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  1. I'm not a betting man but I have said since his election 'victory' that I doubt he will last 4 years in office.
  2. Didn't get chance to edit as I was called away to do the washing up! (that's my excuse anyway)
  3. We never really got to see Foulds play against 'real men' regularly. Was it just the once with first team? Anyway, Day should certainly stick to £1000.000 minimum + add-ons. As stated earlier there is always the possibility of him just not making it and being discarded (not that I believe that for a moment).
  4. I have to say that I do not dislike this photo
  5. A friend has just invested in a HP printer from pc world (yes, I know!!) But also signed up for some sort of contract that means HP keep an eye on your printer (through t'internet) and send you the refills when necessary. I think the first 3 months are free and then £2.00 per month and Bob's yer uncle. If you go through just 2 packs in a year this should pay for itself?
  6. Err, you mean Jesamine? signed, mr pedantic ps, one of my all time favourite songs
  7. I refuse to like this post, you have enough brownie points already!
  8. so you did, my apols
  9. As many have said already, always gives 110% (if that's possible). Nobody yet mentioned that it was Hope who won the ball that allowed Burgess to thread through that delightful pass for Vaughan's first. Come on efng, credit where it's due!!
  10. I am waiting for the report on our new right back before I predict.
  11. And that is the only 'criticism' I have of Chris Brass. He should have moved Brown to RB and brought Etuhu into the middle! Nobody in the ground wanted to see Danns on the pitch.
  12. Agree with all that Andy, but just one thing--when will you learn how to do smiley imoticons??
  13. You got something against my mate Tutte? a tremendous free kick
  14. sadly my application was not registered in time. I asked BFC if they could post it for me.