticket booth in Times Square that sells tickets for shows that haven't sold out for up to half price. We saw school of rock, would recommend it! The skyline picture was taken from just over Brooklyn bridge. There was a fantastic pizzeria called Julianas. If you want to see the Statue of Liberty without actually going to the island, there is a free ferry to Staten Island which passes the SOL. It's easy to find. Soho and Greenwich are nice places to walk around. There are some actual pubs in these areas too. Wouldn't recommend Chinatown really.
  13. Sat at the top of the main stand? Was me! played really well 1st half. Impressed with Tsun Dai.
  14. Reminds me of the shirts lucky lucky men used to sell. On A side note, haves you seen the quality of lucky lucky men's football shirts now? It is outstanding.
  15. Haven't you heard man?