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  1. The masterplan is to put the Burton promotion defence back together.
  2. We really missed this type of utility player in the midst of our injury crisis last season. Always gives 100% and not afraid to leave his boot in. On occasion he has exceptional delivery but the quality is so erratic which frustrates. Would have been satisfied (he is not a delighted type of player) if he was with us next season providing he works cheap. I think it was CB who made the point when he signed, that he is in his mid 20's, played for over 10 different clubs but has less than 100 league appearance. Clearly there is something there, but he either has never been given or taken his chance.
  3. That is not the point. Anyway I'm sure your dossiers on Bury will reveal all. Plus we are fully compos mentis on our own club's many issues and your glee at informing us of more perceived bad news irritates many. The point is that as a manager, at a public meeting of fans, he should not really be bad mouthing the owners of their perceived rivals. By announcing we are in so much debt he could affect transfer target, business relations, season ticket sales etc. What he has publically said, according to you, in being unwilling to "manage all our debt", implies a crisis is looming with players not being paid etc. This is not on in a public forum IMO. If it is recorded I hope our owners get an apology and retraction as well as some financial recompense. After all, Dale can afford it and we could use is for ML signing on fee. I do suspect you have read too much into it, and I would not be so quick to follow the gospel of Keith. He has a track record of telling admirers what they wish to hear. This is a shame as he has done wonders and transformed a good local football club and these comments rank as bitterness when nothing comes the other way.... He is also going to look a hypocrite when he finally goes to Ewood!
  4. It is embarrassing how frankly embarrassed you feel on our behalf. We can be embarrassed / celebrate / worry about our own club. As a wise man once said "don't need a weather man to tell you that it is raining". IMO you should focus on your own club and save feeling embarrassed on our behalf. As for Keith. If he is only going to manage debt free, sustainable but low expectation clubs then he is going to be at Dale for a long long time. As for answers at fans sessions. I am a little baffled he trash talks the owners of their rivals. I'm sure that this is not the done thing and is ..... frankly embarrashing.
  5. I think your article is very fair, especially give the quotes from Scunny below. I also hope that we are not replacing a load of (once) talented aging but disinterested journeyman with another bunch. We have had these marquee signings recently: Danns, Eagles, Pennant, Mellis, Pugh spring to mind as just some players, signed under SD, who have had terrific careers (Mellis in terms of as a youngster) at much higher levels but arrive here like a deflated balloon. If theIR arrival is to bring on our youngsters then the gamble is understood. As it has a chance to pay off. But if Dawson / Caddis, Beckford are restricting Styles, Miller, Burgess and the rest, then it is a double loss, as in no way can promotion be guaranteed. EG as effective as Dawson is (at league 1 - shocking in the championship by the account of a Barnsley fan I work with) he has no track record of promotion from this or any other league. A fair write up in the scunny telegraph on Dawson... There are not many lower league clubs who would offer such a length of contract and it would certainly have been a risk had the Iron offered the same sort of terms. But saying that, the influence Dawson had on the team cannot be underestimated and he will be a very difficult person to replace. Read more at Overall, the season is not yet fully completed and we are spending money on contracts like a Sheff Utd. It could all end in tears. Just hope they are of happiness.
  6. robinson and greenwood.
  7. Madden and Enty.
  8. It is a can of worms. Number of times a side is coasting 4 up at half time and then rest their key players. Clearly they are not full strength and as BRFC were relegated by two goals it could easily affect the final standings. More reason for us to be grateful to Morecambe for fielding a full strength and committed team against SUFC three seasons ago. But if they played the kids or went through the motions I don't think they would get blamed by us.
  9. It is going to be a great league to be in again with a lot of mouth watering fixtures. I'd imagine that there will be a number of category A games next season and it will be interesting to see the match day prices as this may shift a few more season tickets, which are great value.
