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  1. Latest is that 4 people have died. A policeman, the assailant and, I would guess, 2 who were hit on the bridge. A terrible scene but it could have been so much worse. Our eldest son is a volunteer first responder and tomorrow he is going out with a rapid response unit in the Dagenham area. Hopefully this is an isolated incident.
  2. It certainly does bb and we are also not to judge. Now nowhere in my post have I judged him nor even condemned him. Forgiveness comes only from love, and there have been several examples of family members forgiving the person(s) who had murdered their son/daughter. Because a person is forgiven does not mean that they must not face a just punishment and that is what I was alluding to in my post. Not wishing to preach in anyway I believe we will ALL face that day no matter how GOOD we have been.
  3. As I discussed today with a friend, the reason the above mentioned came to the negotiating table was because the authorities were closing in on McGuiness in particular and would, I suggest, have had enough to have murder charges stick. The Good Friday agreement put a halt to further investigations/ charges to continue. It was his get out of jail free card. Having said all that, we have to accept that he played a huge part in the cessation of the violence as it was. My own opinion is that he will pay a great price for any deaths he was directly responsible for when he comes face to face with his creator.
  4. I have today sent off my form for renewing my licence. Hopefully my doctor will not have advised the DVLA of my insanity of being a Shakers fan.
  5. same Lol
  6. how are you following the game Mike?
  7. agree to a certain extent MIke, would like to know what the injury is first though. A dead leg or injured in the tackle?
  8. Replaced by Kean Bryan
  9. Tutte injured and looks like the end for today for him
  10. Thanks Ian. And well done Shaker429.
  11. Could it be Don May?
  12. I recognise the great Johnny Mcgrath back right as we look at them. My memory not great but I think the goalie could be Frank Adams? and 2nd left front row maybe Don Watson? Over to Scales. He's the guy with photographic memory By the way, notice all the different socks/shorts. Maybe just a training session.
  13. Many happy returns Doc.
  14. Greed ( and power) personified! Disgusting person.
  15. Bury blade !