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  1. Rose spent most of his game time on his ass Happy for him to do the same at Mansfield
  2. Current polls show a switch on this, could he really ....
  3. No loss for me, wish him well but stalled IMO
  4. You under estimate the reach of the daily mirror
  5. I also think it's great. I wonder how he will adapt to playing in a different way, I think he's capable of bringing exciting football back to United. They were boring as hell with LVG
  6. Advert stated they were limited in numbers so buy quickly They sold out
  7. Prefer Plymouth myself didn't fancy Accy again and Wimbledon is ok but prefer the potential of a weekend away. That's said both are crap on a Tuesday night
  8. Agreed, with the money he's had he should have got us out of league two and got us to mid table in league one by now...
  9. Whilst they might have taken us apart at their place they finished 9 points above us. Delusional in the Bradford mould me thinks.
  10. I have a feeling lawlor will be our no. 1 next season. I don't think playing an injured keeper to keep a few happy is the answer
  11. Great post shakerste and not forgetting the cup run. Was a good season, yes some proper crap performances mixed with some very good, though I would raise those performances with any under blag well . That was painful.
  12. Cracking sign off for the end of season
  13. true Though it works for them, the last two I have been to done there they have great local support I heard they do it cos fans go to watch a London team on Saturdays !
  14. Can't believe this is a 12:30 KO I guess it's moved for tv but makes it tough for expats and Southend fans to attend
  15. It's mediocre for labour but that's considered ok Shows how far the Labour Party has fallen