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  1. You had a loving dad.. celebrate him ... be proud.. take care.
  2. What a difference he made to free-kicks! We have been crying out for someone to deliver dangerous dead ball situations and yesterday our prayers were answered IMO.
  3. HAS should be SGS
  4. I was at Stand Grammar similar time 73 - 80 but Don ' t recall him.. anybody on this board who went to HAS remember him?
  5. As a kid in the 70s I would be mortified as a Bury supporter to have a record 20 + winless streak..would probably been told by all my mates ( Bolton, man utd, man city, Everton) _"told you so" "shite team, shite support" .. Now in my mid fifties... I am still part of the" Shite" support but feel unusually calm about this situation. No punches pulled , Stewart (stuart) (the chur)Day saved my football team from extinction. He invested (via whatever means ) to create a development system for youth to attain first team status.. he has achieved this goal, so well done the chur.. I really feel that as deep rooted supporters that we do a Brian Ferry ( Lets stick together) I find it a privilege to see possible England material playing live in front of me after years of journeymen filling the squad numbers.. THIS CLUB NEEDS US MORE THAN EVER.. let's " carry on regardless " -A beer, a good swear... and stepping stones to survival in this league..HAPPY NEW YEAR to all fellow whiners of this football team...( back to my glass of cheap Asda wine) !
  6. Cod 5 -1 bury( pope) _ only going for fish and chips
  7. I feel quite humbled that so many voices on this message board all have a deep affinity with this"special football club" and we all turn up religiously , sit in the same cold seat , then expect our sons ,daughters to experience the" experience"that we first had when we witnessed a football match for the first time. SUGGESTION TIME..we should have a message board reunion in the social club twice a year so we can put faces to the people who comment... this could lead to group hugs or bloody noses .. but it just might create a stage for the next " forever bury" initiative... there are a lot of serious professional people on this board and a lot of passionate football fans who need a voice... just a thought ?
  8. These Young lads dream of this moment... so give them the moment... let's be honest.. in my 46 year "career" of watching the Shakers we as a Club have never blooded a young player from our own fold.. bring it on. they need to find out the harsh physicality of being a pro footballer. They either Stand or fall by the wayside. We are going to cringe, hold our breath, sigh relief or just be plain bowled over by their performance..COME ON THE YOUNG SHAKERS!!
  9. She certainly had some booty to shake... some southern Jesse will be prodding her pitchfork roots no doubt..
  10. I have never commented on Stewart Day, because I feel he has always wanted to be the head of a football club that delivers a vision of Football in the championship.. at this moment in time after negotiating certain training facilities and investing serious amounts of cash,(wherever you can get your hands on it) I feel he at the very least has tried to turn a corner in the name of Bury FC. I personally feel he is feeling the hurt and the uncertainty of this football team he has funded and put his name to.. I also feel that when the day comes that he cannot carry on then it looks like the likes of me and you will have to get together to keep this historical. football team at whatever level as BURYFC. .. and personally I know we would.... so let us stop the vocal carnage with the present catastrophical situation we are in...and realise that for the first time in decades we are gonna get a Bury team with talented but wet behind the ears teenagers who are gonna be BEATEN regularly at first.. but they really need to know that the real 2000+ are there to support them.. Let's get on with it ! They will really appreciate it. BY. THE WAY ... MERRY CHRISTMAS .. life's just a bowl of cherries !! ALL THE BEST TO EVERYBODY WHO CARES ABOUT OUR WONDERFUL CLUB... And no I am not Stewart Day ..or a relation! Just a pissed off supporter.
  11. Or "concrete boots" Bramhall. .. that goal away to Watford (1986)when they had John Barnes who missed a sitter... 85th minute..Bramhall header... loads of bury fans dropping their car keys on the floor trying to get away on the final whistle before Watford let their fans out.. Priceless!
  12. So Stan is still ALIVE!! Mr Day... STAN IS STILL ALIVE!...? I am sure he will come back... you just need a huge warehouse for his filing system on players.
  13. When you look back... who signed that team...? Kiely.west, lucketti butler for starters ... get Stan out of Tenerife retirement home and back to gigg
  14. I started roof preeding but the wine kicked !