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  1. Should probably add on Harker and Burgess imo
  2. Anyone been to tesco and heard about his injury?
  3. Very sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and all of your family. RIP
  4. For anyone that plays Fifa Ultimate Team, Vaughan's performance on Saturday has earned him an 'inform' card for this weeks 'team of the week'. Congrats James.
  5. The header by hope in the build up to the 4th makes me laugh! Mellis goal was goal of the season so far for me off the top of my head I can't think of any better!
  7. What go to play for a team with Morinho at the top who is famed for not playing youth players or Liverpool where only the very best stand a very slim chance at being a starter in the cup games or go to Villa where they are known for sticking by their youth and playing young players in league games? Plus what Ronky says is spot on, I'd try not have my head turned by the likes of Liverpool and United and go for game time.
  8. Am I just remembering wishful thoughts in thinking that Jon refused to go back to Liverpool once he knew we wanted to keep him?
  9. I remember that I thought we had played them before his move as well but fair enough haha.
  10. Pretty sure we sold him to them a few years ago, we had just played them in the FA Youth Cup and he must have impressed and they signed him with a 25% sell on clause IIRC.
  11. Have they signed another one as he left for Rotherham at the end of last season.
  12. I really hope you aren't being serious! Vaughan has done this all of his career.
  13. Good luck charm you KK!
  14. Vale 1 - Bury 2 Pope to break his duck against Vale and Vaughan.
  15. Appointed new CEO, used to work for Manchester United and a non league club which has league aspirations (presumably Salford?) cant find out much about him!