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  1. Tell me you didn't take my post serious and notice the hint of sarcasm?
  2. Won the league last year with a team who were favourite's for relegation and this year hasn't lived up to it! He deserves the sack....
  3. cannot be beaten that! I have to admit pure class
  4. If he was still in charge you would not be posting this. Why not stand by what you posted previously? (am guessing it was nothing too bizarre of course). Hes a nice bloke but his record as first team boss with us and elsewhere is very poor. There is no way I would ever want to see Brass in charge of the first team again! Hes not good enough and It has been noticed by Day. The new manager (Preferably Days first choice) should have been in place by the start of Jan and this may cost us. Hopefully Clark can turn it around for us he seems a guy full of passion and excited by the challenge he faces. UTS
  5. Agreed! My strong feelings.....
  6. we have done these 'kettle' jokes before on this board and they have done the rounds on every board going. Hes not the best ref but sometimes that works for you like the Southend game! Just a shame we didnt get the points for our win
  7. If hes offering to play for nothing (ok no players plays for nothing) hes worth a pay as you play deal until the end of the season! The window is shut so why not give ago? nothing too lose I have seen a lot of him and hes decent and worth a shot on those terms
  8. Hopefully Sedgewick goes through it
  9. You are bang on! Player only receives a yellow if an 'attempt' to get the ball!
  10. Very doubt its down to money seeing as we just brought Clark and Thompson in! Its all rumours none of us know but lets hope Danny is back soon
  11. Fair enough if true-I dont if I dont work!
  12. I didnt just google Killjoy Rose to check if he was an ex player! Honest I didnt......................
  13. Miller reminds me of Rose (the ex Bury player before any comments)
  14. crazy! Was years ago we move on