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  1. Tickets for Under 18’s and Under 12’s have been frozen for the new season and each season ticket will cost £75 (£3.26 per game) and £25 (£1.09 per game) respectively. Under 5’s will continue to receive a free season ticket Support any thing that encourages supporters and clearly they are attempting to boost number, but i feel that the above pricing structure above could be much more attractive. Firstly, there is a difference between a 17 and 13 year old and yet they are charged the same. I'd imagine most under the age of 14 will have an adult there, if not sat with them. Seems strange to group school kids with those at college, or who could be earning. Should have a £50 for under 16 IMO. If you have two kids that is 150 on top of 250 = £400 is bound to put some off. Especially, as pay on the day gets kids in for free for £18 usually. If your kid is 13 then it is £50 more, again another hit which may make you think twice. It was also under 7's who are currently free not under 5's. Overall, it would be better to do joint adult / kids tickets IMO, to reflect the pay on the day ticketing. The new team shakers seems to not have been as successful as first thought. So why not give free membership to ST holders as one of the sweetners on offer. It seems they have put a lot of thought into attracting new adult support, but not much into the price of under 18's. which of course will affect the number of adults who get one.
  2. Do you think that they will go to the strife of enforcing the allocation, when if they take the same as went last Tuesday, it will leave hundreds if not thousands of empty seats?
  3. With 30 plus points left to play for anything can happen and there are probably 10 or so clubs sweating on getting points quickly. Nobody would have thought Barnsley would be a championship side at this stage of last season. 3 points for win changes positions rapidly and a win alters the table because it is so tight. After two good results, Gills seem out of it. But we should have beaten them and they will not get 3 penalties every week. There are a lot of 6 pointers left, for instance PV play NTFC on Tuesday, the permeations are too complex at the moment. Think we are fortunate in that 2 of our fixtures fall at an opportune time. OUFC will have Wembley on their minds so a couple of early tackles might see them protecting themselves and MFC might well be emotioned out after today, just like PUFC were after their cup exploits. If we keep our key personnel fit and perform as we did first half we will be ok. There are 4 sides who would change positions with us at the moment, and our form in the last 10 is better than most up to 11 place.
  4. Think after the trip he was to honest and tried to shoot. Definite penalty for me. Miller's effort at the end was very tame. Recall a similar situation against the Gills. Had those two chance fallen to Vaughan or lowe we would have 4 more points. Such fine margins...
  5. It is correct he is vastly improved, but he should be. He now has a solid goalkeeper behind him and three recognised centre halves next to him. Danny Alves would have struggled with the non specialists and keepers who have been along side him this season.
  6. Feels like a defeat not to have 3 points after the wonderful first half performance. The changing point was Mellis being kicked out of the game as we lost both playmakers and resorted to too many long balls. Coupled with them improving massively. Maybe, I would have put pope on rather than miller, just for his experience, strength . Caddis was wasted on the wing. tutte looked ringrusty. Styles booking, whilst harsh given the refs interpretation of a foul - burgess shoved over.....-did show he has learned when he should hae took a yellow against Gills. Play like the first and we will be ok. play like the second and it will go to the wire.
  7. I picked my ticket up under duress on Saturday. My issue is that if it is postponed then it becomes difficult for me to get there with work / family commitments. I will have had three Tuesday's off in the past few weeks, and for exiles travelling a distance it must be frustrating. I don't for one nano second expect a refund if this happens, which is wrong IMO. I do wonder, if this is a factor given the dip in a midweek fixture and the extreme climatic condition they seem to experience.
  8. I agree. The ref did not give away two goals and miss a number of sitters. Gillingham did their homework and stifled our system and made the game scrappy. Always going to difficult to referee and very frustrating to watch. Of course they time wasted. We do he same - perhaps worse - RL amnesia as to where the ball was whilst warming up on Tuesday - LB hoofing out of the ground against Swindon. We have had refs who have altered the result this season and tbf I don't think this one can be held responsible today.
  9. Just seen clarkes interview (very good, very fair, very balanced and extremely positive " disappointed but not dismayed") and he says caught ball watching from a long punt. Probably the blame could be given to numerous white shirts and a fair piece of credit to the Gills, but it was a ridiculous pass when we were on top.
  10. Pennants delivery is expectedly exceptional. But his legs have gone. Can we carry him for the quality he will supply for JV, TP, GM, RL?
  11. Doubt it will be anywhere near a million and suspect it will be described as undisclosed by us and minimal by them. I suspect his contract would have included a very favourable release clause. Add that to his injury record and he has missed a number of games this season with niggles. League 1 clubs even big spending will not spend a million on a "fitness gamble" perceived or not. Somewhere like Blackburn if they survive would be my prediction for an undisclosed fee as a third choice forward. The big question, is can we attract the same for the third successive season?
  12. Though it was but was mate swore it was mellis. And he has only been with us 8 days. Glad to see he has inherited the bury midfield own defence splitting pass mantle perfected by Soares, Ethiu, Tutte, Mellis etc.
  13. Unless its the notlobbers or he makes promises that he does make or holds the club to ransom. If he signs "clean" and issues a thank you statement then he would get a standing ovation on his return. Probably in the hope he returns..
  14. Pope missed an easy chance, albeit on his wrong foot, in the first half. Our good spell came after he had been subbed. But i'd start with Pope at Oldham if we continue with the 3 centre half system as he is vital to it. GM is very willing and sprints everywhere but his touch is not great and he lacks the physical strength to out battle a warrior like Clarke from the start. Lowe has guile but again is he going to hold the ball up, no pace and win the headers. I'd imagine Vaughan would prefer to play with Pope as he must have some input. Today our recent luck ran out. We gave two suicidal goals away. the first when on top and attacking. Who put the pass which was intercepted in? But Styles should have been stronger and took a yellow for the team. The less said about the corner the better. Murphy may be at fault if it was catchable but whoever lost their man should be pilloried. But we missed two sitters in the first - pope and leigh atrocious miss, hit both posts, and barnet needs heading lessons. So it was not the attack which cost us in terms of creation today, but preventable goals.
  15. I agree especially with regard to TM. Think there are a few who are being overly harsh on TM. There seems a collective assumption that he is a seasoned pro with a wealth of experience. Rather than the inexperienced teenager who is playing out of position, that he actually is. He is not much older that CS, GM and JB who are correctly forgiven errors in their game as they are "kids". So is TM!