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  1. Well presented and well done. Now as for this Grandma larkin..I am terribal wen it comes to poynton this owt..But some professionals are far worse and yet project themselves as faultless....Ellipsis added for exaggeration of point and !!!! to amplify the exaggeration of such people.
  2. Well if they don't like him that's (there (their) they're lare) issue! Pint pot snobs Did anyone mention 23616?
  3. I got the info the same night... but would you trust the minutes? They made some quite big chortle in other circles... Anyhows..see you in 65 days
  4. In your lots style...83.7% of the ones you stated ;(
  5. The speculative figures mentioned on here as fact are incredulous.
  6. I assume that this was asked because there is a tedious link between the financers and Mr Giggs and not that the poster is on day release?
  7. The cheapest loans in the UK...worry ye not! Its all sorted..I just bought a Bury FC beach towel and 5 minutes later..Debt paid in full. This is not a coincidence I feel.
  8. Or Am I being cylindrical? but it looks like Pi in the sky to me
  9. It is a rivalry not a derby..The first time I remember us playing them I was around 15 years old and it was in the cup...The Bolton Derby game is much more important to me, as most football supporters from other towns and cities did in the 70s..before away travel became easy..lots of Bury and Bolton fans watched both teams until the day came to choose your side Born Bury...it's Bury!
  10. NatCams Injury is a severe blow to this team. If this injury could have been predicted, I sense Natcam would have been a Birmingham player in January.
  11. Simply put..Forever Bury have been used, abused, chewed and spat out. Oh what a surprise, next someone will be looking for their parachute (smiley winky ironic thing with a look of Judas) It is my opinion that greed and ego has prostituted what was once an ethical if not adventurous vehicle. Joy, You have my total respect for your ethical stance but I do believe Stuart has it correct with his comments. Now try and enjoy watching the games to come.
  12. How can anyone doubt Big Leon and his influence on our position? his Goal per Minute ratio is very very good...add to the mix that the #badgekissingexpert cost him a certain goal at the weekend...plus it was Leon who got their man an early bath and we should be thankful Leon is still "here".
  13. Perry Deakin! Last comment on the matter is.. Shouting and second guessing does not change anything. On a scale of 1 being Oyston and 10 being Abramovich..we are sitting at around a 7.. Count your (chickens) blessings! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. No about turn.. Don't like them at all...but business is business. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk