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  1. They already have 5 sandbags holding them down.
  2. Obviously!
  3. My other half is in Freiburg atm; don't expect she is at the footer though. Thought you would all like to know this!
  4. PV 1 - 3 Bury
  5. I reckon the South Stand made me a smoker. I'm going to sue the club. Oh! They've no money...
  6. Glad you said that; I thought I was losing it. BTW Amen Corner took their name from a junction in Tooting SW17. (in case someone didn't know)
  7. Having spent nearly ten years in Singapore and having attended some of the S League matches, I am absolutely amazed at the reported salary. Certainly up until 2010 the S League was scraping by each year wondering how it could possibly continue as there were no crowds; it really was often one man and his dog. Perhaps things change quicker than I expect.
  8. ..and smoking a pipe full of dodgy tobacco. (no, not drugs)
  9. Correct Rammy. Every page run through the printer is recorded, as is the hours in use and loads of other useless rubbish. Trawl t'internet if you want to find out how to access this info on your printer!
  10. +1
  11. The Board probably didn't know him either!
  12. Hampstead Heath BBA?
  13. Thanks for the replies, helped a lot!
  14. Talking about negatives.... From commentary it sounded as if Hallam Hope was playing well; is this true?
  15. Not according to the BBC. (But whether that counts I don't know).