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  1. Good.
  2. Whare were the stewards I want to know? In the bar?
  3. Tubs, please, I am dying to hear of all the other times you have been spat at... Perhaps we could turn it into a thread and we can all join in?
  4. All the best to the lad, at least he gave his all; and he won't have to change his twitter piccy.
  5. It WAS a joke...
  6. Who's Will?
  7. This sounds like most of the close season posts we have been having for several years! A really dissapointing season where we escape relegation by the skin of our teeth and just a couple of weeks later we are talking about promotion. They do say that hope springs eternal and being a Bury supporter proves that saying to be true. That said I must admit that I feel the same way most every season.
  8. Trump?
  9. and being a pedant.
  10. What a cracking spell that was. This 12 year old thought we would be going to the First Division that season. Then Father Christmas sent me a truly horrible present...
  11. My guess is R11 is an ex banker.
  12. I can't judge whether this will be a good signing or not, we will have to wait till August to find out; but I hope he has had a medical.
  13. Nice reply by Wagner: I agree with him. FWIW
  14. Correct. I wouldn't even mind if the Chur borrowed more money so long as we keep JV.
  15. We're doomed.