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  1. Nothing in those accounts that is particularly surprising, given the way the business is run, other than our wage bill went up by £1m with roughly the same amount of staff. Is that neutral enough or not happy clappy enough? I am sure to have got it wrong.
  2. I think the truth is if he goes for less than a million, it will be James Vaughan's choosing. I don't think Day would sanction it otherwise.
  3. Can I ask why being an administrator of the board has anything to do with my post. I spend a sufficient amount of my time keeping this board going in the background and I love the fact that people disagree or agree with each other. I don't get involved in moderating any content and I believe that this forum is independent so that my views, your views and others have every right to be here. You do have a choice whether to donate to the upkeep of this board but please, please dont think because I administrate this board I get given or give myself any additional powers or amplification of my opinions.
  4. I think this is the 2nd latest one: 00053268 : BURY FOOTBALL CLUB COMPANY LIMITED(THE) There has been a new CCJ filed against this business for a value of £6,718 on 22 May 2017
  5. I've thought long and hard about buying a season ticket for me and my sons but in the end we will not buy one and pay as and when we go to games next season. I can't in all faith give money to the club when on the one hand they are signing really promising players and putting a team that looks really good together but on the other hand not paying suppliers and getting numerous CCJ's as have been shown recently. CCJ's are issued when a court of law makes a decision to award the plaintiff (the supplier) the right to collect money from the club for services rendered. I might be the only person that gives a stuff enough to prevent the club getting my money over the summer, but I don't mind it being a one person thing if I think I am doing the right thing.
  6. Hi all, Its been over a year since Gigg Lane (1885) was established to own and manage this message board and because of your amazing donations we will hopefully be here for the long term. Right now, we could do with an accountant who specialises in doing company books and one with expertise in not-for-profit organisations would be brilliant. We not asking for you to volunteer (we pay!) but the best value quote would be great. Please send me a PM and we can chat on the phone. Thanks, Gigg Lane (1885)
  7. Sorry, apart from blatant racism, why would you not want a Turk in your team?
  8. You only need one exclamation mark.
  9. I dont think we can afford to build a team that is reliant on Mayor and Ismail just because of their injury proneness. We're going to either need more people in their position and I suppose we have Mackreth as one of them, or have a different type of system when they are not available. Personally I think we ought to really think about an alternative 3-5-2 system where Leigh, Jones, Mackreth can be used as wing backs and Mayor or Ismail as a free role behind the front two. This will mean acquiring another 1/2 centre backs but I think thats a bit easier than getting good enough wingers to replace Mayor and Ismail when they are injured.
  10. We wont survive this time because our debts are (MUCH) greater than our assets. We have got players on long contracts and they will need to be paid off first according to the football creditors rule and players like Vaughan would be sold for peanuts like Nugent and McGinlay before them!
  11. Our club can only survive if we are a community club for the whole community and that means engaging fans and local companies to support us. If we can't be bothered to pay people and the courts rule against us (that is a CCJ) then it means we are further away from self-sustainability and bringing even more income into this club. I also imagine that the vast majority of people who commercially support this club are fans too, and if they feel they cannot trust this board because of the bad publicity that these kinds of things lead to, that will further make less people likely to give us money. I own my own business, and I look up a credit report of every company I do business with - that makes good business sense - if I saw a company with this many CCJ's I'd steer clear.
  12. Ryan Lowe and his family are safe. It shows how close to home in all aspects of our lives this kind of thing is. My thoughts are with all those affected.
  13. Some potential assets on the field and a few nice extras such as a screen and working sound around the ground. Other than that, it's pretty much as it was.
  14. its really well run at the moment: 22 CCJ's and 3 WUP's £7m cummulative debt since takeover No ground sponsor - we lost the last one! No significant external income generation No new ground - no planning permission for flats at Gigg Lane, no land acquisition, no announcements Significant wage budget but scraped survival on last day of season Everything looks hunky dory!
  15. It doesn't matter how many debts have been paid off if the last debt not paid off is the consolidation of all debt combining all the older debts.