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  1. It's not he just looks awful he can't trap a ball his tackling is off and he is struggling at even running if that's a lack of match sharpness and not legs have well and truly gone I'll be amazed, he's been in training since day one and played in every game he has just been very very poor.
  2. Dawson was awful yet again his passing is poor and he is a second or two behind everyone else's thoughts shame really.
  3. I hope not....fingers crossed Humphrey will replace him!
  4. For a second I thought you meant Castilla haha!
  5. Congratulations. Bury FC Malaga branch flag incoming?
  6. Leon Clarke must have had that...everyone is his ex club.
  7. Done to copy Conor Mcgregor after his last fight.
  8. I bloody wish! Quality striker!
  9. I personally wouldn't mind too much due to his injury problems and personally don't think he is up to this level he has his pace but he has never really made a position his own.
  10. having a medical according to the Bury Times guy
  11. apologies misread it
  12. I know you may not be up for doing this Spee but could you not put them all into one thread on here? Then we all know where they are they don't clogg up the messageboard?
  13. GM as in George Miller?? He's joined Middlesbrough!
  14. I don't know why their are mixed views the guys movement and pace are fantastic and he will score in this division!