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  1. Can you clarify these comments please, because this doesn't seem to be a very compassionate solution?
  2. New keeper needed
  3. Agreed with you about the first bit. However, I feel he should be given a run in the first team rather than just sitting on the bench as cover.
  4. Oh, that's alright then. No problems there.
  5. He reached the required 35 nominations at the last minute today, so he's on the ballot.
  6. Which student demonstrations are you referring to? There have been many in the past few years and the BBC has covered them.
  7. He's signed for Wigan.
  8. YouGov isn't an exit poll apparently. Not sure whether that's true or not. Apparently it's a panel poll. Edit: Just to add, I will be very surprised if the BBC exit poll is correct.
  9. Ok, so you haven't. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. So you've seen the list of League Two budgets then?
  11. And you'd give the new manager about a week before you'd want him sacked as well.
  12. That last sentence is insignificant. He said in the interview that abolishing the non-dom tax status probably would cost the country money. That last sentence doesn't change that fact.
  13. As shown by our shocking run of form recently. Oh wait....
  14. You must have the wrong link. He doesn't blame the weather in that quote.