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  1. Problem there is a good percentage of labour voter's voted for brexit.
  2. Just a cover till the deals done.
  3. R11 BFC must be in favour of this move, would make his commute to home games easier.
  4. He played for Fulham against us after we sold him to them. Scored 2 I think.
  5. Maybe initially he was a centreback but players can and do adapt to other positions as they grow. I think Reece Brown is going to become a good defensive midfield player.
  6. You won't here the traffic for the roar of the crowd.
  7. With average crowds over 6000 and a stadium that makes money we just won't know the reason for the debt.
  8. Not enough facilities. You need more than a conference hall.
  9. You've just put a downer on it.
  10. Given the right facilities it can be.
  11. It is. BL9 postcode.
  12. I think it was Granada Reports.
  13. Leave him in that holding role and we will all be singing his praises.
  14. That was a difficult finish, but he did it easily.
  15. It's the FA, long winded answers are what's needed as well as disappearing up your own backside.