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  2. My son hugging the crazy Egyptian, after winning promotion at Tranmere:
  3. Who'll notice the difference? Luckily if they don't show up and their oppos get 3 - 0 wins it doesn't have any affect on promotion or relegation. But suppose it did...then what (assuming the games didn't get played or Bolton didn't put effort into the games?)
  4. Atmosphere can be a little flat as well!
  5. My son kissing Chris Hussey, after he crossed to Tommy Soares above:
  6. My compliments to the chef. Yes that's the evening I remember. And it was really sad to see and feel the powder keg atmosphere between Shakers. Hopefully lessons learnt from all sides. I understand the regret you feel but think you did the right thing in showing restraint. Sometimes it takes more strength to take a step back. Great first post.
  7. Cracking thread BBA, let's keep it as a positive. One of the best photos ever:
  8. Could be painful sitting down, hopefully he's got the "bunch of grapes" as well
  9. All of these are better. Empty lemon! You are looking for employment, not only are you a lemon, but you are an Empty one! I would have personally chosen Pyle Moment 🙂 employment Emmet pylon Emmy lepton Menlo empty Ptolemy men Pyle moment elmy potmen emmet pylon emmy lepton empty Menlo empty melon eponym melt lemon empty lemony temp lepton Emmy lepton emmy melon empty melt eponym memento ply memo pentyl memo plenty moment Pyle moment yelp momently pe pelmet mony pentyl memo pentyl mome plenty memo plenty mome pommel tyne potmen elmy potmen ylem pylon Emmet pylon emmet temple mony
  10. Didn't believe them when they said our club had gone to the dogs.
  11. Thanks for all that RaRa. What a fcuk up. Sorry Mods, for bypassing the swearing filter, but it makes me so mad.
  12. Should have called it Numpty Lemone.
  13. Its quite clever really its an anagram of EMPLOYMENT and it was an employment agency. Don't know if he came up with the name,or that's what it was called when he acquired it?
  14. Excellent first post - where have you been. There's still time to stand up.
  15. I've sent you a personal message.
  16. It was a Goodyear when it was built.
  17. Having read the messages on Beardyman's board for many years, this is my first post. As some fans are still alluding to the last forum involving Stewart Day, I would like to add my own observations on what occurred at that meeting. To say I was ashamed to be an Bury fan that night after over 50 years of being a Shaker is an understatement. The vitriol in the room was tangible and the whole atmosphere was toxic. It is an absolute disgrace that people who tried to ask legitimate questions about the finances, equally people engaging in private conversations expressing their doubts about Day's leadership were physically threatened by Mr Day's acolytes scattered around the room. As usual, questions had been hand picked and nothing pertinent to the financial situation was asked. Yet again we had a question about Carrington that gave Day carte-blanche to talk for the next 30 minutes or so about its so called benefits, something we had heard time and again before. One person in the room was booed for asking an important question about the very worrying financial situation yet people on the front row were allowed to shout out "Well done Stewie" "You're doing a great job Stewie". Definitely not something I wanted to listen to as I had sussed Mr Day out some time ago. To Rovers Roy, The Keyboard Warriors and the individuals who wrote to the Bury Times I would like to add my thanks to you as you all had the guts to try and raise the necessary questions. To this day I deeply regret not standing up to be counted and if the club does fold, will deeply regret not adding my voice to those who tried to make a difference.
  18. I think if it's on the line it will sell out. Remember Millwall yrs ago, needed to win to win the title. 11k sell out with another 2k locked out ( I know people who couldn't get in ) with Bury fans in the Millwall end. The Millwall fans where shuffled in the corner when the GMP worked out that the majority in their end were shakers.. That could easily happen again..
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