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  1. Knob block !! Has it ever crossed peoples minds that it is always fuller on so called big games ?? There is a group of home and away that are just as annoyed at the culprits as everyone else
  2. I love what you have done with the place. Gratitude to all involved . Nice touch keeping the tribute to the top man himself Will donate when it becomes available
  3. I said after Lawler was booked , Every player who DIDNT have a yellow card should have gone and took the goal kicks to waste a bit more time didnt matter in the end but would have been funny to wind the Bradford up a bit more
  4. Why do people think that Pope is going to be moved on ??
  5. Feel for the fans ....Northampton have had a bad run of things in past 20 years or so
  6. Spot on We have a recycling quota at our store
  7. Does our Official Capacity reduce now as some seats are blocked in between the walls ? One of the pictures shows about 140 seats or so blocked in ??
  8. In terms of Result be hard to beat Chesterfield 11 and Tranmere 15 But in terms of stature. Wigan and Sheff United this season have been AWESOME away wins
  9. I might not be able to see anything from the Main stand - or is that just my Qataracts
  10. Oil think about it
  11. Ooo stop that . Your making it go a bit warm with sentences like that
  12. Put Mayor on the left OR Try the Enigma of Left footer on the right wing . Often works
  13. IF he is wanting a new "Winger" Id try Hussey out there and play Foulds at left back in the Accy game and see how it works