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  1. There are several going back at bit, including an FA Cup Replay at home to Birmingham City on 7 March 1963 and the league game with Walsall on 4 May 1995, when they won promotion at Gigg Lane.
  2. Check again.
  3. Seems to me a whole lot better than a trip to Southend for Sunday midday last season or Friday night games in 2010-11 and 2015-16. Just hope the rain holds off and you only have to make the journey once.
  4. Wanted an away game first match, as I will be in Slovenia. Was expecting to miss the Tuesday Sunderland cup game having moved on to Croatia, though now I find it is on Sky TV on Thursday and I will be in Montenegro. My head is spinning now, hopefully I can find somewhere to watch it on the box.
  5. Yes it is way out, we have played 4760 league games, not 4576. That table was at the end of 2012-13 season.
  6. He needs to make Vaughan an offer to stay, that he can't refuse.
  7. Yes, but by four minutes past seven we were back to our usual rubbish.
  8. He only scored one in the 6-0 win over Carlisle. His second spell when he joined for the 1994-95 season was poor, starting 29 games with 4 sub appearances in all competitions and total goals NIL. Effort wise always good and a strong player, but his touch and calmness near goal often let him down.
  9. I don't count players who never played a competitive game for us.
  10. The old b/w footage came from a DVD called 'Bury, The Way We Were'. which is about the town in general. The football segment gives no detail of dates or opponents, only that it was in the 1930's. However, there was other footage that I did not use that showed the Bury side being photographed before the game and it looks to me as if it could have been a testimonial game, with a mixture of past and present Bury players and even some from other, probably local sides. Norman Bullock was certainly playing and I think Dave Robbie, but some look a bit older and most have never appeared on any Bury team photos from that decade. I used it mainly to show how the ground was then.
  11. No you are pretty much spot on re going to Bolton. There is the odd one like keeper John Platt and John Ritson, who had come from Bolton, also went back to Bolton. We signed him from Blackpool.
  12. Officially 414.
  14. Attitude