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  1. With a deal like that we will.
  2. Even looking at the direct debit option it's still a good deal, it's £30 a month that's less than 2 games, and if 3000 buy season tickets it would be paid for in 3 month.
  3. I believe it could be Will Ferry.
  4. I'v just been looking at the season ticket offer again if 3000 are sold its the equivalent of paying at 9 games in a season, why would anyone who intends going on an even semi regular basis not buy one? I think I'm going to have to give some folk a serious talking too.
  5. I agree with you and I don't. I agree that that sky money is the worst thing to happen to football but I don't want to see it more evenly spread. I want to see it gone. I wouldn't mind if it had done any good but I believe it has made our top division weaker. If you make a comparison with the premier league and the old 1st division pre Heysel on European Trophies won the old 1st division murder's the prem. Get shut of sky let the mercenaries follow the money.
  6. You will know as well as anyone on here that filibustering can be stopped, but why stop it when it can be used as a political point. I would say all MPs of all parties have a great deal to answer for. The trouble is to many of them play politics and to many of them don't really care.
  7. Back in the day.
  8. Our government said all EU citizens working could stay all those not couldn't the EU would not give any such reassurance for Brits in Europe. Why would anyone not want to keep reciprocal health care. Remainers see no wrong in the EU though do they.
  9. Seems like London Fire Brigade have some questions to answer.
  10. Maybe he isn't.
  11. Could not agree more. But we need to get Brexit right, therefore it's right to take time to formulate a plan.
  12. Dale have sold just under 1700. Similar sales to us.
  13. Your right. The EU government did want to use them as bargaining chips that's why they declined to offer protection to Brits over their. Shows what mean minded vindictive people we are dealing with, but I expect remainers to blame our government.
  14. I believe the government wanted to give reassurance to EU workers but the EU declined to do the same for Brits over their.
  15. I'm not saying its right or fair but its been a long standing problem and trying to blame Theresa May is pushing it a tad.