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  1. To put us out of our misery?
  2. I couldn't stand the waiting for someone else, besides ourselves, getting it.
  3. Dances with wolves.
  4. I've decided that next season I'm going to put more effort in and make sure I think seriously about my predictions. I reckon we will become the new "invinsibles" so it shouldn't be too difficult.
  5. I thought this meant they were having African Woodbines.
  6. If Vale win their two remaining matches and we lose against Sarfend, we are down. (Discounting what happens to Gills.)
  7. BB, it is looking really suspicious now! How do you fiddle the timing of your post? 3 - 0 indeed; no-one in their right mind would suggest that scoreline. You bandit!
  8. SRM I wouldn't put anything past those pesky foreigners.
  9. BB How come you are 4th. Are you fiddling?
  10. Agree with the first line; not convinced about the second. I would give him only till Xmas; we've then time to avoid (another) drop.
  11. At least, no matter what happens tonight, we won't end up in the relegation zone!
  12. Just to keep up to date: League Two club Barnet have parted company with head coach Kevin Nugent after only two months in charge.
  13. Captain Marc Richards would "love to stay" at Northampton Town but says his future is the hands of chairman Kelvin Thomas and boss Justin Edinburgh.
  14. Looking at Notlobs home form and they haven't been setting the world alight this calender year. I am starting to believe we may end up with a point, perhaps, maybe, I hope etc.
  15. Really hope we can keep the score against down tomorrow and we will still have a chance to stay up.