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  1. Guys (and Gals) I hope you all agree with me, that this is one of best ever Press headlines, for us Mighty Shakers "Camp Nou to Gigg Lane" sorry, but this really has tickled me!! UTS
  2. now £690!!
  3. if we are not in the top 6, by end of october, he deserves serious grief, considering the budget he has been given... and i am confident to think, stewie persuading vaughan to stay
  4. fascinating, well done
  5. Half way there, 48 days gone, since Southend, 48 days to go!!
  6. its the guy, in a dark suit, hat and always carrying a violin case
  7. you beat me to it, i was going to write the exact same thread/post, complimenting LC... UTS
  8. "E-on" energy must be his shirt/kit sponsor!!!
  9. the ipswich fans, were thinking of Bury Town, Ram Meadow!!!!
  10. love you short time!!
  11. RIP John
  12. to be honest, I read the BT article, as extremely positive, not negative as it is sending a clear message, we are going to turn down serious money, both to the existing squad and players thinking of signing for us I don't think we need the money either, as we have the "facility" in place, the board are obviously extremely serious about getting us into the Championship, and after Stewie experiencing Wembley with the Huddersfield Board/Box, maybe he will be dreaming of one higher!!! in the scope of the money being invested, "half a bar" (million) is small change as we will have to spend more than that to replace.... finally flickers deserves a credit for signing him and Clarke the season before...
  13. didnt mcginlay go direct to bolton
  14. i dont think he will go, if we were selling, he would have gone by now, i reckon, he will sign a 2 year extension by start of season
  15. i think this should be a thread in its own rights