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  2. An Outsider Perspective

    It's a well written piece, thank you for taking g the time. I think we are all looking for any straws to hold onto, only time will tell. We certainly need to start the season well or it could all end in tears.
  3. An Outsider Perspective

    Warne took a lot of criticism in his early days for how naive he was tactically. Definitely a long learning curve, which is still happening to be fair. He still gets it wrong, we had a couple of blips this season where it looked like we were going to get dragged down the league. But he does seem to learn from his mistakes and he's improved a hell of a lot.
  4. Happy Birthday

    Shouldn't that be "Supper", not "Snuppy"!
  5. An Outsider Perspective

    Top post Miller, you should be on here more often.
  6. An Outsider Perspective

    Lots of parallels between us and Rotherham. The bit about cliches reminded me of Mr Flitcroft, who was on TV the other day saying his players need to respect the ball more.
  7. An Outsider Perspective

    Well said, it brings us hope. Only can you produce the goods Ryan? I will back you all the way.....
  8. An Outsider Perspective

    Probably also breathing a sigh of relief that Bury is a fifth of a mile nearer to Huddersfield than Rotherham is.
  9. Cinema / Film thread

    Can anybody recommend any new films that are...ahem...available online?
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  11. An Outsider Perspective

    IT would be interesting to know if Warne showed tactical nous in his early days in charge or was it quite a long learning curve? But thanks for the post Mr. Miller, it is quite motivational!
  12. An Outsider Perspective

    Thanks JohnMiller for your superbly written unbiased views. Lovely to read something about Lowe not dripping with negativity It`s taken the fan of another club to write the most uplifting and complimentary post about one of our own, and to highlight his strengths, passion and love for the club.
  13. An Outsider Perspective

    Don't be daft, our lass supports Tranmere not Rotherham I was going to mention Smith but thought I'd rambled on enough. Warne has created a real team spirit here, where we don't have the squad built around a couple of star players but everyone has their part to play. I have to say that based on his track record, when we signed Smith I was hardly inspired but he ended up being exactly what we were looking for. He's been like a man possessed right from his first minute on the pitch. Even the games where he doesn't score his workrate and contribution has been amazing. He's definitely come to us with something to prove and Warne has shown a knack for signing this type of player and it's a risk thats paid off
  14. Worthy of or appropriate to a professional person; competent, skilful, or assured. According to the OED. They clearly haven't been down the Lane recently. In fairness they aren't the Class of '92, and although I think we have a couple of genuine prospects it's unreasonable and mistaken to expect them to stop the rot next season. Also, is it fair to expect a rookie manager to develop them en bloc?
  15. An Outsider Perspective

    Great post, though he didn't mention Michael Smith, scapegoated and pilloried here, goal machine at Rotherham, how did they turn things around there, did he just need to be shown some love? To be fair it wasn't just some of our fans, some Pompey fans were incredulous that the Millers had signed him from us, some going as far as to say Warne had just signed his own P45. Who'd have thought it, wonder if they'd sign Chris Maguire as well!
  16. An Outsider Perspective

    I think it's nice that Mrs. Lowe has adopted a pseudonym and joined the message board !!
  17. An Outsider Perspective

    Whether its Lowe or someone else it must be decided ASAP. We can't have another season of chop and change and that includes the manager and coaching staff.
  18. Happy Birthday

    Famous People born on April 24th: 1533 William I of Orange (Dutch Prince) 1815 Anthony Trollope (author) 1856 Henri Philippe Pétain (French General, later Chief of State of Vichy France 1940-1944) 1876 Erich Raeder (German admiral) 1882 Hugh Dowding (British Royal Air Force officer - commanded Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain) 1889 Sir Stafford Cripps (British politician) 1903 José Antonio Primo de Rivera (rightwing Spanish politician, founder of Falange Española) 1906 William Joyce (Nazi propaganda broadcaster - "Lord Haw-Haw") 1924 Clement Freud (British politician, author, radio personality) 1930 Richard Donner (film director, film producer, comic book writer) 1934 Shirley MacLaine (actress) 1936 Jill Ireland (actress) 1940 Sue Grafton (author) 1941 John Williams (guitarist, composer) 1942 Barbra Streisand (singer, actress) 1944 Tony Visconti (record producer) 1952 John-Paul Gaultier (fashion designer) 1954 Raymond Burns "Captain Sensible" (songwriter, guitarist, bassist) 1958 Brian Paddick (British politician, police officer) 1959 Paula Yates (author, TV personality) 1962 Stuart Pearce (soccer player and manager) 1973 Gabby Logan (gymnast, TV and radio presenter) 1982 Kelly Clarkson (singer) 1982 Laura Hamilton (TV presenter) April 24th in History: 1184 BC Fall of Troy (traditional date). 1877 Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire. 1885 Annie Oakley recruited to be part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. 1898 Spanish-American War begins with the US declaring war on Dublin, Spain. 1913 Woolworth Building opens in New York City. 1916 Easter Rising against British rule, begins in Dublin, Ireland. 1953 Winston Churchill is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. 1963 Marriage of Princess Alexandra of Kent to Hon Angus Ogilvy at Westminster Abbey 1970 China launches Dong Fang Hong I, the country's first satellite. 1980 Operation Eagle Claw, an attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran, fails with the death of eight US servicemen. 1990 Hubble space telescope launched with the Space Shuttle Discovery. 2005 Benedict XVI becomes Pope. 2005 Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog, is born in South Korea.
  19. Ominous and eerily familiar tale of woe

