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  1. The Grant rumour is out the window, just signed for Peterborough
  2. Norwich apparently rumoured to want him should Alex Neil be sacked
  3. @MMckenzie93 - Bury FC - Bury times reporter
  4. I agree with most, he'd definitely fit the mould of the club and its aspirations, would the pull of Carrington for example be enough though? I wouldn't of thought so. I'm sure Rotherham would be sniffing around him now also, its worth a shot though, Stewie hopefully work his magic!
  5. It would be something I would consider doing, if the majority of the fanbase were open to it. I completely understand the people who wouldn't want to change it, nobody likes change but sometimes its needed. If it wasn't there wouldn't be a purpose for other clubs to undergo it. I wouldn't want to become the next Vincent Tan!
  6. My point exactly!
  7. When I say appeal to a larger audience, I'm not referring to the crowd attendances, I'm referring to general appeal. You'd be surprised how far it goes!
  8. I just want to start this thread quickly by selling hello to all my fellow shakers, I've been following this message board for some time, but if I'm honest have just been too lazy to voice my opinion about things, I'll do my best to be more active. First thing I want to address is that ever since Flitcroft took over 3 years back, albeit now under new management, I've never seen Bury lose at Gigg and I shall be attending on Saturday so thats a big positive right? Secondly, as a graphic designer and working down south, I've been part of a design agency who has affiliations with Arsenal so I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff with their marketing team. Which got me thinking ... With Brentford recently going through a new identity rebrand, without being narrow minded, would Bury FC benefit going through the same thing? Now here me out, I know the Bury crest is steeped with history and nobody likes change and it would potentially upset a massive majority of the fanbase doing this, but if the new stadium comes into fruition, and I use that term lightly, wouldn't this show a big sign of intent as a forward moving club? My reasoning for this, as football now is run more as a business from the inside, you have to look at Bury FC as a brand, making it appeal to a larger audience rather than just the people of Bury. Brand Identities are a lot simpler, cleaner nowadays, the Bury FC logo isn't recognisable at all in the grand scheme of things. Take Stevenage's logo for example, if the name of the team was apparent on the crest, would the vast majority of the people in the UK and abroad for that matter, recognise that crest to be affiliated with them? I doubt they would Like I said, its just something I thought might be quite interesting, personally I wouldn't mind seeing a change, I look at some of the line work in it now and it looks like something thats been done on paint. I'll stop now Let me know your thoughts anyway! UTS