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    Despite our differences in opinion, we are all bonded by one thing. Somewhere from within us, we are proud of our town and the community and people within it, and thus the club that represents it. We all all bound by the crest of Bury Football Club. We love our club and are proud to say so, even if it seems a little harder to do so of late. So here is my toast if you will, on the eve of the season, to all Shakers, young and old, thank you for supporting and caring about this great club. A show of appreciation for ‘proper’ football fans who follow the club through thick and thin. Over the next 10 months I’m sure there will be plenty more memorable matches to add to the clubs vast collection, as well as high and low points for the supporters to endure. Here is to a good season, and whatever happens, we are all Bury FC.
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    Back once again for the Ryan Lowe master League 2 damager, power to the people Back once again for the Ryan Lowe master League 2 damager, power to the people Yes yes all it's time for a new season Leroy's back and that's enough reason Dust down your shirts and get yourself ready Let's have a good term now nice and steady Starting off at home to the Glovers (Me and Lizzie we are no longer lovers) Then we've got a couple of trips away To the City Ground, after MK Out go the big bucks mercenary players Leroy's here to answer your prayers In come hungry, seasoned pros While Leroy spits his well-crafted prose No more dross at Gigg Lane like Alan Fettis Dagnall's here and he knows where the net is Bagsman Dagsman, fire us to top spot Gonna film a video for this while sailing on a yacht And there's no need to fear if things don't go to plan Just have faith in Lowey, he is the man To take this club back up at the first time of asking And in the glory we'll all be basking Sorry about the quality of this rap today My heart's no longer in it I have to say Since Lizzie upped sticks and ran away And I missed out on the head coach job at San Jose But I'm looking forward to a new campaign There'll be no hardship, there'll be no disdain Success is coming I can ascertain Come May we'll be bathing in champagne As for me, I'll keep on keeping on Applying for assistant manager jobs in Taiwan One day I'll be back, but first things first I'm off down the pub for a pint with Glynn Hurst. Peace.
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    Some of the comments on this thread are baffling to say the least. Some not impressed with how we played against a premier league side, not attending next week and writing us off for the season because we lost a pre season friendly, and now even saying we should have stuck with Etuhu as he was a good player! Look at where we are and where we are going as a club. We have just had our worst season in our long history, complete with a financial disaster that was Lee Clark’s spending spree. Fingers crossed lessons have been learnt, they seem to have been with the way things are going at the minute. Yes, Lowe is inexperienced and possibly tactically naive, we we all wanted an experienced assistant, which is what’s happened. We all wanted us to stop the marquee signings. Done. Get in players who know League 2. Done. Start signing up and coming non-league talent. Done. And this season we will see more of our youth products than we have seen for years. We wanted the club to begin to build relationships with the fans again, which to a point is happening. We are a work in progress in virtually every respect. I don’t like the CCJ’s and the WUP’s as much as the next fan, but talk of relegation, promotion and Lowe losing his job by October are premature to say the least. We have the basis of a decent team in the division, let’s see what happens over the next few months before we all jump on the panic bandwagon.
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    I see a guy trying to offer communication, not before him been offered all too much in my 25 years of watching the Shakers. I welcome his input.
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    What about a Bury FC bra for the ladies? Two cups but lacks sufficient support.
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    Well, for you it is. But maybe others, like myself and many others, disagree with you. I don't agree with not paying people, some of these could be small businesses. These people have families that are affected. If you cant afford things, like expensive players, don't sign them.
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    So we won, 1-0, and it was comfortable. No one played particularly badly at all, but serious doubts about the tactical nous of Ryan Lowe. Would we have won that game with 11v11? Happy with the players we have but I’m concerned by the system being played, it’s ineffectual and has been since we adopted it. Yeovil were there for the taking today and I feel we should have really gone at them. Omotayo playing off Dagnall or Telford has to be the way forward for me. If we do that I’m confident we will have a good season. Perist with 1 man up front and I see a poor season.
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    Absolutely brilliant! "Second hand car salesman, I don't trust the guy, seeing an architect tomorrow,on a Saturday?,Defoe whiff of bullshit,he comes across as a bullsh*tter." If I was CEO and tried to enact some positive change I would find listening to non adding value views like these as a tad frustrating. They contribute nothing whatsoever...mood hoovers who probably get off on seeing the downside of anything and everything. Go on....try and be positive. It really is quite an enjoyable and uplifting experience.
