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  1. Mk Dons away.
  2. From a quick look at the football leagues website, I think that if sold for 500k that this would be the biggest fee for a player leaving league one aged over 25 in the last 12 months. Not sure what 500k could get and very doubtful about whether it could replace what would be lost. Does the report say what club the bid is from?
  3. I won't continue providing a blow by blow account of my new fandom for much longer I promise..... but I have now bought myself a season ticket for next year. My sons are still too young to realistically go to their first game but I thought I would start ahead of them being ready maybe in a couple of seasons time. I was a bit surprised that you are sort of allocated a seat that you aren't expected to use. I sat in the main stand when i was last there and didn't love it- preferred a previous visit where I sat in the South stand but others seem to far prefer the main stand. Am I missing something?
  4. I don't think I have ever seen that drink for sale but part of me thinks it must have been one of those cheap and nasty energy drinks always piled up in the fridge at the local corner shop.
  5. Haha. You'll note I never claimed I was hard working- just didn't have the time to be an internet troll!
  6. I am a grown man with two children.... I miss the days when I might have had the time to consider going online winding people up. What little free time I have managed to cling on to is a little more valuable to me than that!
  7. All really helpful, thanks very much. I will take a look at the links above.
  8. Hello All, Apologies if there is somewhere else I am meant to post this. I just wanted to introduce myself. I have relocated to Bury for work and expect to live here with my family for a number of years. Having moved up from London with my wife and two young sons I decided that I should get in to following our local team up here so my boys can go and watch their team live when they want to. (I realise this is the worst sin imaginable to some fans... but in the end I most enjoyed watching football in the flesh with my dad and I don't want the boys reduced to watching Sky Sports instead) I have tried to learn about the club and managed to go and see a few games at the end of last season and although I will inevitably miss a lot of games I want to get a season ticket particularly because from what i read on here; the club are in a bit of financial difficulty. I have tried looking for any books on the history of the club but not found any yet. Do they exist? Any other advice for a new fan?