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  1. Cheers mate...window cleaner...
  2. Totally agree he was an "arse" after the Sunderland game he ended up in the Wellington pub on bury / Horwich Wanderers rd. It really dawned on me that he was "really small" ... but had a gob on him ... trying to look good with the local girls... great goal ... sad shit....! Wonder what he's doing now?
  3. Welcome to Bob & kids... Your joining a rare breed of Football fan.. only 2000+ die hard fans ... all getting older, so the more the merrier.. !
  4. Bury R.... I would like to apologise for my interpretation of your role as "administrator" on this board... I would further like to reassure postcorvus that I will not withdraw my 50p funding of this forum fact I am willing to double my contribution by the start of the season... my loyalty holds no bounds.....UTS.
  5. I also feel uncomfortable that an administrator presses the'panic' button declaring 'the shits going to hit the fan' because he has information that we "all need to hear"... he has his reasons.... like I had my reason to donate to this " very good" nerve centre of opinions... is this going to make " me" think again about further donations... opened a can of worms IMO
  6. His facial features could be used to promote 'Bury FC ' Toby jugs ...could sell thousands!!
  7. Must get into'the end is nigh' mode...all this positivity doesn't' seem to fall comfortably with certain gigg lane stalwarts... Considering the majority of the 50 something's on this board may be dead by the time we reach the premiership or fall into northern counties division one... Me being a 50 something...can we bring back real negativity by 're- introducing terry Robinson. to the board to give us real"perspective on little old bury"
  8. Him and Cameron! Both young, hungry for success... is this the new Lucketti / Butler formula? Could mean Kay needs a new club?
  9. Fancy that!
  10. Heading things!? Hopefully...
  11. Happy birthday!! This lot forget the basics...
  12. Historic day for 'Uddersfield' Stewie Day a fan..Sat in directors box... Maybe huddersfield 'model' needs a'Bury' feeder club to maintain status?
  13. Hope that Desperate "danns" uses this as a platform to ressurect his career... During the 70s living in Ainsworth meant that 2 other mates were Bury fans and the others were all bolton or utd/city.. so gigg one week and burnden the next week.. the bolton player Neil Whatmore reminds of Danns... he was absolute garbage one season....then became a revelation the next 2 seasons... so having been a harsh judge of Danns contribution to football down at the gigg.. maybe he as much as we ..need this opportunity to start over?
  14. Tells me that other people Are going to make way.
  15. I think that if Blackpool get promoted " Desperate" Danns will have more affinity with tangerines than blueberries and may request to be released from his contract to be with the rock gobblers