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    I know that mathematically you can still escape the drop, but realistically it looks like your shift in FL1 is over and the delights of the hell hole that is FL2 await. I have always enjoyed posting on here and I shall miss the opportunity to whinge about Bury on a wet Tuesday night. Anyway, clubs like ours are the life blood of the Football League and we both deserve new grounds before too much longer. I hope you smash FL2 next season and I'll drop in now and again to monitor progress. Good luck and goodbye all.
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    Great to see this fella back in action. For those who don't remember, Brian had a heart attack last season at Shrewsbury match and was saved by the paramedics in the picture.
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    ... And neither am I. It, like me, will be back in the close season. I have been battling depression for quite a while (and not just because of how horrific this season in particular has been) but I feel like I'm slowly improving and have turned the corner. Some of the content will change from 2018/2019 onwards but hopefully, the quality won't in the eyes of the readers. Football and Bury have taken a back seat during this period and on occasion, I've even had to be reminded that there's a match on (as it seems some of the players have judging by results). I concluded that I have some serious issues with the general direction of travel both the sport as a whole and the Shakers are currently on. It's unlikely I can affect the former and perhaps not even the latter; however, I will certainly try my best to at least explain what I mean by that in the months ahead.
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    Rotherham fan here in peace, just thought I'd post a few comments about your season and the situation at Bury. Mainly because the season you've just had draws a few comparisons to the car crash that was our 2016/2017 season. I've read a few posts on here making comparisons with yourselves and the dire situation at Chesterfield, but I hope this puts a more positive perspective on things. So yeah, 2016/17 for us was beyond a joke. Finishing 24th in the Championship with a whopping 23 points! You know it's bad when your points tally isn't even as high as your league position, but yeah, in a campaign of 46 games we managed only only five wins and a grand total of 2 points away from home all season. Not to mention getting knocked out of the League Cup in the first round at home to the mighty Morecambe, then getting dumped out of the FA Cup in the 3rd round at home to another lower league side in Oxford Utd. It was grim. But it wasn't just the woeful points tally and awful football on display, it was the circus with the managers too. Going into the close season Neil Warnock dithered around making a decision whether he was staying or going, then we appointed Alan Stubbs. To be fair, his appointment was greeted with enthusiasm. Unproven in England, he had done well against the odds with Hibs and looked the kind of manager we needed. Someone who could create something good on a low budget. Someone without a proven track record but lots of ambition. But it was a disaster. Stubbs managed 6 points in the 13 games we endured him for and oversaw us shipping 5 goals at home to Morecambe. Even Lee Clark did better than that surely? Then we had the embarrassing 5 game reign of Kenny Jackett. 5 games, 1 point, then he walked. It was cringeworthy, but a lot of our fans thought maybe he realised what he was up against and took the decision to run and hope that cowardice would look better on his CV than the inevitable record low relegation. So then we appoint Paul Warne as interim manager. No previous experience, club legend as a player, promoted from fitness coach. To the cynic, a cheap scapegoat to take the team down without a whimper. This happened, although his stats were slightly better than both his predecessors. Thing is, Warne didn't have a prayer. He'd inherited a losing side full of players with little interest in turning it around. There was no money available, the season had been written off. The guy had zero experience, I don't think even Alex Ferguson could have turned that debacle around. So when he was offered the job permanently at the end of the season, you can imagine the reaction from the fans. Chairman taken the cheap option, club will fall out of the league, we'll get lower points in League One than we did in the Championship, no one will buy a season ticket without a marquee managerial appointment. Many bookies had us odds on for relegation, many fans would have been more than happy with just surviving. Mid table was ambitious. Fast forward almost a season and we've done well enough to achieve a play off spot. We may or may not go up, maybe an instant return would be too much too soon, but the point is we've had a great season and played some exciting football along the way. Warne has done well and proven himself a good manager. He's a club legend with a lot of love for the Millers, and his work ethic and passion has been passed onto the players. He cleared out all the vastly overpaid "star" players with bad attitudes and brought in young, hungry players with a point to prove. He made very good use of the loan system (Kieffer Moore's goals in the early season, Ritchie Towell's superb presence in midfield, Marek Rodaks excellent shot stopping). This (finally) brings me to my point about you guys. You potentially have another Paul Warne in Ryan Lowe. A club favourite as a player, a man with a lot of passion for the club, a lot of pride. Give him a close season where he can get rid of the dross and bring in his own players and get the players playing how he wants them to. It might not seem it now, but a guy like Lowe is just what you need as opposed to some "mercenary" name manager who is on a grand tour of lower league clubs and gets employment no matter how crap his record is. Someone with no connection to the club who needs to turn his sat nav on to find Gigg Lane and will churn out nothing but cliches and boring soundbites at interviews. Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I know how you guys are feeling at the moment because I felt the same way this time last year. In fact it was long before this time last year, it was just an entire season of depressing pain. But if you give Lowe a chance to build from the ground up, then I have a good feeling the Shakers will be pushing for the play offs next season. Trust me, after a season like this one, it feels nice just to start winning games again. Good luck and all the best.
