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  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47667742
  3. Not sure if an accurate guide though playing this for the first time in a few years and season seems to be panning out in a nearly accurate way!
  4. I must admit i have not looked at the details but I assume she has a "Company" that charge for her services and then pays her a wage which she pays "Income tax" on? If that is the case surely the HMRC should be also getting VAT payments for the services, Employer national insurance contributions and corporation tax on the "profits" on top of her income tax and NI contributions as an employee?
  5. Hopefully Andy, anything under 700 would be a disappointment now..!
  6. Highest prediction so far, on that thread, has been 573.
  7. Yeah...Puddin has just text me that. Great stuff. What do you reckon then Mike - 800+?
  8. Well that's buggered up my crowd prediction 👍😊
  9. 480 sold, should be a cracking turnout.
  10. Admittedly I read that wrong. My point still stands though
  11. It’s pro-Brexit isn’t it? The type of people that love to bugger everything up
  12. Today
  13. Booked my March respite hours for the evening of April 2nd!! Hope it's a warm and sunny late afternoon on Le Cote du Deux Tubs.
  14. It doesn't matter what way you wrap it. The money was never going to be given to NI - it was offered as "bribe" for votes and nothing else. And that's worked well for her.
  15. Brexit cunningly created by a party with no policies whatsoever.
  16. Not read it does he mention offering fans out for a scrap if you dare ask what his job is?
  17. I suppose your guess about May's "way forward" is as good as mine!. I would argue that the "political process" should have been about enacting the will of the people. May has undermined every one of her "red lines", so any dislocation between Parliament and the people is her responsibility - in conjunction with those MPs who disregarded our will. There is a (media-supported) tendency to use the term "hardline" to describe those MPs who have tried to act upon our instruction. One BBC journalist has drawn an entirely false parallel between the ERG and the FN in France. It could be argued that those MPs who have used arcane rules and Parliamentary procedure to thwart Brexit are "hardline". I don't think the DUP can be accused of trousering the May money!. As far as I can see, it is being spent on infrastructure and services which will benefit all the people of Northern Ireland (one of the poorest parts of Britain). The US commentariat has a point, but I don't think many of them will be involved in future trade deals.
  18. Got bags under my eyes now but if you think about it more people would chant this then most chants cause it’s more simple and people could get to terms with it really quick
  19. Who's that? May is universally disliked as far as I can see. She'll resign within a month is my prediction, especially if her deal is voted down again. I watched her press conference last night - she has no intention of going for WTO. Shame, as last night EU leaders started to disagree.
  20. I have made my mind up. Corbyn's plan is very similar to the Withdrawal agreement, as Alan Johnson has pointed out. Norway EEA option is what MPs would like to see or remain.
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