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  1. Thank the lord.
  2. I'm not Tuttes biggest fan or Jones' (Sorry R11) but their injury records for me mean they shouldn't be kept on. Tutte - he's decent but that's all he is IMO never been a stand out in any role for me. Jones - got the pace to beat a man but his final product is poor.
  3. Tutte and Jones should be released for me, Greg Leigh is ours and who is the Moore in your keep list? Out of the loanees I would like to see return in any format are Murphy and Bryan. Also how long was Lowe's contract?
  4. Currently in a lock down due to security threat nobody allowed to leave at the moment.
  5. Some of the staff find it difficult to count to 25 never mind understand what the voucher does, no prizes for guessing who I mean.
  6. I feel like I may be 1 of 1 that is of this opinion so I may be completely wrong with it, but Burgess isn't at all confident when under pressure and his aimless headers at the time tend to put us under even more pressure than we were anyway and his passing is awful unless obviously he knocks it to Kay, sort that out though and he'll be class at this level, feel like he has a year extension that can be activated by Fulham at any time though.
  7. Call me cynical but I get the feeling that might be the point.
  8. This really could be a fantastic signing if its made! Get rid of Williams and Rachubka and keep on Lainton as full time back up and I will be delighted!
  9. Fingers crossed we can do them it would be a massive result (how weird does that sound, beating Fleetwood would be a massive result !?! ), Pope should always be paired with Vaughan, Pope brings out the very best in Vaughan IMO, the back 3 you would hope should be able to deal with their front men although only Barnett is blessed with any pace what so ever so they will need to sit deeper and allow Kay to be the man to bring it out. What is going on at your place with the 3 all draws you keep getting?
  10. But what if you don't wear shirts or ever even buy them?
  11. I would hope we could 3/4 fill that, especially if we are on a semi decent run added in with us not having played in absolute age and it being a new ground for most!
  12. Ours was for a long long time as well after a promising start, I would love to visit your new (is it still considered new?) place though! Hope you enjoy your day and we can get 3 points though!
  13. If you can guarantee Fleetwood go up with you we will let the Belgian Health Minister start singing.
  14. Checking out the opposition for next season?
  15. As much as you might be joking and trying to get a bite, I actually think he was.