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    Next seasons retained list... ..........
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    John Thorne (Hornet) was cremated today and his wife Ann has asked me if I would thank the people on this board for all the kind messages that they posted on this thread.
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    I would keep "Sweet Caroline" as it's perfect. Have you ever read the Lyrics? Verse Where it began, I can't begin to say But came the beginning of the Day Was in the May Then May became the summer Who'd have believed he’d come along Plans, lots of plans Reaching out, touching me, touching you Chorus Shares Reassigned Bad times never seemed so good I'd be inclined To believe they never would But now I . . . Verse Look at the team and it Flick’r’d boldly We sneaked up into the League two But after Lee left, Our Lucketti all ran out. And now we all hurt when we’re watching you Lowe, all time Low, Reaching out, boring me, boring you Bad credit line Bad times never seemed so bad I'd be inclined To reassess what hope we had Oh no, no I’d redefine “Good times never seemed so good” The bottom line I believe they never could It’s Asinine etc
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    With Lowe`s clueless tactics we outplayed Wigan for the majority of the first half, so how bad were Wigan`s tactics? It`s not just Lowes tactics you were witnessing today it was Lee Clarks abysmal recruitment skills.
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    And we want stability and fans are crying out for less of a Hollywood approach. We look to be taking this now and fans are complaining. Lowe has frustrated me hugely, but he deserves to get rid of the dross and to put his own mark on the team with his players. If his aim for next season is to achieve consolidation and to go from there then this appointment is fine with me. He may surprise us he may not.
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    Those of us who have watched the team since the early sixties have developed pretty grim humour in response to the nonsense that affects the club from time to time. I can't be arsed to count the number of relegations and rank bad seasons we have endured in that period but it happens and you do have to roll with it because, unless you actually own the club yourself, there's nowt much you can do about it. I've always been grateful to the resilience it has developed in me which has enabled me to deal with stuff in my own personal life a lot better (grim humour). I would make a general point point that a lot of the bad feeling comes from some people who have decided that the Chur is not a fit and proper person to be the owner of our club and continually make offensive and probably libellous statements about him. None of us know anything about his financial involvement and wheeler dealings but I, for one, am grateful that, after five year's ownership, the club is still playing and there have a been a lot of improvements in the way the club is organised. Could we do better? - yes. Am I happy with certain aspects? (ccj's) no. Is there anything much I can do about it? Not much. Am I happy about the team's performance this year? Am I hell but - this is what football is like and this is how supporters are like. Turn on football phone-in programmes and they are full of angry supporters from Arsenal (Europa cup is a Mickey Mouse Trophy etc) to Man Utd to Chelsea - the three most successful clubs in the history of the premier league. Personally I am looking forward to the new season in League 2 and I hope the Chur and the management team can reset for a more successful season than we've just had. See? My expectations are realistic and I've dealt with the setback. Or rolled over if you like.
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    Apart from providing the team with world class training facilities, spending a fortune trying to improve the playing the surface, providing hotels and flights for away games and backing the manager / coaching staff with a budget we can only wonder about..... Taking away off field issues, which may well be coming home to roost. Day could not have provided more support for the mangers he has appointed. You yourself elude to it on a thread started about how disappointing this season has been. It's been such a disappointment because Day provided all the pieces of the jigsaw only for other to muck it all up. He has clearly made two bad managerial choice in LC and CL. But his other calls has been OK, or at least in my opinion. Right to give KB a chance and right to dismiss him. Right to give RJ a chance but a fresh face was needed. DF kept us in the football league, gained promotion then underachieved in L1 and had to go in the end. I may be wrong bit I don't think fans of Stoke are baying for the head of Cotes because of a couple of poor managerial positions. It happens and if it was that easy then every club would be successful. If SD learns from this and has the ability to continue the backing then hopefully the next choice will be better. As for having no club at all rather than the current regime. Don't get that, but there again I don't follow another team
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    Clarks`s 33 games were in a brand new house that he ruined and set alight Lowe`s 23 games were trying to put out Clark`s blazing inferno and make the derelict house habitable. Not comparable situations
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    I am a supporter of Bury Football Club. I have supported them through the good times and also through the bad times. I will be supporting them next season.
