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  1. shocking. RIP
  2. I watched the kid in spells last season at Bury, where he was simply stunning," Mansfield boss Steve Evans told his club's official website obviously only watched 2-3 games
  3. who cares??
  4. I suspect not but still worth the rumour just to see dale fans pooing there pants
  5. Cramb and Newby (first spell) were excellent the perfect combination
  6. Admire him for 100 effort but hes not good enough! Move him on....
  7. will we ever learn.....
  8. I wouldnt bother eithee Agreed! I wouldnt give out silly contracts to players 30+ and some people even saying Perkins! Madness, He will be 35 in the new season and will demand a two year deal on good wages! lets not go down this road AGAIN.....
  9. Hope has to go down as DF worst signing if you think of the fee paid and wages Hope will have been on!
  10. Lainton was ok I wish him well but he wasnt a L1 goalkeeper! We are kind to him cos he was one of the the better keepers (out of how many?) DF brought in! That just shows what a tits up DF made. Keeper is key at least Brass got that right which in the short time he was in charge
  11. I dont think we will have another season like this one anyway
  12. wouldnt have kept Jones 30yo and injury prone
  13. Nailed it
  14. I would ditch Mellis and Kay! Kay another year older and slower not good enough! Hoping to see Burgess back but unlikely
  15. People forget the key problem and name the same midfield? where is the midfield ball winner or the box to box midfielder? Bizarre