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  1. At present LC dosent know his best team or formation, if he doesnt work it out within 4 weeks panic will set in and he/us will be in big trouble! Early days we could be brilliant against Walsall but so far its worrying we look pants. Lack of pace worrys me
  2. made me laugh
  3. mods-merge please
  4. Medical at Carrington this afternoon
  5. we were pants macc were better
  6. Danns played well least he looked interested. I think LC should now be looking to play the strongest 11 available we have a new sqaud so need to gel theres no point in keep mixing it up with almost two weeks to go until the season starts. Stop messing now and try get some balance on team selection and formation. The young lads will get there chance but we need to concentrate on the near future now. I think lack of raw pace could be an issue
  7. I would be to bothered if Mayor or jones left but I would be peed if Nat Cam went
  8. I like the bet I got em 100 of last bet so another 15 cool. Bury Disabled supporters is fantastic the people who run them are amazing so I be happy to lose the bet also. Your on 50 it is...
  9. bring it...
  10. ? Yeah ok....
  11. can they return to sender?
  12. Yes! I dont think hes good enough hes lightweight and we will struggle if its him and Beckford upfront. I just hope we bring another in! BTW I be happy to be proven wrong. R11 BFC fancy a punt?
  13. Underwhelmed by this big time
  14. turns improved contract with us down