    We could almost be twinned with them !
  20. An Outsider Perspective

    That's a fascinating post. It makes me even more convinced that we should stick with RL for next season despite his unconvincing record this season. As lot's of people have said on this board, we need to keep our excellent youngsters and the few seniors that have impressed and recruit some new blood ready to fight for the club. UTS.
  21. An Outsider Perspective

    Good Interesting post. You are not related to Mr Lowe are you ? LOL.
  22. An Outsider Perspective

    Thanks for posting, maybe there is still light at the end of the tunnel.
  23. Rotherham fan here in peace, just thought I'd post a few comments about your season and the situation at Bury. Mainly because the season you've just had draws a few comparisons to the car crash that was our 2016/2017 season. I've read a few posts on here making comparisons with yourselves and the dire situation at Chesterfield, but I hope this puts a more positive perspective on things. So yeah, 2016/17 for us was beyond a joke. Finishing 24th in the Championship with a whopping 23 points! You know it's bad when your points tally isn't even as high as your league position, but yeah, in a campaign of 46 games we managed only only five wins and a grand total of 2 points away from home all season. Not to mention getting knocked out of the League Cup in the first round at home to the mighty Morecambe, then getting dumped out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round at home to another lower league side in Oxford Utd. It was grim. But it wasn't just the woeful points tally and awful football on display, it was the circus with the managers too. Going into the close season Neil Warnock dithered around making a decision whether he was staying or going, then we appointed Alan Stubbs. To be fair, his appointment was greeted with enthusiasm. Unproven in England, he had done well against the odds with Hibs and looked the kind of manager we needed. Someone who could create something good on a low budget. Someone without a proven track record but lots of ambition. But it was a disaster. Stubbs managed 6 points in the 13 games we endured him for and oversaw us shipping 5 goals at home to Morecambe. Even Lee Clark did better than that surely? Then we had the embarrassing 5 game reign of Kenny Jackett. 5 games, 1 point, then he walked. It was cringeworthy, but a lot of our fans thought maybe he realised what he was up against and took the decision to run and hope that cowardice would look better on his CV than the inevitable record low relegation. So then we appoint Paul Warne as interim manager. No previous experience, club legend as a player, promoted from fitness coach. To the cynic, a cheap scapegoat to take the team down without a whimper. This happened, although his stats were slightly better than both his predecessors. Thing is, Warne didn't have a prayer. He'd inherited a losing side full of players with little interest in turning it around. There was no money available, the season had been written off. The guy had zero experience, I don't think even Alex Ferguson could have turned that debacle around. So when he was offered the job permanently at the end of the season, you can imagine the reaction from the fans. Chairman taken the cheap option, club will fall out of the league, we'll get lower points in League One than we did in the Championship, no one will buy a season ticket without a marquee managerial appointment. Many bookies had us odds on for relegation, many fans would have been more than happy with just surviving. Mid table was ambitious. Fast forward almost a season and we've done well enough to achieve a play off spot. We may or may not go up, maybe an instant return would be too much too soon, but the point is we've had a great season and played some exciting football along the way. Warne has done well and proven himself a good manager. He's a club legend with a lot of love for the Millers, and his work ethic and passion has been passed onto the players. He cleared out all the vastly overpaid "star" players with bad attitudes and brought in young, hungry players with a point to prove. He made very good use of the loan system (Kieffer Moore's goals in the early season, Ritchie Towell's superb presence in midfield, Marek Rodaks excellent shot stopping). This (finally) brings me to my point about you guys. You potentially have another Paul Warne in Ryan Lowe. A club favourite as a player, a man with a lot of passion for the club, a lot of pride. Give him a close season where he can get rid of the dross and bring in his own players and get the players playing how he wants them to. It might not seem it now, but a guy like Lowe is just what you need as opposed to some "mercenary" name manager who is on a grand tour of lower league clubs and gets employment no matter how crap his record is. Someone with no connection to the club who needs to turn his sat nav on to find Gigg Lane and will churn out nothing but cliches and boring soundbites at interviews. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I know how you guys are feeling at the moment because I felt the same way this time last year. In fact it was long before this time last year, it was just an entire season of depressing pain. But if you give Lowe a chance to build from the ground up, then I have a good feeling the Shakers will be pushing for the play offs next season. Trust me, after a season like this one, it feels nice just to start winning games again. Good luck and all the best.
  24. Season ticket 2018/19

  25. Season ticket 2018/19

  26. Season ticket 2018/19

    I think provided you don't have to prove age in the case of concessions etc they will post them to you, for a fee of course.
  27. Season ticket 2018/19

    I usually pop in the club and pay for mine. I am notified when it is available for collection. . It is obviously some time later before they are all printed. (but before the new season starts )
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