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  1. Its almost a standard word document that they just insert the players name into occasionally it is tedious.
  2. Joins from Burton on a 2 year deal. Left footed centre mid can also play left back and left mid.
  3. Love this guy
  4. I don't know if she or family have any connections but family friends who are Bury fans have been paying tribute, another that has paid tribute to her is Jon Newby who attended a wedding were Olivia was a bridesmaid. What a horrible few days this has been.
  5. Horrible, sickening news, you can only imagine the pain the family of those 22 people are going through right now and its unbearable to think about even. Woodzo I'm glad your family are safe also Ryan Lowe's. RIP the 22.
  6. Only me that thought we might end up with a friendly v Villa out of this?
  7. Good job I'm not the gaffer then isn't it.
  8. Gutted to have never played him in his suited style of play, on a side note its good to get his wage off the books as he will be a dear back up striker.
  9. God please no his brother was bad enough!
  10. Haha very good.
  11. I know what you mean but if they are on similar wages I would rather have the younger proven player in the same position that is stronger and faster than the other one, for me it would be a no brainier if both are interested, suppose I'm not the gaffer/chairman and don't know the demands and our budget though.
  12. Shame, very good player.
  13. Hope we don't get him, would rather have NML!
  14. Sounds like a possibility, always played well against him but I'm sure he was being linked with Championship clubs.
  15. Has he deleted this?