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  1. Not sure he will add much to be honest but its a+ having him back
  2. Back in training on Monday so another player on the way back
  3. Cant see any club paying more than 150k +add ons
  4. Sorry but have to say this is a ridicious signing! Will we not learn? Brown MIller and another who be lucky to play 5 games! MADNESS
  5. There are miles better coaches out there than DF but I guess England have the habit of giving jobs to the wrong person. NO CHANCE of this happening
  6. haha fair play! A player of Danns quality can become good. Many players become disliked then turn it around. Hes a good player and better than Brown. Would I play him over Brown at present? NO but he is a better player and probably one of our best midfield players. Not over weight,k kept himself fit and will play a key part before the season ends
  7. Agreed could have brought Etuhu on and put Brown Right back. As said above I think Brown is a centre back I stand by that! I defo wouldnt have put Danns full back. I still think Danns has a lot to offer but if he plays any part it needs to be the centre. Yes hes not been great so far but hes got class and can come good and that will be shown before the end of the season am sure.
  8. I thought Brown did ok but his passing wasnt great at times and he gave the ball away a fair bit. I still think hes a centre back and not a midfielder. We still need a midfield man for that role. I stand to be shot down if am wrong we will see.....
  9. Hes a work horse reminds me of Danny Rose! Hes a lot of work to do to make it but hes got the potential to
  10. Danns is not a full back! Brass should have moved Brown to full back and put Danns in the middle! Rate Danns or not that was the right thing to do but we won so all cool
  11. Another Miller avoid
  12. We seen Sodje do worst tackles on players
  13. Quality game. Kept cards away wen cud have brought mote out. Good game by him
  14. Dont know where hes gone but contributed a lot of good views....