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This is a message from the members of the moderating team;

In the past few weeks, for whatever reason, personal abuse towards other forum members and employees of Bury FC has increased This is unacceptable to the club, the owners of the forum, the moderating team who 'police' the forum, but more importantly to the members of the forum who wish to come on here and express an opinion.

The moderating team issued several warnings to certain members, but unfortunately these warnings fell on deaf ears leaving us with no alternative but to issue bans, which is something we are reluctant to do, but in some cases are left with no other option.

When a member joins this board they agree to accept and abide by the rules of the forum, a concept which unfortunately is beyond some members comprehension.

Any further instances of personal abuse will be dealt with by a first warning and then by a ban if it continues, the only exception being is that members who have already been banned for personal abuse will not receive a further warning, they will receive an immediate automatic ban. Members continuing with personal abuse after completing a ban will have the second ban increased in length and so on.

All members posting on this forum are entitled to express their opinion/s and to disagree with that opinion is human nature, all that we ask is that that opinion is respected regardless of whether or not you agree with it.

If someone disagrees with another's opinion and says 'Sorry, but you're talking rubbish', that will not be classed as personal abuse, it is an opinion, however if someone disagrees with an opinion saying 'Sorry, but you're talking rubbish you idiot/moron/clown etc' then that would be perceived to be personal abuse.

This forum is here for the benefit of it's members and there are far too few supporters of Bury FC as it is without insulting, abusing, and disrespecting each other, please treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Thank you.

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Thanks for all the likes guys n gals, much appreciated, nice to know that the majority of us are singing from the same hymn sheet!

We intend to clamp down on personal abuse very robustly from now on, in the hope that it will be eliminated from this forum and members can post freely without any concern of personal abuse being aimed at themselves.

Please report ANY personal abuse by clicking on the report option at the top of every post.

You will be unable to report any posts by administrators or you can all sod off!!! ( Joking, before R11 BFC goes into meltdown!! )

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