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  1. Its the big shiny floodlights, draws the locals out of their hovels to look at the magic !!!
  2. Would that be London Southend Airport then
  3. Port Vale must really like us, Tom Pope, Chris Eagles and now Rob Lainton. It's nice having someone looking up to us.
  4. Plymouth away for me, Only takes me 40mins to get there. Oh the pleasures of us Exiles.
  5. Also, with the draw being made in Thailand, will the numbered balls be fired from opposing Ladies private parts into cups, make the draw more interesting.
  6. So that will be Sunderland away on a Tuesday night then.
  7. I mean we are in the Non-seeded northern section
  8. Non Seeded Northern section, in the most ridiculously named cup ever.
  9. Sunderland at home now, dizzy heights
  10. Well congrats to Blackpool. As an exile I would of preferred Exeter to win. On the plus side maybe the Tangerines will take on Danns full time.
  11. Well thats it
  12. 3 added mins c'mon Walsall
  13. Well Sunday is going to be a nervy day
  14. Sods law Bloody Eagles
  15. Looking like the other Bristol could come down, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Hopefully Exeter to come up. Good for a Cornish exile, sad when you can count 2 hours drive as a 'local' game.