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  1. That is not in good taste tbh Tinman.
  2. Cannot be. I have been called by another poster. Who said i appear to be obsessed with hating them.
  3. Clearly not. 2 goals up. Red card. Still 1 goal up. Should have been Managing from the touchline. Whatever did not work.
  4. I am honest about what games i go and which i do not. Read the posts and you will see. All home league games and the very occasional away one. Miss most cup matches now. Do not get what you mean.
  5. Already seen it twice. No more views needed.
  6. Think that does have to be took into account in truth.
  7. Well done to Ireland. They beat Australia in Dublin. That means this year they have beat them, NZ and South Africa. All good stuff.
  8. And Oldham could not even get todays game on.
  9. I cannot stand that Club. I think they are just so hyped. And because of the link to MUFC. They will never get in the FL. In fact they will do very well to even get in the National Conference.
  10. I would have called him something worse than Turkey. This is against the rules of the messageboard so i understand.
  11. just cannot defend it. The record says it all. Maher will get another red or 2 before the season ends. He will have to learn.
  12. It was never in doubt. Which is good, Seeing as some other local games were off. Most notably at Oldham. Of course it would have been a good thing if it had been postponed.
  13. Actually another positive from today.
  14. It was positive for a while, We went 2 up which is obviously just that. Vaughan has been good all the time. Then it all went downhill. The red AGAIN. Conceding goals and continuing the awful run. So not much to feel good about. Well done for trying Ste.
  15. I have said it for weeks now. I cannot see why Williams is seen as the no 1 by miles. There will not be much in it re, their ability. Please give Rachubka a chance. He might actually keep a clean sheet. That is where the opposition have a nil against their name. Just had to explain that in case any of you forgot what one was. Its been that long since we kept one.