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  1. Just found it myself and checked in here after reading the first chapter.... could have saved the £3. Seems honest enough about the SMB teeshirt fiasco and seems to have a lot of time for Peter Reid managerial style. Well liked in the game judging by the variety of endorsements.
  2. To be fair Crouch and Heskey were far more than lumps. They both were unlucky not to progress to the semi finals of international tournaments and Heskey in particular could torment the world's best like he did in Munich when we won 5 - 1. Zidane, Ronaldho, Cruyff were all tall. I'm not disagreeing with you but I do think the problem is more that the route to the first team is nigh on impossible for young players at the majority of clubs. If CS had been retained by Burnley I doubt he would be near their u23's yet alone the first team. The ones that do emerge at the very top level at the moment are boys in the body of men - rooney, Barclay, kane or able to sprint at an Olympic speed - Raheem sterling. Too many carlos kickaballs are stopping player development by providing a short term easy answer. But this is something the FA / Prem league won't address.
  3. Get the general point but it is a little sweeping as at the time of Crouch / Heskey we produced Scholes and Owen who are both 5ft 7 and at their relative peaks dominated European football.
  4. Given he was involved in the majority of our winless run and they have not won since they signed him. Then Soares must be on to create some sort of record along the lines of the least points gained in a season. It could be this season that we "settle" some historic scores. Dons for the early 80's promotion ruining. CFC for Wembley, STFC for the play offs and Port Vale for championship relegation. Don't think we have a grudge with Cov or Swindon. Any how I think as it stands anyone from 14th with Nhampton on 40 points will be having a squeaky bum. Shrews, Oldham and ourselves have hit some form currently which bodes well. I've spent sunday studying this i'm sure most know but if you clip the arrow on the left hand side it gives a graph of league positions. Ours resembles the decent from Everest but so do others.
  5. I agree, it was very cute and almost mark carteresque. If it had gone against use, especially the red, then I would be spitting feathers. That is two very soft penalties we have gained in the last three games. Maybe our luck is turning and its evening itself out after we were conceding soft penalties particularly in the derbies. Long may it continue.
  6. They are different players who do different roles. At the moment GM is a pest, mobile and a poacher but not quite got the touch or a mans strength, so is ideal as a substitute. Pope is slow, brave, attritional and leads the line but gets knackered after 60 minutes, so ideal to be substituted. Maybe together might work, especially as lowe and pope are too slow and predictable, but expecting GM to do TP job is too much at this stage of his career.
  7. Try Yarrow Valley Country Park in chorley. think it meets your criteria.
  8. A big three points and looking at the league table I suspect that AFC wibbledon will continue their dramatic slide into oblivion. Which will be funny as they have scored 14 against us this season. It will also confirm agent Soares as a Bury legend.
  9. Miller reminds a lot of danny rose. He is an absolute pest in his closing down and hurries defenders, which at this level disrupts the whole team. Very brave physically - goes were the bullets fly -but also mentally in that he demands the ball in challenging areas. His first touch needs some work but may come with minutes on the pitch. However, he does not quite has the mans strength to perhaps lead the line for 90 minutes every week. Unlike DR he does stay on his feet and not simulate at any opportunity. Given time he will be a terrific player and he can only learn from the array of attacking experience at the club at the moment.
  10. I disagree. I think Barnett was the only player whose performance got worse as the game progressed. Slips, miscontrol, wayward passes all when we were trying to build momentum, and all this from a player who has a pedigree better than league 1, so we should expect more. He is lucky that kay and burgess are developing an understanding and getting him out of holes.
  11. Many positives especially in the second. miller made a massive difference but tutte had a fantastic second half and a great strike at exactly the point we were deflated after the penalty miss. Styles performance was catalanese. Murphy is what I've been asking from father Christmas for years. Second half we looked "up for it" and that it mattered. Which has been missing for chunks of this season. Negatives mostly in the first half. Pope and Lowe are too slow together. Barnett is very poor - in fact the only performance that got worse as the game rogressed. Taylor Moore did grow into the game, but he needs to pass it forward more. If Leigh could cross consistently he would be terrific, as he is brave, committed and mobile. Overall. Repeat the second half and we have nothing to fear. Play like the first and we will struggle.
  12. Odd do this. He signed 7 for Killie (6 on loan) in January and CB does a similar number for us. Which indicates both were there to stay. Either its been on the cards and a little cloak n dagger or its absolute panic stations. I suspect the latter, which is fine if it works but god help us if all these "investments" don't produce the wins needed. Obviously he can't sign anyone and his time to coach is restricted by the sat / Tuesday pattern of 6 point games almost till the seasons end. Out of interest has he worked / played / mates with anyone who is going to be his informant? If this had happened in November, December or even January then i'd have been happier. As it is he has excuses ready made if we don't improve. Whatever your views on the snoozefest of the last 180 minutes we did have a strategy with players knowing their roles. As I say strange one this.
  13. A flat back 5 with two covering midfielders gains a point against a side who were also happy to play for a point. It is OK to steady the ship - indeed I feel this should have been done much earlier - but we are running out of home games.
  14. Thought he used his substitutes better today as well.
  15. Etuhu has peed in his pot finally for me. I'm sure DF was right when he said he was a championship player but he don't care. His performance at full back against AFCW in the league was one of the worst I've seen. In fact he made Soares look like phillip lahm. Ethuhu needs those orange boot surgically removed and a boost in gumption. RB also scored against PUFC remember. Think it was RB who put it on Soares head for the equaliser against Walsall. Created from set pieces today. He shows effort. Puts himself about. Has legs and energy. He is far from our worse player in midfield this season and this despite his limitations, least of all playing out of his usual position (SUBSTITUTE!!) . Please don't think i'm disagreeing regarding his poor performances, weaknesses or his mistakes and I would have loved to signed a CM in January . But since he has arrived we have more "bite" and if we end up relegated the blame will be others.