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    Knock Day for the right reasons, but give him credit for sticking his neck out and doing an interview at such a highly charged time with relegation about to be confirmed. Day can't be held responsible for the questions asked. If you don't like his answers then that's fine...
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    I think Danns has shown the attitude we will need next season. Cast aside by previous managers, no squad number at the start of the season, seriously disliked by many fans and told so on many occasions last season, but he has fought his way back into the team and now looks our best player. Looks like he doesn’t whinge or cry or throw tantrums, just seems to get on with it. I’ll gladly hold my hands up and say I was wrong about him last season. Well done ND on being one of the very few positives this year.
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    Isn't the best thing that could happen winning our last 8 games between 3 & 5 - 0 and keeping us up?
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    Bit harsh. Wigan are a class above and that has nothing to do with Lowe. We have battled well again with a lot of bad luck and could and should have scored several times yet again in the first twenty minutes. Peter Clarke once again a colossus and Styles did some simple things well when he came on. Dawson yet again looked to be battling against age, weight, fitness and skill but nicely got one of their defenders booked by irritating him in the wall. There are a lot of pieces in place I would argue but the lack of a . . . ahem . . . Beckford type finisher means we waste chances and when we go behind we don't have faith in ourselves to score. I have to say that Maguire, when he came on, looked like his dad had just bought the club and let him play in his new kit. He seemed satisfied in trying a few tricks for his own pleasure seemingly disinterested in the rest of the team. IMO of course. Cooney did well on the ball but could have done with Edward's nous in terms of defensive positioning. It will come as he galloped around with some intensity. What a dreary life sapping season this has been. I can't imagine that there is anyone left in the club now who doesn't want it to end and have the reset button firmly pressed. Setbacks provide opportunities!
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    as an outsider and obviously only an occasional contributor can i echo the sentiments shared here. this is a very well run message board, very accommodating on the whole, it displays great sense of humour and self deprecation, which any true supporter; of clubs not in the top 4 EPL, usually has and needs bucket loads of. if only the passion shared here was displayed on the pitch, then im sure , though disappointing, even a relegation would be accepted . keep up the good work john , vinny. etal
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    Most of the players signed either came from larger clubs or more successful ones, and have taken a step back career wise coming to Bury. I think they came for good wages but also the belief that the step back would be for the short term. I can imagine the picture that was painted to entice them was one of packed stands with happy, euphoric fans chanting their every success and smooth journey into the Championship. Clarks strange man management skills, tactics and bingo machine selections, step by step removed any initial confidence and belief in storming to the Championship. And once it dawned on them that they had a seasons long relegation battle with Clark at the helm, desire and motivation levels dropped. Certainly if I picture the teams spirit and togetherness at home to Walsall first game, by Fleetwood away it had been replaced by confusion and a lack of confidence. The chants of this is embarrassing after half an hour were testament to how wrong it had gone in such a short space of time. By the end of Clarks reign some players may have thought that they had bought a pig in a poke and were the injured parties, and like us felt silly that they had been gullible enough to fall for the Championship sales pitch. I think that is where the lack of desire and self motivation comes from which has been witnessed after Clark. So I don`t feel like confidence can be repaired with these players and they will be eager to end there own personal nightmares. I think it would be best for Lowe to be in charge of the exit of these players as I believe his knowledge in knowing who can and can`t be trusted for next season will be invaluable. I would then judge him when he has cleared the decks and has his own crew sailing the ship.
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    Are you a member of the owt for nowt brigade or are you just posting on a topic that you don't appear to have an opinion on? Just block me if i am upsetting you.
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    £ for £ or lb for lb? Both, seemingly, a lot of pounds!
