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  1. I shall be there to tick Charlton off the list of the grounds to do!
  2. I still believe a decent manager would have got that team promoted a lot earlier than the final day of the season.
  3. win 3 out of the next 4 and we should have a minimum of 1200 shakers at BP! I just don't want to see Peter Clarke score against us!
  4. Sounds like Greg isn't comng up Trumps with this wall building stuff then!!
  5. Does it matter if he was first choice or not if you are behind him?
  6. Hopefully we will with a new gaffer!
  7. I'll be there mate....don't forget the hats
  8. Brass hasn't been sacked, but I do get your point. As I've pointed out earlier we have a history of doing this like when we appointed Jepson as our gaffer whilst waiting for Flitcroft to get sacked from Barnsley, weird way of doing business though I suppose.
  9. Apparently he is rapid so would presume wing back would be a decent position for him, I heard he was meant to start last night but nobody could speak French to tell him he was playing.
  10. He did the same thing when waiting for Flitcroft though I suppose, by bringing in Ronnie.
  11. well that's not true, because I'm not.
  12. Agree with that mate, shows how important getting 100% fit is.
  13. speaking to a Killie fan on twitter, he got rid of 14 players the day after they stayed in the SPL or whatever it may be called now.