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  1. Inept Captaincy I feel. Why wasn't Mo used more in both innings, especially as his confidence must have been sky high?
  2. Bit of a teaser in that article: "At present, Clark also has Jermaine Beckford and Newcastle loanee Tom Heardman at his disposal, while there is a chance that Miller could be loaned back to Bury for the season."
  3. It doesn't mean anything really, but the BBC are reporting £900k.
  4. Thanks for reminding me of that old joke!
  5. I wonder how many players he signed, permenently or on loan, whilst he was here? Must have had 50 goalkeepers for a start.
  6. "What's the best you've felt leaving Gigg Lane..." Leaving to go home following another dire performance usually.
  7. I don't know whether this has been proposed but perhaps FB should liaise with the club to offer membership to those applying for season tickets. Spend an extra £10 pounds on top of the ST price and be an FB member.
  8. I am probably ill-informed or being dense, but can someone please tell me what this player is supposed to offer us?
  9. Leeds 6 - 0 Bury FA Cup 1965? Snow, cold and crap.
  10. I'm gobsmacked as I thought they would all be on the treatment table.
  11. That link may need editing...
  12. Doncaster, home, 1-1 with a walk in goal... Deja vu.
  13. Danns & Williams when they find a club.
  14. If it wasn't for that stinking run last season we could be in the Premier League.