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  1. Was David Lee YTS. Think he was at Blackburn earlier in his career. On his day he was exciting, unstoppable and probably the most fulfilling player I've seen in a shaker shirt. It broke my heart when he signed for the trotters.
  2. I know, hence the word replacement.
  3. Didn't go against Sunderland but in the little I saw yesterday he reminded me of Tom Eaves from a few seasons ago. Very raw, very willing, very awkward but quite possibly very effective. A replacement as an impact sub for GM - just hope he knows where the goals are. Tough spells yesterday with Hudds passing creating all 4 goals. SD and CJ were badly exposed at times, but in SD case it looked like he was trying to keep the peace rather than get overly physical. Of the injured players. DM had a couple of good touches but looks very laboured in his movement. NC seemed fine. ZI was invisible. Positives were our home grown youngsters who seem to have a steely determination to get involved. JB looks very willing and able. We will be solid in defence this year but I can't really comment on our attacking play as we did not have much possession for bulks of the game. Fair play to Hudds traveling in good numbers.
  4. Sammy Chung played and managed in the 60's and 70's.
  5. Given how good he was in his first spell I was shocked with how disappointing his career has been since. He looked the read deal, and proved it again at Swindon. He just has to look at LC and JV to see where a successful season at Bury can take your career. A very good and exciting signing IMO, even if it only on loan.
  6. Said the same about Vaughan and Leon. And Pennant, Eagles, Pugh ..... Managers live / die by these decisions. Have faith in LC.
  7. Beckford is getting slated tonight by many. It is not his fault JV has left. Nor should he suffer for comparison, with probably the most gifted forward we have had in a decade. LC is nobodies fool. We all knew in our heads, if not our hearts, that JV was off. . . and if JB is still able, he will tear league 1 apart.... again. The main man has gone and he is irreplaceable, but the partnership that develops may provide more goals that TP, GM, RL and HH contributed alongside JV last season. There is nothing, apart from injuries, to suggest that our forward line will score more this season than last. For the record. JB career has been superior to JV in most respects up to now. If he still has legs and the desire then it is happy days.
  8. One advantage of JV leaving is that it will lower expectations which are / were too high at the moment IMO.
  9. Think LC did his business early with the assumption of the two leaving. Which is wise as now we (appear) cash rich agents, fees and players demands are likely to rise. Btw. Can Burgess play further forward? If so recall him from Macclesfield, although the new lad from Wigan u21's might well be the enthusiastic young replacement for GM.
  10. What fills me with some hope for our future... Is that the deals are reported as being incentive based. I imagine you could negotiate these incentives for a small cash increase now. As we don't seem to be doing that, it indicates that the owners are here for the long term and not chasing the quick and easy buck before disappearing. The romantic in me regrets not seeing these players develop in our white shirt before eventually moving on as a first team regular (not a under 21 squad bod) to a bigger club. But that English football....
  11. Be surprised if it someone who has just signed a new deal - bit pointless as they could just have been released. Suspect it is Danns - probably closer to home - let the bidding war begin. ..
  12. Nik's Greek Taverna opposite the bus station. Very authentic charcoal cooking, which took me back to Corfu. Sardines, Calamari, Prawns, 3 kebabs, burger type thing, dolomits?, carafe of wine for just over £40. Type of family run place that you don't really get these days. Highly recommended but best to book as it is tiny.
  13. good night at the met last night with a smiths / stone roses tribute. The smiths one was really good and they are in Prestwich apparently in September. Thought the Clone Roses were a bit shouty but great night of nostalgia.
  14. I can't really recall the "performance", but one home game that sticks in my claw was when Swansea got promoted a few years ago. There general attitude and air of superiority inside and outside the ground showed no respect for us. Maybe i was just unlucky, but think woodthorpe had his car smashed in what was his retirement game? Always thought that if they don't like us then they should do one from the English leagues and play with themselves.....
  15. It was in an outstanding location though for a few beers in the town.