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  1. Thought we had this debate. Isn't everything wiped at the end of the season?
  2. We could get Marrillion's lead singer Fish to do a gig err at Gigg!
  3. Don't tell him Pike! I look forward to a conga if and when it opens.
  4. Interesting article. Disappointing they haven't nicked another win and are mathematically safe! Also did Endinburgh have a vital win here a season or two ago with Gillingham? Despite their injuries and suspensions I'll think he will have them fired up!
  5. Agreed!
  6. Yes!
  7. Agreed get Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie on!
  8. To be fair, Kendall might have asked the club to keep it under wraps!
  9. Dependent on the state of play I've not ruled out going to Fleetwood v Port Vale!
  10. Lets hope Southend are on the proverbial 'beach' and won't require it!
  11. That's a suprise! Resigned or pushed? I suspect he will have other irons in the fire and won't be out of the game long!
  12. Very true, we might be moving in with Radcliffe Boro! 'Positive discussions' is very loose and could mean a whole host of things!
  13. Is that a day or weekend event? Had we done a day event. there would have probably been less opposition and Bury maybe would have got the gig on. Local residents may have been concerned as to where festival goers, with a two day ticket might have spent their evenings 'hanging round' Gigg Lane and neighbouring streets. I live near Heaton Park and there were rumours that Parklife festival visitors were going to camp on a local farmers field Cue the panic and local concellors getting involved!
  14. 0-0 ft big point!
  15. If we lose it's vital it's not an a avalanche. Best GD in the bottom 7 could still be crucial. Well done Fleetwood too, means the Winkies can't go up automatically if they do win tomorrow.