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  1. An awful lot of interest in the ccj prize.......... I'm hoping for Rotherham away - I work there.........
  2. I heard the term "Owner" more than "Chaur"
  3. Surveyor to house owner I've been observing your ceiling I'ts not the best I've seen But it's up there
  4. I do hate wedding jokes
  5. 2 or 3 more to come in
  6. Wulliams, Kay and Danns
  7. Why was he "released"
  8. According to Keith Maddock Not Brassy Look at the replies
  9. And Knilly of course
  10. Overlapped with DF at Barnsley
  11. I was at Bramhall Lane today - my son is an avid fan and I live within 10 mins of the ground Nice to see (Leon) Clarke Ebanks-Landell and Hussey all ex Bury receiving medals for winning the league I was watching my phone more than the match I have to say Chesterfield didn't look like relegation fodder.
  12. Bury 3. Nhtm 1
  13. Noblot 3 Bury 1