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  1. Yes I was, thanks. The threat is not from the IRA today - it's from AQ and IS who like to focus their attacks most often on capital cities. Also, *** DELETED *** you for trying to be a smart arse about something so serious. Ban me, worth it. *** MODERATORS NOTE - DO NOT ACTIVATE THE SWEAR FILTER, OR POST PERSONAL ABUSE ***
  2. They wouldn't have called the game off for a pack of mouldy sandwiches. Bomb squad there now. Looks like the real thing. I'd always felt fairly safe tucked away hundreds of miles from London. Always seemed that if they were going to target the UK, then London would be where something would happen. 10 miles up the road is far too close for comfort. But, this does show us what we already know - we have some of the best security services on the face of the planet working flat out night and day to protect us. By all accounts, the evacuation went seamlessly too. There's a very real threat there (when hasn't there been?!), but we're ready for it.
  3. Probably has a job for as long as he wants at Rochdale. I wouldn't.
  4. Absolutely disgraceful. Give them a points deduction for next season, a game behind closed doors, and haul Sullivan in front of the F.A to explain his ridiculous live on air comments about how Utd were at fault for it.
  5. Been doing the same act for the last decade plus. Stealing a living at this point.
  6. I suspect he has several hundred in mind...
  7. Absolutely amazing. We have just witnessed the greatest upset in football history, and maybe sporting history. This story will be told literally hundreds of years from now. Momentous.
  8. It's not, but I'd rather get it done and dusted!
  9. All over tomorrow I suspect. Quite easy to see Chelsea getting something at home.
  10. Really nip and tuck, this. They certainly look equal to Utd out there. Think it'll be decided by the odd goal one way or another.
  11. Ridiculous conspiracy theories. The guy is nearly thirty eight years old. He been great - time to move on.
  12. As is so very often the case with you, you completely miss the point.
  13. The story is apparently missing from the front pages of today's The Times and The Sun. If true, outrageous.
  14. I think those stats on their own are misleading. They dominated the ball for massive periods in the first half and hit the woodwork a number of times. They could have very easily on another day put the game to bed by H/T. Credit to WBA for coming back like they did though, of course.
  15. That's it. No catching them now. Utterly, utterly amazing. We are about to live to see one of the biggest shocks in football history. Spurs really should have buried WBA in the first half though. This Spurs side will be back and will contest at the very top for years to come. They've quietly built a slick, young footballing machine down there. Chelsea will rebuild, City will polish themselves up, Mourinho to Utd would make them real contenders again, Liverpool are slowly learning the Klopp way. I think the big boys will bite back next season. It'll be interesting to see what type of players Leicester attract in the summer. If you're an available world class player and you have offers on the table from say Leicester, Manchester United & Chelsea all for the same deal just for arguments sake, where do you go?...