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  1. If he has, he'd better be prepared to share it around!
  2. Agreed Andy, I think it shows the friendship these 2 have developed.
  3. Never saw Colin Bell play for us?? A sort of Tutte with a touch more class
  4. Very many happy returns to you both. (Life is funny ain't it Vinny, I actually thought you were a LOT older than that!)
  5. Stop it !
  6. Thanks Neil, a good report. good luck for rest of season
  7. I have to say that that doesn't look like the game I was following on twitter/sky sports. Most of the posts were of Bury in possession and we appeared to be in control of the game. All that highlight showed was 1 attack from us. Poor 'highlights'.
  8. The Tardis?
  9. Dammit, knew I should have gone with my head!!
  10. True Baz. Well done Brassy? Lowey went running to Brass after his goal. Obviously great friends.
  11. apparently 2nd oldest ever Bury scorer, behind Sodje who was 40 when he scored V Walsall
  12. Charlton 1-1 Bury
  13. As I have, for the past 55 years, seen Leicester City as my second team, I am gutted. Both for the club but mostly for Ranieri. As steve stated above. He led them to heights the fans could never have dreamed of and I am sure most will be extremely sorry to see him go. I wish him all the best in the future. I am sure he won't be out for long.
  14. Purposely!
  15. You been peeping through my curtains AGAIN???