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  1. Sincerely hope that he does the business at Salford. At one time it looked like he was going to make a breakthrough here but it never materialised. Youth on his side, Good Luck Kidda
  2. I'm quite happy for them to take our deadwood, I'd still take Nicky Adams back off them too.
  3. That open goal you mentioned, I can't remember who it was against but I do remember the miss. Haha always used to cheer me up watching him play cos you never knew what you was going to get, and I don't think he always knew either.
  4. What are people's thought's on the irrepressible Kevin Hulme? Had two spells at the club in the 90's. Daft as a brush has been mentioned but I can remember him scoring goals and always giving effort. Maybe not the most technically gifted but could beat a man and seemingly handle himself should the situation present itself. Remember he took his goals well in a drubbing of Carlisle at Gigg Lane and was responsible for one of the misses of all time Overall I was happy with his contribution and the genuine effort he gave to us Shakers fans
  5. Massive insult tho going off past events you can't blame clubs for trying. We don't need to sell so can command a fee over 1.5 million
  6. All three can go with my blessing. Danns lives off past smoke being up up his derriere, Kay not a big enough impression at CH and Williams confidence is shot
  7. Kelvin can do a job in league 2, strength and size in the middle of the park. Most impressive was his punch outside a Manchester club recorded on CCTV, wdnt like to be on the end of that one it was brutal
  8. Agreed it was a nightmare, Nicky Adams on fire against us.
  9. Ian Wilson was embarrassing as was Nigel Smith and David Jones Quatie. Be hard pushed to find a worse trio
  10. Good Luck to him did well turning us around after Blackwell made a few mistakes in hindsight but who hasn't. Massive injury crisis didn't help his cause.
  11. Beckham played for Utd that day
  12. Kasper, Lees Sodje but for me Glyn Hurst and his run of goals just shades it.
  13. Yes would rate him in the category of Aide Mike.
  14. Initially when on loan he looked awesome, pace to burn. Different player when signed permanently.
  15. Exeter bottom of League 2 at Christmas to play off final in May