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  1. Agreed, all the best Rob at PY.
  2. Tremendous effort, very enjoyable!
  3. Absolutely awful! Very sincere sympathies to all affected!
  4. Will 'the chur' be attending in person?
  5. I will watch on with interest. Who is the chur at Swindon? Will the Bury backroom staff be usurped as the Swindon 'behind the scenes bods' become the hardest working backroom staff he has ever worked with? I'll be suprised if he doesn't take big Ben (abiding memory the header back accross the box for Tom Lees to score at Chesterfield) with him. Bit suprised no Swindon fans on the board yet, asking our opinion. Do the sports team at Radio Wiltshire know what they are in for?
  6. Good luck Tom. Never faulted his effort. Hope Tom does well back at PV!
  7. Plymouth (if going well or early on) and Portsmouth will bring more than Fleetwood. Bigger gate receipts will mean higher policing costs too!
  8. It's 7 years since SD left the club an dhe has played about a further 240 games. Spme people have rose tinted spectacles on this board, and I'm not sure SD is one for me!
  9. According to Scales Of Justice, I seem to recall him saying Wallsall only made 2 changes! Agreed it's not Huddersfield's fault Birmingham are in the doe doe, but surely there should be an integrity within the league and professional sport in general!
  10. Earlier this week Huddersfield were asked to explain why they made 10 chanages against Birmingham City, and rightly so! Having lost the game at Birmingham this gave the hosts a significant chance of staying up. I've no great love for either Blacburn (well I did when they pipped Man Youu for the league) or Notts Forest, but if I was a supporter of either of those sides I'd be going apoplectic!
  11. The following players have been released by the club: Anthony Dudley Kelvin Etuhu Hallam Hope Jacob Mellis Niall Maher Chris Brown Paul Rachubka Rob Lainton Reece Brown Jermaine Pennant Ishmael Miller Which of these will either be in a starting 11 or be on the bench on the 05/08/2017 for a football league team. I'll go for Mellis (Division 1) and Hope, Etuhuh and Miller (Division 2). It might be an interesting thread to revisit in August!
  12. A pretty decent retained list with the exception of Pope (not up to the division standard in my opinion, but can't fault work ethic) Danns and Williams.
  13. It does with me Barry and others too. We were the only team to be relegated on 'goals scored' as opposed to 'goal difference' while the rule was in.
  14. We got 20 points, 40% of our points tally against the bottom 4. The hightest placed team we managed to beat, finished 10th which was Bristol Rovers and only got 4 points against the top 9. Improvement clearly required for next season! One pivotal moment for me was in the home game vs Scunthorpe when Pope headed against the bar and really should have scored. Had that gone in we'd have possibly won that game, gone top and I think we would have 'kicked on' a bit!
  15. You don't seem to remember Pete, yes I am sure we were bricked! Good throw to be fair, very accurate. Sorry couldn't resisit that one!