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  1. many happy returns Stu.
  2. Whilst seeing on the news programmes this week I noticed just how traveled he was. I think to myself, where did he get the money from to do so much flying/traveling. He was, apparently, known to the authorities so how did it not occur to them he must be up to something?
  3. Many happy returns Paul Hope it was a good un
  4. They used to leave from Kay gardens before Knowsley street Baz. I used to love queuing up with my dad, working our way through the chain barriers.
  5. Best bet is phone Gordon, I think option 5. He may be able to help out. But he's off on his hollibobs very soon so be quick
  6. Keith on twitter seems to be confirming it's Katie (Pooler I suppose) and Emma who started as receptionist when I used to go down there helping out every day. I just think it's sad but thought since these new folk took over we have been top heavy behind the scenes. If it had to happen, were there any alternatives? My opinion is yes.
  7. Agreed Andy. How some folk act so quickly always astounds me. Same with the poem.
  8. I have always believed, and still do, that anyone in work should not receive the wfp. Yes, there are those in poorly paid jobs but if they are receiving benefits then the wfp could be added onto them.
  9. That's what I thought when my mother in law suffered 2 massive strokes some 5 years ago. We had to sell her home (an apartment) and all the proceeds, around £68,000, were then used for care home fees. Once her savings had reached £21,000 the council stepped in and paid part of the fees. The bottom line is £15,000. Sadly she developed pneumonia recently and spent 4 weeks in hospital. The doctors have told us they have 'fast tracked' her and that she is on end of life care now. This now means that the council take over the full cost of her care home treatment. I have never understood comments about elderly folk who have worked all their lives, saving for a rainy day and when they are unfortunate enough to end up in care homes their savings are taken. Is this not a rainy day? Of course it would have been nice for my wife, an only child, to have inherited a nice sum but we don't complain as that is how it is.
  10. Errr, no!
  11. Maybe there's a simple explanation. He saw his feet when having his medical?
  12. You tell me! It was your quote. (and stop being so grumpy!! )
  13. well we ain't got it now anyway!
  14. stop picking nits!!
  15. Err, do you mind NOT leaving out our talented playmaker by the name of Tutte!! I personally think they will work well together.