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  1. Something has seriously gone wrong with this lad. Buying that Lamborghini was the beginning of the downfall.
  2. Stephen Humphrys Current club - Fulham Stephen has made 2 first team appearances from the bench, 25 minutes in total. For the U23 team, this season he has scored 12 goals in 14 appearances. He has played 909 minutes overall which is an excellent goal return. Aged 19 now and is expected to feature more around the first team at Fulham and hopefully kick on to earn us some sell on fees!
  3. He is definitely a centre back by trade, but he is also the best Defensive midfielder we have! Shows the quality, or lack of, we have in that position.
  4. His work rate impresses me the most. Always harassing defenders and chasing every ball.
  5. Is it just me who thinks Brown playing in Etuhus holding role show how crap Etuhu really is?
  6. I have nothing against the celebration although I find it surprising that it isn't a yellow card.
  7. We have needed someone to break up play in the first half of the season, Brown did this well today. Should not have been released.
  8. You know what would be great? A former player coming back at every home game, and then an interview on the pitch over the PA at half time. What was your best memory of Bury? Who was the best player you played with? What do you do now? Etc etc. Although our PA system is crap so I doubt that would work.
  9. Long lives locally. He is a regular at Total Fitness Whitefield.
  10. At least he is busy. Etuhu and Danns add little or nothing in terms of assists and goals, they also aren't busy.
  11. I should hope they are smart lads. They came from bigger clubs less than a year ago, who thought they weren't good enough (presumably). We have offered them another chance, they have done well and we have fast tracked them to the 1st team. I would hope that they don't want to move to a bigger club and start the cycle again. They should stay for a few years when they are ready to play for a bigger club.
  12. There was a couple of mistakes yesterday but for a 17 year old (just turned) he is extremely comfortable at centre back, and a good distributer of the ball. Ahead of Barnett for me.
  13. Today was the first I've seen Styles properly. He has a very low centre of gravity which makes him agile. Very good first touch, always moving whether defensively or offensively. Passing overall was good, shame about the stray pass which led to their 2nd. He was probably shattered due to the influx of games on a young inexperienced body. I'm sure it was Mellis or Etuhu who could had won the ball before Styles got hold of it but put no effort into winning it. Very good prospect and but the million pound Mellis and the scarecrow to shame.
  14. He got a good response, the issue was the PA system, couldn't hear a word he said.
  15. I'm not a fan of Williams but Ethuhu is a bigger problem.