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  1. Arsed not added !
  2. Some of his decision making were baffling? Looked to me as he couldn't be added with this " lower league" game..
  3. ETUHU was supposedly the player to pull us up the league's? I personally feel if anything he has let 'himself ' down.. never pushed himself , crap at man marking .. always a yard behind the pace of the game... I blame his " Ganja" supplier...
  4. Big game.. Gillingham. We lost..for the first time in a few weeks I thought win today.. we start to take on this league again. REALITY KICKS IN!! we have to realise every game is massive now to stay in this division..
  5. Do we rate him? HE IS A YOUNGSTER 19! What could you do at 19? Jeez.. you lot are paranoia ingrained
  6. No more Bury Times for me..! You have a no nonsense rapport that will grace any tabloid.. well done mate!
  7. As long as he. stays off the "vino" the night before. Don't want him kettled...
  8. Nickys left hand man LENNY(I woz fat the second time around) Johnrose
  9. Interpreter please or could you write down what you were saying? Please..
  10. Killie and Hudders... really appreciate your optimism/ concern ! At this moment in time we need a "manager" to instil renewed confidence in a team that is playing way below its capabilities.. I personally think he is highly regarded by our chairman who sees him as the next stage of progression for our future ....first as a league 1 club and then... who knows what's next? Mr Day is certainly trying his utmost to deliver a progressive outcome for such a poorly supported football club..I for one admire his drive... wherever it leads us... because no one else has the balls at this moment in the club's history to pursue such an ambitious target as this guy...wherever he got his finance from,how far this will proceed in the future as he already probably knows.. is all down to guts and self belief... we either play Notts forest or Forest Green in the next few years, or we have to call ourselves North Manchester Rovers ! At this moment He has a vision ... we can be part of it or not. Here endeth the sermon according to Steve with the help of a bottle of Asda cheap white wine!
  11. Jeez... let's pass the razor blades around and all commit hari kari at Tuesday night's game!! No wonder there are only 2000+ " die hard" supporters .. ! Lighten up!! I realise that things aren't perfect but put things into context... We have a football team to support... or join the millions of armchair supporters who tune into sky sports. Your choice.
  12. Took my wife for a whole day of entertainment , first the Conny club then the game.... the opposition were 3 - 0 up then we scored! She was totally oblivious to the moment. Second half we score 2 !! 3 -3 she didn't move a muscle..Always wondered why my friends in the stand were all single....I realised why when one of them said to me at the next game.." who was that miserable f...Ker sat next to you Steve last match? I gave him the answer... !.we are still mates !!
  13. Tom did us proud, each season he grew in stature and reliability . TO SIR TOM SOARES.. thanks for being a great servant to this Club
  14. "Desperate" Danns reminded me of "the cat" on Red Dwarf ...I am sure the tied up "bob" on the back of his head slowed him down ! Thank you Brassy and chur for getting shut!!
  15. WELL DONE BURY FC WE DIDN'T LOSE..serious bullshit expressed on this board which allows people to express emotions regarding today's result as though " I would have done this and I would have done that" As a team WE COMPETED.. against in form opposition... I was so pleased that we fought back a. Result.. we all know that we need a better defence.. until that day ...WHAT DO YOU REALLY EXPECT..