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  1. ha, SHHH arrr ee, nope still cant get that word out. not for celebrating just yet, and esp' as i cant get a ticket to go to the fail this w/e.. bloomin ticket sales, poor show when you cant get to a 'home' game..... bar humbug... guessing oldham will be similar...
  2. on wards and upwards now.... bit like Chezzy, these are there for the taking... 2-0 Bury
  3. SUPERB results all round today.... noblot put to the Billy sword and lo n behold an away win too...
  4. not quite a six pointer this, but still vital with those next few that are.
  5. chez vegas 0 bury 3 nail in chezzy coffin
  6. officially announced via BFC
  7. anything in this?
  8. HEADS up, for later in the season.. next update at end of month, For the last ? 5 games of the season to avoid 'tactical' predictions; yes , it does happen you know, even in this day and age, we will use the DM aspect here to send in the score guesses, i would then post up the guesses pre match. hopefully this would then mean more of a fair run in for those fighting for top spot..
  9. Just turn left at the Spire?? Chesterfield are truly awful right now, have been for some time, they are going down for sure, massive 6 pointer here, pity theres still only the 3 on offer though.
  10. just can't see mid table, not much really to play for MKD on a cold Tuesday night away from home giving too much care n attention to this fixture... gonna go for 2-0 but wouldn't surprise me if you get a hat full... might need a few new corner flags , hope you can afford to keep replacing em.
  11. ok... good win, need a repeat and others to not do likewise for a change.. can the shakers see of the fake dons..
  12. Its a 1-0 win for me.......
  13. these type of votes tend to get rigged, by rival fan groups who use the vote to revote 100's of times, he would have my vote this last month for sure, been class,
  14. here comes the old cliché.... but this really is a six pointer... in fact the next few games are nearly all 6 pointers.. so, who's gonna get the first 6 then?