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  1. Love the guy's reaction in the red bobble hat! Let's hope the opposition don't start putting concrete corner flags up, oucchhh!
  2. Silly penalty given away, Cameron Burgess, GMR!
  3. Freiburg v Bayern MunichBundesliga 19:15 FOOTBALL Lincoln City v Dover AthleticNational League 19:15 FOOTBALL Bastia v NiceLigue 1 19:45 BT Sport for example. Can anyone convince me any of these are a better bet than The Shakers? Will such games Freiburg and Bastita games be shown when Article 50 is processed and we exit Europe? Discuss! Lincoln on live twice in four nights, must be some sort of record!
  4. Yeah guess I did Mike! With Vaughan's 4 and Popey going back to his old stomping ground it might have prompted a late reschedule from one of the Tv's satellite channels. GMR it is then!
  5. I also live not too far from the M60 (Simister area) and can see the motorway. The M60 heading towards the M6 is very heavy slow moving traffic. I would estimate 20/25 mph in what is a speed restricted 50 mph at the best of times! Whose idea was Friday night and is the game on any satellite Tv?
  6. A close call for me ,but I've reluctantly decided not to go! 6 Cheshire Southbound Incident type: disruption DISRUPTION at J17 for A534 Sandbach Cheshire M6 Cheshire - Very slow traffic on M6 southbound at J17, A534 (Sandbach), because of an earlier broken down vehicle. All lanes have been re-opened. In the roadworks area. SEVERE Updated 26 minutes ago c/o BBC website. It's just gone 5pm now, so real time the above would have been 4.30pm.
  7. Should we start running out to Amen Corner's 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice'? The corner flags can be 'bent and shaped' any way Vaughan requires!
  8. Forget the stand. If Lainton's net stays empty that'll do for me!
  9. Good to hear Alan. Cheers!
  10. Will there be transport provided from The Trackside?
  11. Surely an arrestable offence!
  12. Huge improvement, well played Bury. Impressed with the 11 and delighted with the result. Let's hope Moore's not a long term injury as Scales alludes too. Noticeable how Lainton goes on his knees when claImimg a catch when we are level in front and 'buys' 20 or 30 seconds. I hope that Marcus Maddison (Peterborough's no 11) was offered terms before he left Gigg, looked a quality act! UTS!
  13. Will he be 'in the mood for dancing' on the training pitch though?
  14. Whisper it, but I've got a hotline to Nicola Sturgeon!
  15. I don't know about him falling out with the owners! Seriously not good news. If any one can drag Oldham out of the doo-doo I suggest Sheridan can! Lets hope it's a case of shouldn't have gone back, won't be as good second time around etc!