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  1. Interesting. Tutte has a worse injury record than Jonah over the past 3 seasons.
  2. Precisely. Will be an interesting summer.
  3. This has been discussed in parts on different threads, so I thought I would start a proper thread about it seeing as thought it will be released in a couple of weeks. UNDER CONTRACT Ben Williams - Need to transfer list and move on. Greg Leigh - Keep, potentially offer new contract as he has 1 year left. Antony Kay - Keep, seems to have improved in a back 3. Back up. Zeli Ismael - Looked good before injuries. Keep. Danny Mayor - Keep for obvious reasons. Tom Pope - I have a feeling Pope will go back to Vale. Neil Danns - Get rid, can see a contract cancellation. Scott Burgess - Keep as backup. Hallam Hope - Get rid. Cant see him leaving permanently, he will probably go on loan. Leon Barnett - Keep. Vastly improved in a back 3. Nathan Cameron - Keep. Obvious reasons. George Miller - Keep. Sub appearances work well for him. Joe Murphy - Keep. Finally a commanding keeper. Ryan Lowe - Keep. I liked him in the AM role against Northampton. Very clever player. Jack Mackreth - Keep. Not seen enough of him yet. James Vaughan - Keep obviously. Callum Styles - Keep, promising future. OUT OF CONTRACT Jacob Mellis - Get rid. Lazy but shows a touch of class every 3 games. Better out there. Craig Jones - Offer a pay as you play. I like Jonah but we can't afford to have everyone crowding around the injury table. Andrew Tutte - See above. Kelvin Etuhu - Get rid of Mr Lead Boots. Can't wait to see the back of him. Paul Rachubka - Get rid. Made a career of being a 3rd choice keeper. Anthony Dudley - Get rid. Miller has progressed quicker and is 2 years younger. Niall Maher - Get rid. He has disappeared since Clark came in. Too many mistakes. Reece Brown - I would offer a new deal. Would be relatively cheap and is good back up. Can play CB, RB or CM. Paul Caddis - Unsure on this one. Not overly impressed since coming in but has also done nothing wrong. Rob Lainton - Offer contract when we have got rid of Williams. Would be good back up to Murphy but if we cant shift Williams then we don't need 3 keepers. Ishmael Miller - Offer a 5 year deal. Legend. Chris Brown - See above. Jermaine Pennant - Lazy waste of space prima donna. Get rid.
  4. Jesus Christ.
  5. Someone mentioned we would have to pay a fee...not entirely true. we would only pay a fee if Fulham offered him a contract matching or bettering his current deal, but he chose to sign for us. If Fulham don't offer a deal then he is free to sign elsewhere for no fee.
  6. 772 from Northampton. Great effort from them.
  7. He is the best striker I have seen in my 27 years
  8. Murphy Barnett Kay Burgess Moore Caddis Leigh Tutte Mackreth. Walker/Burgess Vaughan. slight variation on the 3-5-2. Caddis sitting, Tutte in the centre, wide attacking threat from wing backs and wingers. It would take the game to them.
  9. The issue with the 3-5-2 is that there is not enough creative threat. I don't see the point in playing 2 strikers when they have no service.
  10. Yes the free kick shouldn't have been given but we could have played until Sunday and still not scored so it doesn't matter really.
  11. Tonight was an absolute disgrace. Other than Leigh and Vaughan, none of them showed any passion. Midfield is non-existent. Mellis should be released early tomorrow morning. I recall one shot on target. Hallam Hope brought on ahead of Lowe? I was debating leaving following that decision. None of you will be getting £75 cash back, believe me.
  12. Equality and diversity. Take that as you will.
  13. Nothing official or unofficial.
  14. You have never shopped at Gregs in Radcliffe then.
  15. Lives in Prestwich. Local lad.