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  1. Cameron getting a lengthy go today after the early injury to O'Connell. Making some great tackles. Huge bonus for us if he is back to full fitness. (although we still haven't learned how to defend set pieces!)
  2. You obviously never followed Desperate Dan or keyhole Kate!!
  3. That's good news for me. He wasn't on the original squad sheet on twitter.
  4. 1 down early on and O. Connell limping off. Knee injury?ūüėě
  5. impact with the ball?
  6. Looks Unfortunately we have lost Edwards for first couple of games
  7. I stayed awake most of last night so as not to be rudely awoken by the huge thunderstorms we were promised But I know what you mean tub. In fact as I type this the weather forecast is on tv. So quiet for a few hours with rain coming in around tea time. Might get my bowls match after all this afternoon.
  8. You'll enjoy it. In fact, I've no idea how many Bury fans are registered and active on this mb but I would recommend every one of them to purchase it. Mine is on my kindle so no need for you to tramp into town! It's a brilliant read. Any idea how many have been sold James?
  9. You mean you never watched 'Sharpe' ?? I only just got rid of the whole box set of dvd's. I loved that series. EDIT. Ooops, just seen all the other replies prior to mine. Ooops, just seen all the other replies prior to mine.
  10. Touche
  11. Don't you dare start on Tutte!!! It was bad enough all your tripe posted re Pope!! Lay off my favourite player. Were you there on Friday? Did you see his goal?? Did you see that it was Tutte who started the move in his own half that brought about the (his ) first goal?? He'll be there mr. Bistow, have no doubts!
  12. Is this not what RL meant though Barry? If he was so prolific and great team player to boot and gave 100% every game etc. why have clubs got rid of him so many times. Just how many clubs has he actually signed for? Just asking like
  13. It would appear you only had thoughts about your 3rd portion of tatty pie that night ronks !
  14. Thanks Stu, that's fair enough except I don't carry my laptop around with me to access the main site.
  15. England turn in a star performance at Lords and not a mention from Bolton's most famous shaker!! Come on Kacc old boy, give us your views