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  1. Well done..... its no wonder people get wound up!
  2. Vulnicura did
  3. he was excellent and when you watch the highlights it is clear just how really good he was. Glad to hear it's a transient injury and hope he is back real soon
  4. I remember going to the Keepmoat stadium and a general consensus with the travelling Shakers with us was how easy it was to get there, park up and partake in a pre match beer or two. Then thinking we would happily travel there again( ignoring the ridiculous place they put us in the ground). So yes given our home supporters, in reality wont be affected ( Malc going on foot is not really a realistic consideration these days ) I am all for an easy access venue for all fans and policing will be much easier and cost effective. The ideal would be a metro link or ELR train stop or club subsidised bus link but as I said earlier the planning and infrastructure needed will be long term and therefore questionable.
  5. I fully support an out of town centre stadium, Gigg was built for a different era with different travel patterns. As 1903 says, staying put won't increase crowds to a sustainable level even if we were promoted and the street parking is even an issue now . If having a mixed use development keeps our club alive through different revenue streams all the better plus at Pike Fold /Pilsworth travel and parking would be a much easier experience for many fans even though possibly slightly further away but could also tempt new supporters. I doubt though, that all the necessary infrastructure changes could be done even in 5 years so am not holding my breath on that one .
  6. Definitely did great for us - what composure and ability on the ball he has! He is a class footballer, lets face it he came into a league 1 team at 17 and looked every bit a pro and he can only get better. I wager he will be snapped up real soon!
  7. exactly our opinion too Chris!
  8. agreed Kay has been excellent recently.
  9. spot on Jon that's a winning 'team' footballer
  10. definitely disagree. he has played twice for goodness sake! I reckon for their goal a sloppy bit of work from RB early in the passage a play, cost us that goal.
  11. Nick I disagree on Reece Brown he did ok, but for me ,that was all, now if you said Mellis and Hope now they were game changers today.
  12. yes he was very good and his battling endeavour made a huge difference to the outcome today.
  13. talking to an Oldham fan today and he reckons Clarke is not performing well at all. Strange one that!