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  1. Of course it is...we have to play STFC for one. There are more than enough games to get out of this and I doubt that all of the current bottom 4 will be relegated. Usually a side slips in at the end. However, we do have to win games especially at home. Walsall are in terrific form at the moment and will be tough but every game is a cup final from now on. But as the OP states it is in our own hands, CB has signed 5 players, so we can only blame ourselves if we are relegated with the games coming up. The difficulty in our position is that a good away point suddenly looks like a poor result when STFC pull 3. That is where mental strength and experience comes in to play.
  2. martin Dobson.
  3. Tbh I think most people thought he had retired or rather was topping up his pension in very minor leagues where he could trade off the associations he had. If there is one thing to have been learned from our recruitment recently, it is to expect and judge a player on his commitment, performance, fitness and skill today rather than achievements from a decade ago. IF he is willing and able then it is happy days: Sammy Mac, Andy Gray and Doobos side have shown the possibilities. But If he has come for free physio and gym facilaties at Carrington it will reflect poorly IMO on CB.
  4. I have many concerns about moving, as many have stated, if it is wrong it will kill us. The nightmare has to be a Darlo type fiasco . Gigg has sustained a league side for 100 plus years without it almost ever being at full capacity. Could a new ground achieve this? The dream for me would be a multi functional community operation close to the town centre owned transparently by the club and council. A leisure centre, bars, restaurant, conference facilities and even a supermarket (underground at Gijon and Lisbon) could be incorporated into a central location. Done correctly with a nod to our history and community this could be the making of us.
  5. Especially on a Tuesday night IMO
  6. Good night with Tim Burgess Dj at the Met on Friday. Good records for the most part with some northern soul, nice venue, friendly atmosphere and decent beer from the Clarence brewery. Doing something similar based on This is England in March.
  7. Enjoyed yesterday but there is a lot of hard work ahead of us. If we stay up it will be a fantastic achievement for CB. The run we have had should have seen us already dead and buried.
  8. We keep on saying this recently..
  9. 1 - don't temp me. 2 = It's not just when HH is attacking. His up and order, that somehow avoided everyone in a cramped penalty box, and ended in RL arms was nightmarish.
  10. A thousand apologies but I meant Kelvin Etuhu. Or were you just being petty?
  11. A very promising player who needs a summer on the weights to get a mans strength. Think the two positions kids struggle to play is GK and CH because of the physicality involved in both. Usually they get blooded as FB and I suspect if he stays this will be his immediate future.
  12. Shows how far down the pecking order he is. Deemed he can do less damage at full back than in his preferred position where a willing but limited Brown put in a 9/10 performance. AK ended up playing both CH and FB at times today after the injury because of Danns lack of guile / effort. TBF to ND I don't think Soares or Ethiou have been much better there.
  13. If we end up with Soares, Ethiou or Danns at full back we will be relegated. Teams target that area. Brown is our only midfielder who seems willing and able to shield the back 4 - Ethiou is far too lazy - Tutte injured . I agree we need someone else if this guy is crocked.
  14. Defensively sums up this season. Give an early goal ways vis a goalie error. Then the defence looked strong with everyone knowing their role and more importantly being able to fulfil it. We look a great side especially as our strength is with the forwards. But as soon as the full back is off - and i'm not going to criticise a disinterested, unfit and lazy Danns - they target our right side and we were very lucky not to concede. Anthony Kay is put in the position of having foot races with their winger because the replacement is not able to do the role of a full back. We need a right backs if this new guy is out. That is the negative for me. Hope works incredibly hard, but goes to pieces in the penalty area which is a problem for a forward. Not his fault he cost a lot. Can't think of any more negatives.
  15. Reece Brown had an excellent game and is exactly what we need. Early in the first he caught their forward with a very heavy but fair tackle: "Welcome to Gigg Lane today aint going to be easy"