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  1. Remains to be seen, but their total sales are very good, but it is a complete total, which will include concessions and as stated the 'non countable' gold bond and carers. As stated, I have it in my head that the figure of 1700 odd sold on twitter won't include the concessions or carers etc, might be wrong there though. Regardless, good initiative by Dale and it has paid off, well done to them.
  2. I also have it in my head that these figures don't include concessions. Don't know if the same applies to Dale's figures?
  3.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author I just checked and there was a tweet with a number three or four days ago.
  4. I imagine that you won't pay any attention or reply to my post but anyway here it goes. Dale tickets are cheaper as you say, but you also forget they are currently on the back of just missing out on the playoffs and a strong FA Cup run. This has been achieved whilst building a rep for playing some excellent, attacking football. The club is currently having the best period in its history and their manager who is responsible for it has just signed a new contract. Cheap season tickets, the part timers and floating fans will look at the bear facts and probably think it is worth a punt. Had they just finished in a similar position to us then id imagine sales would not be anywhere near as high. Bury on the other hand are offering a good, but not as cheap deal. Our last two seasons have seen us spend big and finish 16th and then 19th, staying up by the skin of our teeth. The football for the last 18 months was at best turgid, Flitcroft's incompetence mainly to blame, and then Clark had to do what was required to keep us up. A floating fan is not going to look in depth at our manager's history or statements to the media, the dross we have let go, the players we have brought in or some of the young lads emerging. I would imagine many will look at our recent league positions and think on the handful of recent games they have attended, then conclude a similar thing will happen and we will struggle once more and forking out over 250 quid isn't worth it to see us struggle again. No doubt said floating fans will start turning up if the club delivers on its pledge of a promotion push. Even if it does not, I would wager our crowds will remain at worst similar to Rochdale's with the fans paying on the day. As a side note has the club actually tweeted sales recently? If you are going to answer then I want photographic evidence or a pasted quote, not a claim that someone heard someone else say in the ticket office and has since told you.
  5. Indeed, bloody love the place.
  6. The buzz of being back in the FL will be a huge factor after years in the abyss. Also I don't think that it is fair to compare to us as I would imagine that figure of season tickets is bigger than most, if not all league two and a large chunk of league one clubs. I'd wager as well that said sales have probably outsold their two immediate rivals, Scunny and Grimsby. Which leads me onto my next point, it is probably much quicker to get to Eastlands and Old Trafford from Bury than it is to get to Glanford Park or Blundell Park from Lincoln.
  7. Sean Bean is in it, thus it is good by default.
  8. Says a lot for the incompetent manager who recruited the majority of them.
  9. Scunny at home whilst I am in Isle of Wight, I can just about live with missing that one
  10. This post is like a teaser trailer to an upcoming blockbuster, can't bloody wait for this book to come out. Has he quit the cigarettes btw?
  11. I am curious to know if he still smokes his silk cut. I also seem to recall that in his autobiography he was a tad selective with some of his recollections. This does not change my love of the man though.
  12. I am in the Isle of Wight from the 1st of September to the 8th. As long as we have a reasonably rubbish away fixture on the 2nd then I am reasonably happy. Gillingham, Plymouth, Bristol Rovers or someone of that ilk will suffice.
  13. Closer to 400 as I recall, your point holds though.
  14. Aye it was funny. As I recall 1997 was the Barrow era for Dale, little did we know that his talk neckless image would be haunting out dugout as manager just six years down the line.
  15. I actually thought this thread was some kind of joke.