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  1. TBF he didn't say top, but best!
  2. I'm amazed they are/were in a play off spot. Hope for us next season if that is the standard. (And we can keep our better players).
  3. Millwall haven't lost a League One game since December 17 and a home L1 game since December 10 when they were beaten by Shrewsbury 0 - 1. Hoping we can do the same.
  4. Must disagree with this! The Maxi was again a brilliant design but ruined by rubbish build quality and poor marketing. The space and comfort of the Maxi were second to none, except Citroen, but the marketing was a complete disaster. Aiming at the private buyer was a huge mistake at a time when the "Company Car" was starting to become the norm. It really would have been an excellent reps car had it not been let down by poor reliability due to said poor build quality. The designs Ford were producing at the time, the Escort and followed by the Cortina MK 3, were not brilliant designs, from a designers standpoint, but were ideal being modern and more reliable. Fords market share rocketed largely due to Company purchases and they became the country's leading manufacturer very rapidly.
  5. ...and God said to Adam, "come forth and win the world"; but he came fifth and won a teapot!
  6. When you look at some of those sacked, I think we may have done well bagging Lee Clark. Just a thought.
  7. There's an echo in here...
  8. My prediction: Bury v Bristol Rovers 3 points Millwall v Bury 1 point Bury v Fleetwood 3 points Oxford v Bury 3 points Bury v Bradford 0 points Bury v Rochdale 1 point Bolton v Bury 1 point Bury v Northampton 3 points Southend v Bury 0 points 15 points total 56 points keeps us up!
  9. Gary Rowett must be a shoo in surely?
  10. Yup, that as well. Whilst designing the Mini he turned the engine sideways in a Minor to prove his ideas.
  11. Oldham 2 - 3 Bury
  12. Pedant alert. Issigonis did design the Mini, but was not "in charge" of BMC, that was Leonard Lord.
  13. Newport County sack manager Graham Westley. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.