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  1. Seeing that the list was posted on 8 October and we didn't play Bolton until to the 24th, he has not missed it off.
  2. February 1947 Eddie Quigley scored a hat trick in the first 18 minutes in Bury's home game with Millwall. He also scored two more in the second half in a 5-1 win. Also worth noting that only 3 teams have scored more goals this season than Bury in League One.
  3. The great Youth team you refer to would be the one that beat Derby County, Oldham Athletic, Wrexham, Liverpool and Stoke City to reach the FA Youth Cup Semi Final against Sunderland in 1965-66. I believe that John Forrest was the keeper in that side. Bell was a little too old for that side and had been playing in the first team since early 1964. The likes of Jimmy Kerr, Alec LIndsay and Colin Waldron did play.
  4. Bullockballamos is correct. Williams is wearing the number 4 on his shorts which makes it the Sept 1976 game. The 2-2 draw was in Feb 1975 when Williams was the substitute and would have worn No.12 shorts. He also played there in March 1976 when he was No.11. The player nearest to Williams is Kenny Sansom. Love the card, never seen it before.
  5. Reduced teams gradually as in 86-87 there were 22 in the top division, in 87-88 there were 21 and in 88-89 there were 20.
  6. Our longest league run without a win is 19 games set in 1911.
  7. 1998. Watched it in a bar in Majorca. No Norwich fans in and me the only Bury fan. Sad about the W&H though it has been a dive for some time.
  8. Goalkeeper Ken Grieves played for us in the 50's he was Australian and also Lancashire cricketer (wicketkeeper).
  9. At 6ft 4 1/2 I think central defender for Burgess.
  10. It was definitely goals scored that season that was used to separate teams on the same points, not goal difference.
  11. What were the 529 Bristol fans doing at Brentford?
  12. Delete Scunny from that list we were 0-1 behind.
  13. I would say so.
  14. Happy Birthday On the day you were born Bury drew 3-3 away at Portsmouth with Ernie Yard scoring on his debut. We also lost 0-2 at home to Man City on your first birthday, seem to remember it was in the snow. That man Craig Madden scored a hat trick in 1982 on your 29th birthday at home to Hartlepool. Have a great day.
  15. Maybe also Kay against Morecambe in the Trophy game. I think we also got a pen from a corner against Charlton which produced a goal. We miss Cameron at both end of the pitch.