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  1. My thoughts exactly... My mother-in-law who's in her 70's was asked to leave a furniture shop for asking an assistant if they could supply the same suite in a certain shade of brown. She may be a pain in the backside but she's certainly not a racist-perhaps the home office could provide guide lines by way of some kind of pamphlet that could be issued with peoples pension books that would help them inadvertently becoming a racist. It could be up-dated on a regular basis(perhaps once a week).
  2. Cheap eats at Borough market on the south bank.
  3. A trip up the Shard is pretty sweet but you'd have to book in advance.
  4. Difficult to support so called English teams in Europe when there aren't any Englishmen playing.
  5. Why thank you Paula...feeling old.
  6. Say hello to Maurice from me-heard that high pitched celebration many him it's Chris Mac btw).
  7. Tranny Rovers for me. Can't bloody stand 'em...long and bitter memories of the Elton Welsby love ins!
  8. What position is Geri Halliwell best in?
  9. Elvs has left the building...thank ya very murch.
  10. A big hurrah and heartfelt thanks from me...not been this excited about my club since we bid for John Salako. What's not to like.
  11. Guy thought that it was as hilarious as his sisters beard fluttering in the early summer breeze...go figure.
  12. I don't think you're handbag is really that imaginary is it! Probably a gift from your mother. Agree with gameplan...
  13. Brilliant signing and a proper signal of intent.
  14. Not started on the apple juice yet bro? Just getting ready to knock the back out of my second bottle of Italian grape. The badges look great btw...onwards and upwards!!!!!!