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  1. Our prime minister has diabetes too, so I suppose you will be acknowledging that as required.
  2. We will agree to disagree on that one. Anyway what is your avatar all about, it does look very spooky? Just interested !
  3. Cmon Myra, her buffoonery has not changed. It was clear that she was oiked off due to her inability to deny her past views .That's nowt to do with diabetes.
  4. The Council of K and C has more than enough reserves ( £274m,) why should May agree to pay for it , its a council matter surely!
  5. Myra I think promising everything for free to gain votes when we don't the money is the worst possible negotiator we could get.
  6. they sound great tracks Rara. Didn't realise Jon Richardson played in the band!
  7. If the owner of the building is the council or a pseudo council run body called an ALMO ( Arms length Management Organisation - 6 Town Housing is one- AKA a housing association) then its hard for this not to be politicised as the decisions, designs and management are vested in the public sector who prioritise that spending. Private sector could win contracts but the design /costs are set and inspected by the client. If you look across at the private towerblocks/office blocks on the skyline you can bet that they all have been required to have sprinklers, protected shafts, fire resistant/retradent materials, smoke alarms and regular fire drills with up to date info on 'what to do in event of fire' etc etc Its not unknown for the public sector to demand ultimate standards from private developers but less so for their own responsibilities.
  8. I, for one, am happy at that!
  9. Cameron promised the electorate he would respect the outcome of the referendum and enact the peoples choice whatever that may be . GONE. Too flaky for me and stuck up. How on earth could anyone have thought that giving an OBE to their hairdresser would not rile the people!!
  10. well a hairdresser was awarded an OBE for services to Cameron's barnet fair- so it could be him!
  11. what's SRAM MrBistow?
  12. excellent!
  13. that may be so, but its no excuse for EU officials trying to use bullyboy tactics when they have only just sorted their position out themselves.
  14. Move on. Anyway to rattle your cage even further, ironically the picture accompanying that article looks like the Ricoh! nuff said!
  15. Bob ,when we get out s/t 's we always have the same seats so we want to use those numbers on the seats. A reserve sticker is applied which means that floating fans don't park on them but go to an unreserved seat. You can normally select your seat if its available at the time of getting your season ticket- you might be as well to find out where your allocated seat is and try to get it changed if its not good for you. Main stand all the time for me as near centre as poss.