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  1. Gent vs Genk. Be a close tie this one! These two are only separated by 10 places.
  2. It's all down to money! No club ever wanted to be relegated but with the cash sloshing about The Premiership owners, especially foreign ones are terrified of being relegated. Full respect to clubs (Burnley for example) who go up and don't try to bank-roll staying up.
  3. £47.3k is that about 9.5% of our existing debt! I kind of get the Millwall policing but the number of officers could be queried. Did Bradford. Hull and Doncaster really pose that serious a threat though? I reckon I've been to a couple of dozen Bury Bradford games, home and away and never witnessed any trouble, regardless of result! The Hull game was over hyped, their priority was promotion! Ok, Doncaster were in the mire when they visited Gigg, but have they got a serious history of trouble? For the Bradford City game this year give The Bantams The Cemetery End only. You might lose on gate receipts and more disappointingly atmosphere, but may save considerably more on Police Costs.
  4. I'll draw my own conclusions and await the actual meeting. I am sure James is busy enough. Thanks though for your efforts.
  5. And still the case for me too! I also texted a couple of other shareholders yesterday, again no knowledge of AGM and nothing from the club!l
  6. And Wimbledon haven't won since Soares has gone! Lets hope The Mighty Tommy can turn this around at Gillingham tomorrow. Having said that Wimbledon on 39 points could yet get sucked into the relegation scrap too!
  7. Nothing from The Club. An appalling state of affairs IF they are trying to sneak it through on the QT?
  8. Total home gate 4718 last two home games. New manager and assistant, former manager and assistant still in employment. a squad of 33, and what appears to be a burgeoning behind the scenes staff. Will we breach Financial Fair Play limits? Must dash, train to Chesterfield to catch!
  9. Tea men jokes aside, how can we afford to pay all these people?
  10. Blimey, Callum Styles might sneak in for a quid too!
  11. Yupp I'll be there!
  12. Quite possibly not, but you have sidestepped my remarks about playing teams off the park! With 14 games to go anything can happen and it doesn't justify your total negativity
  13. Playing teams 'off the park' is irrelevant and I don't give a fug if we do or don't! It doesn't guarentee you will always win how many games have you heard managers say' it was one of those days we did everything but score'. Sport is about winning (or not losing). If a tennis match is won in a tight five setter, a horse wins by a short head, or the Olympic 100 metres is won by a fraction of a second then job done!
  14. Thought it was a very even game personally! A team that doesn't concede in 180 minutes isn't really bad! You have a short memory if that's one of our worst displays!
  15. In case you hadn't noticed back to not conceding too, that's competent in my book, not incompetent! Ok not the most entertaining but not back to the bad old days either of losing 2 goal leads and a point gained!