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  1. Is he still running towards the corner flag with his head down as we speak?
  2. HOSTELRY !!
  3. According to the posts above we didn't have a 'shit 'on the goal.Listening on radio Manchester we were really 'shit' in midfield.. and we may have been 'in the shit' if vale and gills scored... but let's not give a' shit ' as long as clarky gets rid of the'shit' he inherited from The synergy master of ' shit' football signings. Time for a' shit' pint or two in a' shit' drinking history.
  4. Thanks boys and girls ... you did this thread proud!! Any more will be hopefully just as entertaining and witty. UTS!
  5. Also Vaughn runs around to keep warm...Leon wears gloves to keep warm..
  6. Came up with ,"The Dayjavu Stadium of plight" on the " fish " thread.. any more names ?
  7. Possible name...The Dayjavu Stadium of Plight.
  8. I will be perched on the edge of my seat today!
  9. Is this thread 'halibut' over?
  10. I am one of these people 'scales' been to ALL bury v Twinkies since the eighties but our performances recently have been on a par with the away match v Twinkies at the breezeblock when Warnock lost there 0- 4 .. my heart says get there. but work , price and lack of real passion in our team says "reality check" good luck there guys !?
  11. Got my season ticket for league 1/2 , love my in Bolton... 2 out of 3 ain't bad...
  12. Wonderful stuff. .you have a great sensibility with your reportage.. take care Spee !
  13. 5 blips too many! I really expected points we go again!!! Rollercoaster ride... ! Well at least Lee Clark can feel the pain of a below par performance.. he changed the team didn't work.. realisation time... gritty performances are the only way forward... send Pennant out on loan to get more tattoos. Kay to put boots on the right feet.. Hope to realise ambitions in league 2 , Caddis to put his fag out when chasing the ball..Mellis to hit the ball lower than 40 feet above the goal.. Styles to get a smaller girlfriend than himself so he doesn't get thigh strain. UTS!!
  14. Arsed not added !
  15. Some of his decision making were baffling? Looked to me as he couldn't be added with this " lower league" game..