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  1. Southend 2-2 Bury Bolton 2-1 Peterborough Fleetwood 1-0 Port Vale Northampton 0-0 Gillingham
  2. In answer to original statement - I for one, think Flitcroft did a good job but then lost his way!
  3. Good post Barry P ,Brass does indeed deserve credit for stopping the rot, but happy we brought someone in too.
  4. I think Austerity or cutting spending is a response to amassing huge debts that have been racked up over the years. Who thinks its responsible to keep on spending if you had run out of money or was living on borrowed cash?
  5. 3 renewals from this camp Martyn
  6. excellent research there Alc, overall it doesn't look too out of flunter. The differential staff numbers are interesting , perhaps some club hire stewards directly rather than a contract to a company.
  7. that's potato pie in Latin- don't be fooled!
  8. Good work Stonekeeper. Postcorvus lives darn sarf already ,he is a Kent dweller I think
  9. that is a very well written opinion.
  10. Can you provide any comparisons with other league one sides please?
  11. Fleetwood will batter them ( no pun intended!).
  12. Whilst pies are interesting an fascinating blog could be about the financial sustainability of lower league sides
  13. If Le Pen does win then if then she is good for her word and triggers article 50 for France- that will essentially sound the death knell for the EU project as that would mean the biggest 2 contributors( after Germany who run it) have gone. It will be unsustainable!
  14. with all this stuff about health foods now, its got to be, the 'Black Pudding Arena'. Good link to the town too!