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  1. Okay.... these are the predictions for the final game...... all the best to the top 2..... not everyone sent a goal time, so if they end level the one who did gets the .5 extra. pt. the top 2 as you can see, WILL be decided after a long hard season of guessing by who is nearest to the goal time; if there is one!! if we do end up all square at the top, ie... it ends 0-0. how about the top 2 make a final prediction of a playoff game ; my choosing?? lets hope theres a goal!!! BB 2-0 47th min Tubwash 2-2 Mrbristow 0-1 Shaker90 1-2 23rd min Seasideshaker 0-0 0 mins Bullockballamos 2-3 11th min R11 2-0 31st min Spee 1-1 7th min Shaker429 1-0 62nd min Russhamer 0-0 0 mins Kentshaker 2-0 Postieshaker 1-0 49th min Alanlondon 2-0 Stillrunningman 1-1
  2. almost there, we're almost there..... safe travels to all shakers making that long trip, im certain you will be able to enjoy yourselves on 90 mins and the journey back up north , if not throughout the game itself... that said, PV will be losing quite early on so you will be able to relax.... one last shout out here, to get your score and goal guess es Dm/PM to me by 9pm so I can put up the predictions. otherwise will have to wait till sunday evening when the final table will be published....
  3. that's coz when we asked for another lot of tickets it was declined... been story of our away games this year... sad for fans to miss out and silly as home club miss out on another few k in takings
  4. Sarfend 0 Shakers 0

  5. but its sky that dictate the noon k/o so they can show PL etc too
  6. no info on sky epg, but id read on twitter, that it was noblot game ....
  7. unless fleetwood suddenly take off all but 7 players and 3 of them are yoooff, PV wont ever have it easier
  8. forgot about the stupid k/o time, TV again for you.. hope you have a safe trip & "enjoy".... i know i know... the game,
  9. always been impressed at the % of away fans... whats the support likely to be at southend this sunday... 1k? which would be a remarkable no' what with the distance, though fortunate that its B/H Mon , so no great rush to get back for work for the majority i suspect.
  10. not only do PV have to win at fleetwood, coz of the GD gills have to win too at northmtn.. very very unlikley that PV will win, gills draw and you lose by 9? in fact, it wouldnt suprise me if you spoil southends hopes, esp' if the news from millwall game means they have a shot, funny game football.
  11. hey, noing our fortune over the last few years we still might not!!!!! sure Fa are looking into ways we could be docked points... maybe after newcastle and WHU police may knock on our door..
  12. funny how clubs gets fined for fielding youthful players in the tin pot chuckit away trophy yet can field understrength teams in final games of a lge season when much more is a t stake, weve been on receiving end of this a couple of times down the years. that said, fleetwood will be full on to win just in case noblot slip up, sadly they wont, so PV will not do a repeat performance.... easy win for cod army.
  13. our lot won the league, easily, and are in the sth york version with a chance of the enemy being the oppo
  14. once again the youth side of things GIGG continues to develop well.. hope its a good un.... is it a one off game, or a two legged thing.
  15. despite the last few games, where to be fair LC has closed down and tracked back, id have JV in a heart beat over LC, that said, id have anyone over him, actually no one and him going would do me... haha.. footballs illogical rivalry ,