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  1. I think the marketing department take their title literally, they have to realise they are allowed to market outside the world famous bury market l, dip a toe elsewhere and go for the under 80's ( no offence )..
  2. The headline doesn't really make sense, the comparable should be between the SPL and League 1, which explains why he really made the move - the step up is the challenge he embraced.
  3. The immanent new super stadium will draw in the crowds in its own right. A much improved matchday experience with all the razzamatazz north Manchester craves, compounded by the accessible price to engage the real people of North Manchester. Crowds will not be an issue IMO.
  4. Fantastic and uplifting news for once. Awesome for Joe and his family..
  5. At least were guaranteed one hat trick
  6. Think Brother Lee Love should get this job, hands down !
  7. The free bar of soap incentive worked...
  8. I remember watching a Scientology documentary once with Louis Theraux. He dared to say one thing derogatory to their beliefs and was disproportionately bullied, hounded and threatened out of America. May be Louis should raise the bar and do a documentary about the survival of being a positive Bury fan
  9. Forget your annuities - Agenda, point 3 , have they some how mixed our accounts up with Man Utd !!
  10. No harm in a discussion but Is there really any point. It will only conclude were in debt, over spent and give doomungers something to fuel the fire whilst us others thank Mr Day for his attempts, thank him for converting debt to shares and hope he has the ability to underwrite if it goes pear shaped. The end
  11. Plymouth away will sort the men from the boys, bring it on !
  12. Remember this moment Mr Alanlondon
  13. Although I would be gutted to the loose Vaughan ( probably my joint favorite player of all the time I've been supporting along with David Lee ), in business terms it could be another master stroke. Pay the same for ortzhumer as we get for james, but due to his age he could turn out to have a massive debt wiping , new stadium building sell on..
  14. Some numpty on Twitter saying he will go to Burton for 800k, and Bolton ( yes Bolton ) are interested - when we can pick and choose to an extent the later cannot ever ever happen..
  15. Explains where the money is coming from ! Some clubs have a sugardaddy - we have a godfather.