  10. Ticks a lot of boxes, but lets not be in a rush to forget how he left last time.
  11. I was extremely critical of RL, particularly when we were in League 2. His biggest fault for me is that after he makes an howler he seems to dwell on it Band let if effect the rest of the game. Some suggest it was down to the management at the time and he has had terrible luck with injuries. But at 27 with less than 50 first team games then there is an issue. But in the 4 seasons he has had with us I feel he deserves some credit and a mention in dispatches. As a player he has been popular in the dressing room and professional despite a number of set backs . He was part of a promotion winning squad. Last season he improved until injury. His 7 games this season yielded 1 victory and 4 creditable draws immediately on the back of the worst run in the club's history. If we are looking for what helped turn the corner, then his arrival has a strong argument backed by statistics. Please do not get me wrong I think Murphy is far better, but RL was superior to our other two keepers this season. I wish him luck and hope he finds a club where he can establish himself as a number 1. I also imagine he has the attributes to become a successful goalkeeping coach as Nick Pope for one commented on the positive relationship between the two. He stood up and was counted in a Bury shirt this season. Many with more talent went missing.
  12. We limped over the line and those players / staff seen as not good enough have left. I expect there will be negotiations with a number of senior players under contract, resulting in another cull. The decks have been and are being cleared of the disinterested journeyman. A number of players here are very good when fit: Mayor, NatCam, Zeli- all would walk into any squad at this level. LC has identified injuries as our biggest limitation and with his career experience you would imagine that he can utilise Carrington more than the previous manager. Youth team players are breaking through and hopefully CS and GM will continue their development and become the million pound players that Bedeau is. There is a core of an excellent team here. Let us not forget that. We have a once highly thought of manager needing a success to relight his career. You would imagine he has contacts and friends at many of his former clubs: Birmingham, Huddersfield, NUFC and Norwich. All of whom will be releasing quality players for different reasons. Whilst he has not had a magic wand this season, aspects of performances have improved whilst he was hamstrung with players unwilling or unable to participate. The relegated clubs may struggle like MK and Charlton rather than Bolton - who were no great shakes despite players on premiership wages. The two biggest - possibly joined by Bradford - have left the league. Admin possibly beckons for the side relegated tomorrow. Their is a gap between league 2 and 1 and in recent years only Burton have gone straight through, although I agree that 3 proper clubs have gone up Of those currently in league 1. When we were on our horrendous run and were shipping goals, there was not many sides I thought WOW. We were two up to Millwall and dominated OUFC before Maher and Rachubaka intervened at our most dire for example. We will revenge ourselves against Wimbledon, as it always happens witness the 0 -6 defeat under Dobson. The sides around us - STFC, OAFC, GFC, NTFC will need major surgery to improve. A number of local games to get excited about where the new spirit of competiveness could see us home. It is all bluster till a balls been kicked but I much prefer the chairman's optimism to the doom and gloom. I doubt we will be promoted but would not be surprised with a play off challenge.
  13. Played his part in our promotion season, but never came close to meeting the heights of his earlier loan spell. On the few occasions he played in his preferred position he scored, but was never going to be picked above the forwards we have had in the past two seasons. Certainly never gave less than 100% and I hope he gets fixed up.
  14. When you read the statistics it just shows how terrible the lower reaches of league 1 was for us to survive. This year we have been relegation fodder apart from the good start, the 3 game run under LC and JV goals. I am relieved that LC had used the words limp over, rather than fight / spirit / effort because many players have simply not shown these qualities this season or been inconsistent. Injuries to key players and key positions was also a factor, but after the same situation in 2015 / 16, its like we waved a white flag under DF. The sides coming in from league 2 are all big clubs who I presume are well resourced. Without significant improvement we will struggle along with OTFC, Shrewsbury and Northampton.
  15. Caddis was highly thought of last (2015/16) season. International honours this time last season. Crossing statistics are impressive. LC's vice captain at Blues. Nailed on permanent signing IMO.