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  1. They certainly didn't
  2. Not dissimilar to the 'wall of sound' at grotland. Coming out to a packed Les Hart stand surely lifted the players. And as said, just a one off. Did the larger crowd do the bizz? I think so. Financially, as stated already, was minimal considering the overall losses this last 3 seasons.
  3. I think a WHOOSH is appropriate here
  4. We will never know Ricky.
  5. Will you marry me Myra?? No, it's not just you, Since his debut Tutte has been my favourite player. ( he is after all, the only one with footballers legs!) He set up the 3rd goal and was all over the park as always.
  6. rofl
  7. Almost forgot but once again a fitting tribute to our fans who passed away this season. I think Rev. David Otley puts over a simple but warm message/prayer. It's now we are able to see photos of those fans that we realise how many we recognise.
  8. Even set up Miller for our 2nd??
  9. Agreed, and I have to mention Pope who won most of his headers and played some lovely little passes. Was one of his best games since early days. In fact probably his best performance since his injury.
  10. What absolutely pathetic highlights!! Great to see the goals again but good grief. These should be called the goals video show. Very very poor.
  11. What a shame his effort on goal was just over. would have been goal of the season. I actually thought he was more effective in his role today than as his usual down and out striker since his return.
  12. And what a way to (possibly) finish your career at Gigg Lane.
  13. Tutte made the 3rd goal. He ran himself into the ground yet again. Please change your seat and sit next to Alan B. !!
  14. For what it's worth, I reckon that was a good entertaining match with Bury playing some decent football. fantastic to see 3 goals at Gigg and a lasting memory of one Ryan Lowe having the game of his life ( well, you know what I mean) from midfield. Deserved MOM and I can't think of a weak link in the team today. Well done the whole team.
  15. Agreed Ronky, how we miss that ilk in the Labour party now.