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  1. What an Immense talent Bell was. Saw his debut for us at Man City and he scored in a 1-1 draw. In that game City keeper Harry Dowd broke his finger and with no subs then, played up front and scored their equaliser, forcing the ball in after Derek Kevan had hit the bar.
  2. Happy Birthday both for you. Some previous good birthdays include a 3-1 home win over Chester in 1972, a 3-1 away win at Reading in 1977, a 1-0 away win at Wimbledon in 1980 courtesy of Madden (who else), a 3-1 home win over Crewe in 2011 with Kyle Bennett scoring his only goals for us and Lowe the other and a 1-0 away win (Schumacher) at Swindon in 2013. I'm trying hard not to remember a 2-1 defeat at Burnden Park in 1966 when Jack Maltby scored.
  3. Involved may only mean on bench. Probably been training with us this week.
  4. Signed until the end of the season. Age 28 midfielder/winger who was at Birmingham under Lee Clark.
  5. He usually put a lid on any trouble before it boils over.
  6. Belated birthday greetings to both of you.
  7. Best 1994-95 last six games 5 wins 1 draw = 16 points takes some beating. Worst 1899-00 last six games 1 win 5 defeats = 2 points (but we did win the FA Cup between the fourth and fifth game)
  8. So it would appear.
  9. We were relegated in 1979-80 having won 16 and drawn 7 games for a total of 39 points because it was then only 2 points for a win. Three points for a win would have seen us relegated with 55 points.
  10. And the club would never want to keep us in the dark, would they?
  11. Never saw that coming, but good luck to him, though scoring against us for Fulham in the League Cup doesn't put him at the top of my Xmas card list just yet.
  12. Sorry, I thought the post was about Terry Pashley. Get well soon.
  13. Bury FC have recruited several players over the years from Bury Amateurs FC. Most of these were recruited in the mid to late 1950's and included Brian Turner, Gordon Atherton, Harry Bunner and goalkeeper Frank Adams. There are earlier examples from the 1940's such as centre forward Norman Berry and in the late 1930's the Bury Amateurs goalkeeper Ken Whitehead represented the England Amateur International side. They did play at Bury Sports Club from 1925 to 1934, then moved to a ground of Manchester Road, Redvales.
  14. Maybe, he has had better games, but he looked out of his depth yesterday and a lightweight passenger and for me should have gone off at half time. Tutte will start when he is ready for 90 minutes.