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  1. Good news, can someone direct Joe to the 'unanimous thread'.
  2. On the ref theme there was an article on Jason Jarret today in one of the 'redtops'. Doing really well as a ref and making his way up through the non-league ranks. Football League rules though don't allow you to officiate in a game involving a club that you've played for. As Jarret appeared for 18 clubs he feels he can take his career no further. Sounds like a real loss to the game, surely the rule could be initially revised to officiate games for clubs you were at loan on!
  3. An excellent afternoon. It went 'nuts' in the away end when Bishop scored with that free kick!
  4. Saturday's League One fixture between Port Vale and MK Dons at Vale Park has been postponed because of snow. The referee deemed the pitch unplayable following an inspection at 09:00 GMT on Saturday. Heavy snowfall on Friday had covered the playing surface at Vale Park, prompting the officials to call an inspection well ahead of kick-off. Vale are currently 15th in the league table, three points ahead of the 18th-placed Dons. cc BBC Website 14th Jan 2017. Note PV were 15th!
  5. PV v MK Dons according to BBC and SKY. Has Mr Bistow been at the sherry? Ahh maybe not as PV v MKD was postponed earlier in the season!
  6. Squeak no longer 2 -1 Coventry full time.
  7. I was at that game too. disappointed yes but to call it an 'incredibly bad decision' when we were at the far end is a tad harsh. If someone can dig up a replay I might revise my opinion though.
  8. Agree with that. I think Millwall's reputation may put some people off too. Nothing to worry about all very well policed and no obvious incidents. If this alleged 'wrecking of the toilets' did take place, lets hope it didn't, lets hope it's now in the dim and distant and everyone can move on.
  9. I am by passing this thread, have not looked at the fixtures and only look as far as the next Saturday. Results that seem good on Saturday, might not be so at the end of the season! Our safety is in our own hands and given where we were a few weeks ago that's encouraging.
  10. Wholly agree with you. A tight, compact and disciplined performance. Went for a point and got a point, made quite obvious when Hope and not Miller was substituted for Lowe. Couple of excellent saves from Murphy and it's a pity Vaughan didn't make more of his opportunity in the first half, not a criticism just my observation. Happy with a point, and I won't be dashing out to watch 'The Wall' as they like to call themselves at Spotland on Tuesday.
  11. We have to match Vales results and matching Oldham's results will do nicely!
  12. Quick update people. We parked in Cambridge Avenue or Oxford Road, Kilburn. Approx 20/25 years ago now, so subject to change!
  13. As for the match and having seen the F A Cup tie yesterday, Millwall look a bit vulnerable on their left! Ohh forgot we aren't Tottenham though!
  14. Here's a suggestion. Drive to the outskirts of North London, get rail/tube (possibly 2 to London Bridge) and it's 4 minutes to New Bermondsay. Covered walkway to the ground nearly to the turnstiles. After the game you walk back to the station, there are Police about as the home/visitor walkways virtually merge on the station and await the next train. For the former bit you park just outside the inner London parking area. A strategy adopted by a mate and myself for some Lancashire Lords Finals in the early 90s.
  15. I agree with Chesterfield, Coventry and Swindon. I don't share your 9 other clubs theory. I think it's between us and Oldham. Focus on matching Oldham's record and we'll stay up. On yesterdays evidence we might just do it!