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  1. What's this all about? Only heard whispers about Etuhu and obviously we will be after Hope. Can you fire in a keeper as well?
  2. Lucky you....And us.
  3. Apparently we are after him, What's he like?
  4. Gillespie is a poor keeper, Everyone i have spoke to about his departure are happy for him to go. Kicking is awful, Doesn't command his area, Doesn't come for many crosses, Pull off the odd world class save but made 10+ clangers. You are better off staying away from him.
  5. Can see this happening now, Was he playing out wide for you lot?
  6. I doubt this one is happening now unless we lose wyke which is looking less likely now. We're only after 1 more and we have no left backs.
  7. Yeah Adams is our best player, 15 assists (Most in the league).
  8. Since I'm here just wondering your opinions on this lad? Seems where going to sign him today.
  9. I didn't rate him at us last year, Played left wing most of the time. But our manager took too him, was priced out in the summer wages wise but we're about to come into some money off Charlie Wyke. Keith Curle claimed we are close on a deal but his club needed him for this weekend.
  10. How's he doing this year? seems to be getting plenty of game time Anyone heard any rumours about him joining Carlisle on Monday?