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  1. A pay per no penalty conceded deal may be ideal for Maher. Cost us very important points with reckless challenges and clearly has a reputation with referees. Can common sense be coached because he has had a premiership academy upbringing. I think a lot of our squad have run their course with us and you would hope LC has a number of contacts. So I expect a lot of movement especially from those who do not feature regularly. Think a number will be paid off. I'd also suggest that LC had his fingers burnt at Bpool and Brum, so I'd imagine he has sort guarantees from SD on being able to bring in his own players. Of the out of contracts. I like Tutte to stay as he has been immense since LC arrived. CJ deserves a chance to get fit. Mellis played for LC at Bpool and whilst he has the attributes he is prone to suspensions and poor form. Brown and Lainton can do a job till the loan window opens at a push, so I'd keep if they are cheap. Caddis will stay i'd imagine as a LC player. Are there any youth players who are going to make the jump soon. One positive of our injury decimated run was the hobsons choice of giving the kids a chance. Would hate to see a journeyman blocking the route for our future talent.
  2. Can't decide if AK is undisciplined to gain so many yellows, or really disciplined that he has not had a red. Thinking the latter.
  3. That would mean 54 goals! Favourite LC memory. Not one of his goals. But the shift he put in at spotland in the cup. Clearly carrying some sort of knock, he ran his socks off . As I said earlier. Both LC and JV had very successful seasons, and used the opportunity to re launch their careers. Both arrived with "issues" but both delivered goals and commitment. I would not be very surprised if a lower end championship club like Burton took a punt on either player, but I would be delighted if either was here next season.
  4. That would be excellent. Comparing LC and JV is a little like comparing Pol Roger with Bollinger. Both are quality, especially at league 1 level. We should not discount LC impact in 2015 - 16 just because it was eclipsed by JV's in 2017.
  5. I Hope that there is a promotion clause in his loan agreement.
  6. A little wary to disagree as I've "suffered" some names for doing so. earlier in this thread But I feel you celebrate a somewhat Pyrratic victory. Yes it did encourage some extra support....... from Northampton. But I'd imagine the vast majority of Bury fans / neutrals would have attended the game of this magnitude in the first place. Especially at the usual discount of £10. If we can't attract 4000 for a do or die game then it a worry. But the long term success will be judged on if attendances improve in the long run. Unfortunately, last time we let folk in for free not many, if any, returned. The only conclusion, as others have drawn, is that as a club we are flush at the moment, if we can afford to write off thousands in the last big pay day before the transfer window opens.
  7. Buchanan wrote their preview as part of his media course. To paraphrase they are well up for it as they believe points are needed to guarantee safety. Whilst I think they are safe I suppose he is not going to write we are on the beach and will knock it around like Barca.
  8. It's been a strange season. We dared to dream before injuries and suspensions. What could have been if we had a strong side out consistently? Then we get thumped every week, but the entertainment value was usually exceptional. Since we have rallied there has been some tedious vile games. I've also seen a number of events that I did not think possible on a football pitch. Clough screaming at the home fans and jumping into theirs with no sanction. Ethiuo impersonating a post box whilst playing full back. Oh those pink boats. Mayer's frequent and frightening clumsiness leading to penalties conceded. Soares playing in almost every position with the same effectiveness. A peanut allergy attack. JV four goals in just under 15 minutes. Player sent off for two dives. Variety of youth players making their break through. Injuries and more injuries including a pulled hamstring from a back heel. Punctured Lungs. Rachubka goalkeeping. Millwall fans leaving early and then returning. Non penalties awarded against us and for us to the bemusement of many. A tunnel brawl. I'm sure there is more. If we survive we will look back on this as one of our most memorable seasons.
  9. It's a difficult one as we have looked strong defensively in the last two, but have not created a single goal scoring chance, bar a couple of headers. At some point we need to score to stay up, but if we concede early I would fear the worst. Therefore, I would also keep the 3 CH'S.
  10. A massive player and loss this season. Defensively we are OK at the moment, but his threat from set pieces cannot be ignored. Would have him on the bench and ease him back slowly.
  11. Well, it felt fantastic.
  12. Programme notes on Thursday LC "This is the situation we are in at the moment with players having re occurrence's of injuries. Its an area that we have to put right in the summer" He also refers to the injured players as "big players here and at any club" If this can be addressed, then a lot of our problems are automatically solved.
  13. Been on a long walk, and put my thinking sticks` in! I think we were all so disappointed after the home fixture, that we are trying to insure against any dream of a performance yet alone a victory. We had not played them for 20 years as equals. Prior to them arriving we had ended our great run with four successive league defeats as injuries and suspensions bit. We never turned up and the ref gifted them 2 goals. Coupled this with the last 3 games and its no wonder we are pessimistic. Especially as it was all set up for a top gloat as they gained promotion and put us down. But. They are on the cusp of the biggest bottle job I can remember. With a squad who should have walked this league. With a large home attendance, of whom approx. a third will not be regulars and will "turn". Playing crap % parkyball. All looking down on us, pretending they don't care etc. Because they belong in the premier league....a decade ago they beat Bayern...their true rivals are United. Against us, who until this horrible three game non show were flying. If we remove stupid individual errors. Defend with the resilience that gave us 4 consecutive clean sheets only last month - 3 against very good sides . Create a chance for JV. Then we have more than a good chance. LC speaks sense and has already identified the problems we have faced this season. This is the night he could become our saviour and lets play our part with Oldham and Fleetwood in welcoming them to their new reality. Even if it goes wrong. It is nowhere we have not been before. Whilst they will do a Wigan and return straight down, unless they get serious investment. UTS
  14. A good set of results, but we need not to rely on others failing. Think 2 wins are needed to guarantee safety. Bolton will be turding it, so lets get into them and have a real go.
  15. Thanks, but I would be surprised as we have signed our current loan keeper for next season. What has happened at your place? You looked certainties for promotion earlier on this season.