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  2. Today's scores (rivals)

    As I posted in the general section, i’m not sure how they can get a better man than rosler
  3. Uwe Rosler

    Chesterfield, Morecambe, Crewe or Port Vale might take a punt! Especially Morecambe, being just up the coast. Rosler comes across as a decent bloke who displays inegrity, so I doubt he'd go to Crewe though given a very recent court case! Aside from that, you think none of those 4 would be a big upheaval for UR who I imagine is North West based.
  4. Parking & Drinking @ Blackburn

    Some lads at the cricket club are Blackburn fans and they advise parking on Darwen side about 15 mins walk from the ground
  5. Uwe Rosler

    Ryan Lowe is the man now and long shall it continue
  6. Charity Donations.

    I do an annual donation to Dr Kershaws Hopsice and then do nothing else. I get mithered daily at work for some fundraising or another and it's beyond a joke. The big players usually have high earning Execs and not much of what you give filters through to where you want it to. i.e. those in need. A lot goes on things like flights, accommodation and expenses for volunteers and so on. That pound you give will probably see a few pence end up helping those who need it. My mum was at Christies for an appointment on Tuesday and then on Thursday someone representing Macmillon knocked on asking whether she wanted to sign up for a monthly DD bearing in mind cancer is close to her heart at the moment. The rep made a hasty exit when she asked them how they knew that. Surely there is a DPA issue going on there and it is sharp practice for charities to be pulling stunts like that and for medical professionals for passing on details to them. My other pet hate is when you do sign up for a few quid a month to then get continual calls asking you to increase the amount and you also coincidentally (not) start getting endless calls from loads of other charities knowing you are potentially a sucker. The Rainbow Trust lost all donations from me because of that. They were calling a couple of times a week and I discovered they share data which is sharp practice and frankly illegal as i didn't consent for them to do that and they have a duty to secure data.
  7. From the Football Ground Guide: Various private car parks are available in the area around Ewood Park (especially along Branch Road), costing in the region of £5. If you want to get away reasonably quickly after the game (the roads immediately around Ewood Park are closed off for crowd safety for around 30 minutes after the game) then as you come down the hill on the A666, you will pass a BP Petrol Garage on your left. Turn right at the next traffic lights into Branch Road and down on your left there are some industrial units offering matchday parking. After the game turn left out of the car parks, so that you are going away from Ewood, turn right at the second mini roundabout and this will take you back up to the M65. and... Behind the Bryan Douglas Darwen End, the Club have created a fanzone area, into which away fans are admitted. It has some large screens showing previous meetings between the two sides (great!!!) and more importantly food and drink outlets, where you can buy a 'Pie and a Pint' for £4.90. Any other ideas?
  8. Uwe Rosler

    Anybody take him now
  9. Today's scores (rivals)

    Fleetwood and MK Dons have both lost their last 5. 'Hot off the press Scales', has posted that Fleetwood have sacked their manager (Uwe Rosler). If they don't get the replacement right, then they are definite relegation candidates.
  10. The big four (Chelsea, City, Spurs and Trafford) kept apart. Draw (there won't be as all quarter finals decided on the day) your own conclusions!
  11. Today
  12. Uwe Rosler

    LC and CL are on the market! Fleetwood allegedly after Greg Leigh in the transfer window. If they were, and GL's form did dip a bit, then that's a distraction for GL out of the way.
  13. Uwe Rosler

    Sacked by Fleetwood Good luck to them finding a better manager
  14. Today's scores (rivals)

    By the time Fail have finished catching up on all their games Tottenham's new slidy-in pitch should be ready! I understand there are no cup replays next season? Saves us being embarrassed by getting beaten at home in a replay by The River Croal United.
  15. Charity Donations.

    We keep being pestered with plastic bags to fill. So decided to fill in one for Age Concern. Put it out at 8.30am on the collection day, they never came, rang the number and they said they'd sort it. They never came. Stuff's now gone to the dementia charity.
  16. Today's scores (rivals)

    Will it be 7 if they draw with Totteringham?
  17. Today's scores (rivals)

    Probably as annoying as our late equaliser @ Bradford! But overall not too bad. Fail have six games in hand, wonder who holds the record of having games in hand?
  18. Today's scores (rivals)

    Yes why is it this year that other teams seem to do better than us?
  19. Today's scores (rivals)

    I agree with that, very annoying
  20. Charity Donations.

    That beats many "mainstream" charities.
  21. Today's scores (rivals)

    Could have done without AFC 's late goal.
  22. Today's scores (rivals)

    Pretty good results, could have been a lot worse
  23. Charity Donations.

    Several years ago I decided to limit my charity donations to local hospice funds plus the Salvation Army and The Royal British Legion. I have lost faith in the ' big boys ' A couple of years ago I was involved in a charity fundraiser for a local man who died from S.P.S. only to discover only 12 p in the pound was used for research purposes. How does everyone feel about recent revelations ?
  24. 1614; not going too badly. MK Franchise losing Proper Wimbledon drawing at home Northampton drawing away Fleetwood getting hammered. As the table stands, 10 points from safety with a game in hand over Oldham. EDIT - Northampton have gone ahead at Scunny. Darned.
  25. Contributions to this board

    I think John achieved beyond the Target amount at the time. He will no doubt let us know should we need to do it again. It was not his intention to get too much which is probably why the link, for the moment has been removed.
  26. Contributions to this board

    last I heard was donating an amount which I and many others did at the time
  27. Ryan Cooney

    Good points, I`d say Cooney is ready now and Shotton looks at least on a par with Bedeau. And they are not alone in looking great first team prospects. We`ll find out soon how much a fan Day is. Come on Stewie you follow us all round the country and you`ve had to watch the same dross as us. No more cheap cashing in, give us a team we can all be proud of and enjoy following.
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