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  1. Daylight robbery. Great deal for the club
  2. I have respect for Soares in the fact that he would play anywhere and didn't pick up injuries all the time. He would run through a brick wall but his ability was limited
  3. Hes similar to how Danny Rose was when he first came- very good impact player, Chases every ball and scares the hell out of defences. He has a lot of work to do on his all around game but am sure he will only get better and better which Rose didn't really do.
  4. I posted this on another thread! Very impressed with the subs tonight!
  5. I respect what you say we all have our own views but I find that bizarre! Hes been hit and miss this season but tonight was a hit!
  6. Good post! Dont think he should have been sent off but who cares we won...
  7. Shafted Bristol- But I thought he had a great game!!!
  8. Noticed Mayor in stand sorry if (answer) posted elsewhere but is he due back soon?
  9. I thought we deserved to win but Bristol Rovers are a very good team! The sending off was a farce we seen George Miller do same but not get a booking! We deserve luck after the Gillingham match and we got it tonight! Good subs again from Clark! I think that's been a big factor compared to Brass! Clark got it bang on! I love the way he makes subs at half time if he feels things are not right instead of waiting for things to go wrong first! My MOTM was Burgess hes been an excellent singing, I should also mention Kean Bryan (a player I have said on here time again I don't rate) did really well when he came on. I thought Pope (would have started Miller) tried but was poor along with Tutte. great too see Caddis having another good game he can become a very good player. Great 3 points.
  10. Really? No way was he his usual player! Kay was a lot better on the day (still rather have Clarke). I have seen a lot of Clarke this season and hes been brilliant but I thought he looked poor on Saturday! Big part was due to Vaughan! 'never have I seen Clarke lose as many headers' was one comment in the pub. He looked a L1 player against a good Championship player.
  11. I think it was points dropped we was the better side overall
  12. outstanding again this wing back role really suits him
  13. Murphy Moore Barnett Bealding Burgess Leigh Mellis Caddis Styles Miller/Lowe Vaughan
  14. I expected no more than 1200 so about right.
  15. Hes been excellent I was a bit worried when we signed him as all Oldham fans were calling him but if you look at Oldhams defensive record its been one of the best in the league in games he has played so he must have done something right there.