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    O'shea won a championship winner's medal with Chesterfield in league 2. He also won a championship winner's medal in league 1 with Sheffield united. He was blighted by injury last season. He was and is a class act if he can stay injury free.
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    I will allocate a whole day to filling this out.
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    When will people realise, we are playing against premier league players here. We were never going to create masses of chances. What I saw was a hard working performance with the team giving their all, forcing Everton backwards on many occasions. I can’t recall Murphy really making a save, although some of that was down to poor finishing. We have proved we can play with a 5-3-2 formation if needed but I suspect we will see more attacking threat in the last few friendly games. Dagnall puts in a hell of a lot of graft, McFadzean looks a far better player than Skarz, if we are playing a back four, I wouldn’t know which of the centre backs to leave out. Gold will cause problems due to his sheer size. Overall, I enjoyed the game, we looked much fitter and Lowe could be creating a really hard working unit this season.
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    It looks like a gnome having a pee into a shell.
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    It's easy to get too big for your boots. You haven't but some of our neighbors are too busy spreading the corporate religion to the four corners of the world or so it seems.
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    This just proves that nobody on this board has a clue about football and will beat the club with a stick at any opportunity! Most important signing SD has ever made is bringing Karl Evans to the club. Will answer any questions you have for him be that on twitter or in person and keeps fans updated regularly!
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    Does the article give any mention of when this was? If he's already been fined/banned whatever then it's likely to have happened months ago. Could've already been disciplined for all we know. Not clicking on the link because I refuse to give any ad revenue to that god awful rag so screenshots/non S*n article would be appreciated.
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    Its really difficult to say how we will go in this Division. Problem is that we concentrate on Bury's hangovers from last season, and somehow assume the other 23 clubs have settled squads, no financial problems and no leftover dodgy signings on exorbitant wages. At this level each team will have their own problems to cope with. Lets just hope our signings work out and theirs don't. What we can't afford to do this season is to panic when things go wrong for a couple of poor performances. The worst scenario is that we lose a few, drop the youth philosophy, sack the management team (again) at huge cost, and sign some old sweat of a manager who's failed at this level before at half a dozen other clubs. he then brings in another Management Team of his old mates, sacks off the current squad and so the cycle goes on (yes I'm talking about you Messrs Blackwell and Clark). Day has to persist with this squad and this manager even when the squawking starts from the crowd. DON't PANIC!!!
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    I didn't like Neil Warnock from the outset. I wasn't too keen on Andy Preece. I had a feeling that Chris Casper, nice guy though he was, wasn't right for the job. I could go on, but there's one thing that all these managers have in common , I wanted them to win every game. The reason for that is I am a supporter of Bury Football Club and I wouldn't want to see the club suffer just because I have the man in charge FOR NOW in a dark place in my heart. The well being of the club as a whole is surely of greater importance? Of course blind faith plays a part in it all, I think it plays a part for the supporters of virtually every sporting outfit in the world regardless of the sport in question. That is part of the fun don't you think?
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    That's where me and you have differing hopes then. I'm hoping that Ryan will have a record of played 23 won 23. OK it won't happen, but at least I'm prepared to give him a chance. I think they call it support?
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    Agree. I hope O’Shea stays. You could see last year he has loads of quality. He could be a very big player for us this season. For me, Edwards, Skarz, Aldred & Bunn are the priorities to be shipped out ASAP.
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    I my opinion Surrey's posts are way more interesting and insightful than your 'smelly shoe' posts. You can mute profiles if you don't like what anybody has to say.
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    Got to say I was really impressed tonight. Once again our 3 centrebacks were excellent but once again Thompson was the stand out for me. Dawson chased and hunted down the Everton players, Gold was good in the air and linked up play well. Wingbacks worked hard and I have to say no one disappointed me!
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    Got e-mail....created password....completed details for activation....pressed Submit....again...again....again. Nothing happened....waited....nothing happened. Went into the Tappit/Buryfc website and tried to sign in....'details not recognised' . Does this mean I don't have to go this season?
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    *** DELETED *** me whatever the club does its not good enough for some of the moaning morons on this forum. *** MODERATORS NOTE - DO NOT CIRCUMVENT THE SWEAR FILTER ***
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    Why does O’Shea get tarnished with that brush? He’s one of a few from last year which have done well given the chance and when he’s been fit.
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    Great photo of the mascots with the two managers, Klopp really seems an affable guy who really gets into the "spirit" of things, so well done him, couldn't see Mourinho for example agreeing to this. The kids will probably remember this moment for the rest of their lives.