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  1. some folks are in their 'element' with this kettle thread. I am surprised 'descales' of justice has not commented!
  2. was stood behind you at Tranmere thinking why such colours????That's my mate Conor with the beard thing and my son Pete top left of your flag. You blanked me out .
  3. Always spouting off, players can't get a handle on him!
  4. see that one every home game.... nice one!
  5. Just watched again the oratory video from the Kilmarnock fab and have to say the timing of that burp is impeccable!! That vid will put a smile on any fans face!
  6. Sadly missing this one, setting off for a fishing trip with another Shaker so that's two down
  7. that was hilarious, don't think I have ever seen such passion about a manager leaving, even the neighbours were shocked .Anyway what's a 'Dack'?
  8. he has been disappointing, to be honest I was expecting more tonight ,I thought perhaps Shrewsbury was a blip- sadly not!
  9. don't agree with that Ryan he doesn't seem to do either
  10. Andy gave me a lift back which I appreciated. If I recall it was when we were deep into our October trough and we had lost 5 on the bounce, so not much celebrating in the car!!
  11. I have benefited from Andy R11 BFC in the past when I had an op so I know how it feels to be 'disabled' for the game.. No jokes about players !
  12. I can give you a lift , I live in Lumb. I do set off quite early though say 6.15pm in Hassy. Pm me your details,Cheers