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    I hope not, I like to think that I'm unique. Most debates on here tend to be very issue specific, it's very easy to appear anti/pro Day merely from a stance on one or two issues. That said I think I've been more than supportive when it comes to his backing of the managers this season. He's had successes and failures, has good points and bad points and anyone who claims that he is either the messiah or beelzebub is blinkered. Most "anti Day" fans are not against him merely anti massive debt. He's had nearly 5 years in charge, and maybe we should forget his concert claims and aparthotel plans (which at the time I apportioned some blame to "professional advisors") as naivety but he's repeated mistakes of promising things that don't come to fruition. I was reminded on another thread that possibly the biggest accomplishment of the last 5 years, Carrington, was announced completely unheralded. Carrington, assuming it's financially viable, a success albeit possibly managed poorly. Youth development, assuming it's financial viable, a success. Giving managers financial backing, ignoring whether we can afford it, a success although poorly managed by the management. Fan engagement, a failure, too many emails ignored, lack of forums and whatever happened to that panel that Milesy recruited - I only remember reports of their first meeting. Commercial Revenue - no idea, we've had turnover of sponsors, curtailed sponsorship deals and any increased revenue has been dwarfed by increased costs. Merchandising - continued kit supply issues as there has been for many years before his arrival, plus point for kit vote League Position - neutral, almost certainly back where we started. Ground Position - no move. Pretty sure that he has not bought us just to build on our ground. Financial Position - abysmal. Need I say more. Practically nil net assets at the last accounts, more accumulated losses to come and a high payroll commitment moving forwards. If SD leaves then it's hard to see a way out. That may not be his intention but what if it is out of his hands. We appear to have no wiggle room.
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    To be fair, he promised that the club would never be in the same debt position again as it was when he took over from Brian Fenton, and he's been true to his word .............
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    It would have been really interesting listening in to the conversations that went on at the time we were signing the Chris Maguires and the rest... I can imagine these lads were "sold a pup". "Come to Bury, we are building a championship destined side and your name will be the first on the teamsheet every week...guaranteed first team football....we'll build a team around you !" These "superstar" players then signed up to the dream...possibly thinking that it's going to be a cake walk... they're going to be the main attraction.....they can have a lazy "off" day...no worries though, I'm guaranteed my place and I can hide on the pitch occasionally and let the others do my work... This sales pitch is then duplicated several times to others and hey presto we have team of players who believe they are the main attraction and no longer have to work their clangers off to get first team football. The dream quickly shatters as the reality kicks in that their teammates also all have the same idea...suddenly nobody wants to work hard, everybody else is to blame....etcetera etcetera... Mr Day & Mr Clark did one hell of a sales job in my opinion.... like a pair of double glazing salesmen.
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    We've had a new piece of kit installed at Carrington.
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    Interesting comments from ex Shaker Gordon Armstrong ... “Really sad to see my old club Bury in a bit of a mess, For what it’s worth I think the club has lost its soul its identity ie flash training ground, Big contracts, we had Goeschen and would travel on the day 2 games on the bus often with soup and sandwiches it’s Bury not Man U 😡”
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    My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that he’s being rested and rehabilitated fully ready for next season, in the hope he will be fully fit and able to play 2 games a week. There’s been no point playing him as we’ve been down for weeks. May as well let him get sorted out.
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    Not sure what you base that on! We have been an absolute horror show this season! This will take some getting over. Look what has happened to Chesterfield. They did similar to us and appointed a rookie manager in Jack Lester and they have been relegated again. In my humble opinion Ryan is not the man to lead us next season, some of the games he has taken charge of this season we have been shocking. Who we appoint I really don't know. This is the biggest decision Mr Day will ever make. Beckford won't be at Bury next season and yet again we will probably have a massive turnaround on players. Not so optimistic.
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    And that comment tells me that you don't know much about the current state of college education or the political debate that goes on here. College funding is in a mess at the moment, and there are many low paid teaching staff in both colleges and high schools. The low pay is amplified by the lack of preparation/marking time allowed which can push effective wage rates down below NMW. The great thing on here is that most will actually debate the issue and not the party politics mainly because no one on here expects to convert anyone to their way of voting, rarely are tory v Labour policies discussed, it is more a case of discussing our views on a topic or maybe a specific party's line but without claiming that another party is particularly great. Despite being a socialist Myra has certainly criticised the Labour party and has also praised aspects of the Tories. There is far too much entrenchment in politics, a bit like there is in the love Day or hate him debate, but I think on here we do a pretty good job of being able to look at a subject be it farming, education or the NHS and actually analyse that rather than putting our party political hats on.
