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  1. right then... not too long now till the new list comes out, though it seems like ages ago the season ended. obviously theres only one fixture on my list to look for... BUT whats THE fixture shakers will be looking for first this time seeing as noblot got away with it...?????
  2. you are doing all the right things so far, start business early, quality not quantity etc... guessing you will add a few more, as long as you dont lose key players from this season.. the division is pretty much there for the taking by a good number of teams... portsmouth will be a strong contender but theres not a out and out obvious candidate to run away with it....top 6 should be achievable top 2 might be a tad too much, but a good start and avoid an autumn freefall and you will be well set up..
  3. Done n dusted, back at Fail i believe, undisclosed fee, mars bar & a bag of salt n vinegar ... think he will do well back there,
  4. i ve always thought the site on the opposite plot to depot running towards motorway that has very old mill yards and derelict buildings would be the ideal spot. very cheap to purchase, in fact grants poss available to redevelop.... better road links to and from motorway at jnc 2. from previous news the sainsbury deal was decided against, tho' can always be resurrected with a better offer etc..
  5. now, for what its worth.... Done, would be a superb cheap signing, work rate for team is 2nd to none, finishing and bounce not that great over last 2 years, which was always the issue with us.... would be a great support act if you can keep JV others from us.... avoid mcnumpty like the plague, hed be good in social club tho' scougs would be worth a punt...
  6. So then, who did come runner up to the mighty JV?
  7. neil danns..... isnt he the one who you were raving about early on....... i hear hes in the running mind, but no way gonna top JV... runner up maybe?
  8. whatever you do dont go for mark bunn, unles sof course you enjoy seeing shots from 25 30 yds trickle into the corner. o'shea hasnt realled featured that much for us this season, bit parts at best... may not get picked up by championship clubs..
  9. no, but wow, the comments made over last few days/weeks by that lot from the nacron....
  10. well, if i may be so bold...... ive a few..... obviously.... glad that you will be in the north west league next year, esp' if rovers and tangerines do the business. the only away tickets i could get a hold of was as it happens the last 2 seats for our game at Bury... not been anywhere near a looking for tickets to the fail or oldham, of even mk for that matter. so, i will go with sunday gone, worst match of season , never got out of 1st gear, but to win to seal 100 pts and for BS to nab no' 30 made this very old blade very happy, its been many many years and painful seasons; as you will know too how this feels, but all worth it in that moment... heres to next season.. wherever you may play...
  11. i know the event is later this week, and we all know who is gonna walk away with the award... BUT.... who is likely to come runner up, is that something that gets announced? and do the number of votes get mentioned? that will be interesting as i guess theres a few close together for that one...
  12. Thank you for your 'thank yous'....... ive enjoyed playing my part with this, disappointed to not pip spee to 3rd but i think he deserved it more than me... would have been gutted if like 429 id missed out by that tie breaker to win the whole thing..... well done the two of them. hopefully someone will take over the mantle for this, it is rather time consuming and constrains you around match day k/o times etc. so will bow out gracefully but would hope to be a part of whatever takes its place for next season.
  13. wow, what a final week, congrats to postieshaker who topped the table by way of goal time alone, very hard luck to shaker429. spee beat buryblade to third by way of goal time also... likewise R11 beat kentshaker.... 1 Postieshaker 44.5 pts 2 Shaker429 44 3 spee 33.5 4 buryblade 33 5 R11 30.5 pts 6 kentshaker 30 7 stillrunningman 28 8 john 26 9 seasideshaker ,shaker90 & bullockballamos 21 pts 12 shakerryan 20 13 alanlondon 19 14 gigabyte 17 15 russhamer 15
  14. Okay.... these are the predictions for the final game...... all the best to the top 2..... not everyone sent a goal time, so if they end level the one who did gets the .5 extra. pt. the top 2 as you can see, WILL be decided after a long hard season of guessing by who is nearest to the goal time; if there is one!! if we do end up all square at the top, ie... it ends 0-0. how about the top 2 make a final prediction of a playoff game ; my choosing?? lets hope theres a goal!!! BB 2-0 47th min Tubwash 2-2 Mrbristow 0-1 Shaker90 1-2 23rd min Seasideshaker 0-0 0 mins Bullockballamos 2-3 11th min R11 2-0 31st min Spee 1-1 7th min Shaker429 1-0 62nd min Russhamer 0-0 0 mins Kentshaker 2-0 Postieshaker 1-0 49th min Alanlondon 2-0 Stillrunningman 1-1
  15. almost there, we're almost there..... safe travels to all shakers making that long trip, im certain you will be able to enjoy yourselves on 90 mins and the journey back up north , if not throughout the game itself... that said, PV will be losing quite early on so you will be able to relax.... one last shout out here, to get your score and goal guess es Dm/PM to me by 9pm so I can put up the predictions. otherwise will have to wait till sunday evening when the final table will be published....