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  1. I think so yes hes a good player just didnt work out but he has quality no doubt! I dont see him playing for us again though
  2. Northampton is massive! Win-safe I think if we dont doomed i feel
  3. Yes I think he could of. He wouldnt been far short last season had he played in all games. I also think if Vaughan was in Sheff Utd team he too would have become top scorer
  4. He would have finishd top scorer in league had he played most games
  5. I thought GMR did a good job on the game I cant understand what your on bout! McGinley was very fair and gave Bolton a fair bit of critcism! I think he is always fair. Regarding Eyere he did a very good job and commented quite often on how well we defended and often sang our praises see link attached he nailed first half in a nutshell. Dearden is a first class tool 'in my opinion' and doesnt do any homework on any team except the one hes interested in- Bolton! Thats Gmr down fall having him on match commentary
  6. All of them players barring Styles should be let go
  7. Outstanding! What a difference he makes! 'IF' we stay up we need to do all we can to get him but I guess Fulham will want to keep him. Very good future ahead of him and hopefully with us
  8. Only Leigh and Barnett were any good! Bryan is terrible please dont play him! I feel for Lee Clark hes been left with a shocking squad! DF totally to blame and he be rubbing his hands now!!
  9. He is a terrible player
  10. This
  11. Seen as Thursdays nights game is a big part of the interview then this suject belongs on here! What a an idiot the bloke is! I dont care if hes done a good job hes still a tool. This latest interview is a classic... 1- Only him not fans or media allowed to be Critical of players 2- Did an interview last week and complained how 'tired and exhausted he was' yet this week states that 'being tired is an excuse' and he installs 'energy' 3- calls his players 'waiters' WHAT? Are waiters not people who serve food and drink? (he wont need waiters against us we serve enough goals up) 4- The best of all, On the game against us he mentiones 'its bragging rights on Thursday nights' only a minute later hes slating the interviewer for metioning 'Bragging rights' and the fact he doesnt do 'Bragging' he only brags at cards! The guy doesnt half talk some tosh! I hope we stuff em mainly because we need the points but a big bonus will be to get one over on him
  12. Reminds me of when we hit the bad run in, Players body language is the same there is no drive and no closing down players, we look a team who have gone 20 games without a win let alone 4. I dont blame LC and cant understand people shouting at him! Hes been left with some real garbage by DF. End of season rebuild start again....
  13. Only at Bury......
  14. Funny feeling Chesterfield will do Port Vale on Saturday
  15. Bryan is not a centre back! Bealding should have been in. Burgess back Saturday will be a massive plus