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  1. The British people don't want propositional representation though. Quite rightly in my view FPTP does give stronger government.
  2. Nowt like a winge,or is it whinge?
  3. I would keep Maher without a second thought all he lacks is experience, his overall game is good can also play 4/5 different positions. When he came into the team at right back I left the game wondering how Jones was going to get back in the team. Also definitely keep Caddis he is much better than most think he is, reads the game well and always knows what's going on and where to be very good player.
  4. Out injured sore hands.
  5. I realise some wish I was.
  6. I will have to disagree with you Hussey would not be better in that system. Playing as a wingback means you have to create your own space to put crosses in and I don't believe Hussey has that ability, Danny Mayor did all the hard work by creating time and space for Hussey. I believe he was found out at Sheff Utd at the start of the season there fans said he crosses were woeful.
  7. Reduced income is not a problem while Stewart Day is financing things.
  8. It became obvious today that it was to cheap.
  9. Rotherham's New York stadium was built in 13 months, start to finish.
  10. I just think it's a stupid decision. It will be Brexit part 2 May will come out of a General Election weaker than she went in.
  11. This is what I am saying though BuryFC don't have the debt.
  12. But it has to be a donation not a loan so that must say Stewie has put the money in.
  13. So a debt of £5.7million a forecast loss of £2.4 million any other club in England of our size would be slapped with a ban on signing players for being in breach of FFP, Stewie must have some serious charm.
  14. I bet this is the only club in the country were fans complain it's to cheap.