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  1. oh Millwood, away end... my first ever away game ... absolute crush both in and outside of the ground, 20k apx I think. wall fell down at other end which also was being used by Blades... repeated this visit a few times, all were a crush but so exhillerating....
  2. FANTASTIC result last time out, both for the team and quite a fair number of predictors here.. so onto Vale away.... think the form will continue, Vale 1 Bury 3
  3. wrong section.....
  4. just seen a twitter about this, looks like its from a fake / hoax type account...... FISHING
  5. in that case, might be worth cashing in on him, pope and miller would be my 2 choices from what ive seen . JV always likely to pick up a knock or two anyhow.. maybe 250k plus bonus add ons might not be too far off mark... but ive not seen this one from any s.yorks coverage whatsoever so likelehood is its false info
  6. sell him? i thought JV was at Bury on loan? or is it that rovrum are meant to be offering his parent club the deal?
  7. Table will be updated after the Walsall game.... by which time I will have fallen off the top 10... im on as bad a run as the team have been.. not easy this predicting lark, no wonder bookies always end up smiling.
  8. Ok, good show v Scunny, character coming back into the squad? maybe tides turning ... its likely to be close but im going for a comfortable Bury 4 Petrbro 0
  9. guess all clubs have 'those' players, know we've had a fair few down the years, Clarke always seems to be carrying a knock, Hussey frequently sidelined , though not sure how much form and injury is used to cover up one another.. and to bring it right up to date, our new 'star' signing, Caruthers from franchise lasted 10 minutes after coming on as sub. heres a prediction for you... would be unique I'm sure... you go on another winning run and the MOTM award comes your way once more, hopefully in may so it can't undo any good work...
  10. see we are doing the you have one of our we have one of yours again..... 3 reasonable additions ... scunny 1 bury 1
  11. one added thought, affecting both sides today, I said I thought the weather and a hard pitch may not suit us etc, I think it affected both sides in that we both gave the ball away too often, many a mis timed touch/pass etc... conceding to oppo in dangerous positions.. think you will be better placed when playing on better surfaces as you play it around quick and can break fats too..
  12. ok shaker pals, obviously im delighted that we won, stay top of league, and for first time ever I think took max points over xmas and new year period. I think most of what has been said above I would agree with, best bit from our view point of late is we aren't playing well but getting the results, ala what all promotion hopefuls need. we find it infuriating to always keep playing through middle and not wide, though when we do and cross it in hard n low we score, ditto on Saturday gone. ive seen quite a few sides v blades this season, seen both our games and to be fair, think you've put up as good a display as any v us. once that win comes, think you are more than capable of putting a run together as confidence grows, yes, you need a couple of essential players to be added or return fit. but in todays game and at the lane I don't think you are a bottom 4 side and will survive comfortably in the end. unless of course you put a run together and make play offs, im hoping we wont be playing each other next season... but you never know. have a great new year and keep shouting loud n proud.....
  13. Right, now its time for Bury to start doing my lot a few favours..... starting at sunny scunny. actually, I think they are there for the taking, they've just hit a sticky patch....
  14. was meaning that with the predicted temps it will be hard, and not what we are best playing our style on right now,
  15. shaker429 seems to be doing rather well here, im going likewise, weve been a tad lucky of late to keep snatching late goals; usually sign of a good league finish when win and not playing well. I think the pitch, your recent upturn will be a leveller but think we are due a loss, bury 2 the not so mighty red n white wizards on the day 1