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  1. Play would suggest he put in effort he didn't in any of his time with us.
  2. I thought it was a poor Freekick and it was Murph at full fault for it going in it was straight at him but ahh well we win today and we will be safe and we can forget all about it imo like
  3. Murphy Moore Barnett Kay Burgess Leigh Tutte Mellis Burgess Vaughan Pope
  4. His vision for his team mates is appaling several times in his last few games he has ignored a simple pass to put others 1 on 1 with the keeper. I did think he was on for the chesterfield goal again though at one point!
  5. Thanks for that Ste it shows how important Tom is to us and we are a lot more successful with him in the squad!
  6. I simply don't believe that Ben Miles is a guru when it comes to his people skills he is an absolute genius and helps everyone out in an exemplary fashion.
  7. Ben Miles anything but helpful? Noooooo I don't believe it.
  8. That's exactly what got me wondering this!
  9. For how often he is seen he very rarely answers the questions we've asked.
  10. That is good to hear, especially after what happened with Stewards at our last home game! Well done to all involved.
  11. Did this move ever get confirmed?
  12. I didn't say it was a dive, I just don't think it was a pen, Lowe got touched but went down easily thinking he'd won a pen and the handled the ball the ref then made the correct decision in awarding a free kick against.
  13. He made the correct decision.
  14. We peed the FA off by not paying our last loan back to them on time.
  15. We need to get in touch with Brian White to get a get well soon Joe message on the screen at the time as well.