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    Lowe and Day publicly let their feelings known which mirrored exactly what the majority of fans thought. The majority of fans not so long ago on this mb were asking why somebody from the club didn't speak out on what had gone wrong at the club this season. Lowe and Day did so when survival was no longer a possibility, the correct time. Lowe and Day made very similar comments, yet people are only attempting to castigate Lowe for this. Fans asked for honesty and interaction from the club, they get it and now complain that they got it.
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    I thought Fasan was the problem - but 2 GKs later and it's still the same I thought Aldred was the problem - but numerous CHs later and it's still the same I thought O'Connell was the problem - see above I thought Cameron might be the answer - but it was still the same I thought perhaps the Full backs were the problem - they've been the same all season I thought losing Dawson was the problem - he comes back and it's still the same I thought Maguire was the problem (insert also Reilly/Bunn/O'Shea) - but whether they play or not the result is still the same I thought Mayor(Ishmail) might be the answer - but the problem is still the same I thought Smith was the problem - but it's still the same I thought 442 was the answer - it wasnt I thought perhaps 451 could be an answer - it wasn't The only thing I seem to have got right (so far) this season is - 352 isn't the answer I thought Lee Clark was the problem but 2 managers later and it's still the same
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    I think we have been mismanaged by one manager not three. Clark in his short time with us managed to turn two mainly different squads against him. He left us with a squad who appear to have been peed off that severely that they care not a jot for their own personal professional pride, and certainly have no affection for Bury F.C. They tried for the first game under Lucketti away in the Checker at Walsall and then reverted back to type. They managed to prick their precious ego`s against the league leaders Shrewsbury and then reverted back against Woking home and away. The huge difference having nothing to do with tactics or formations just effort and pride. And now once again after Ryan initially stoked some fire and honesty into them, they have gone back into their what about poor me mode. Lucketti, Lowe and now Day have all pinpointed the problem, a lack of pride, desire and effort. They appear to not like to be told so as even some fans have found that out. I don`t blame Lucketti or Lowe I blame Clark and the players.
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    You’ve totally missed my point. I’ve commented on many occasions that most of these players are a bunch of shysters However, Lowe has been involved with coaching/ managing these players all season, so for him to absolve himself of ANY responsibility is absolutely ludicrous beyond rational comprehension Incidentally, only 3 of Clark’s signings played yesterday..
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    Stewart, I have been one your main supporters on these forums for 5 years, and I still believe in you, and are your intentions are/were good but after watching the Lowe "youtube" tonight, something isn't right All I am asking is one simple thing 1, You post a simple "youtube" message to us all, telling us a, what happens next b, what went wrong this season... please be honest.. if you *** DELETED *** up.. then say so.... if LC and CL was the worst decision of your life, then say so.,.. you will get respect for saying so... c, why the CCj's d, what happens to the wage bill// ie can we afford it e, forget the new stadium... f, do you want us to go for promotion, and make your 5 year plan a 7 year... again be honest, i do believe you have tried the best, so admitting the mistakes, providing we learn from them,.. you will get sympathy and understanding this is a very sad day for us shakers please send a message, that is true i hope that by the fellow shakers, who agree/like this post, you can/will see the consensus just do this.. it is only 10 minutes for you.. but for us our being a shaker, is in our DNA UTS>... 4ever "133 years... is a lot more than one DAY" *** MODERATORS NOTE - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CIRCUMVENTING THE SWEAR FILTER ***
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    Agreed, its a worry, you cant have a team of youngsters in league 2 they'll be bullied off the ball, its a tough league to blood a team of young players, we,ll need some experience here but WHO? is the big question, Edwards for me has been shambolic, Thomson very shaky, Cameron too injured, Hanson hasn't scored at all and doesn't look like scoring, Mayor today at times looked disinterested, then bursts into life (as he did for the goal) too many times he turned back on himself, Styles I thought did well today he looks a decent prospect I reckon, Bunn, Maguire, O,shea well probably the biggest disappointments, so much more was expected from these 3 at the season start, Zeli is another whos disappointed me, too many times he drifts out of games, for me he hasnt done enough, others on loan I assume will go back to their parent clubs, what a complete shambles of a season, I honestly dont see us picking anything up from whats left although other teams will be looking to us for a favour, Ryan has now lost 7 on the spin in what is Burys worst ever season, not a good prerequisite to get the job full time, really it would be a surprise given current results and form, hes not had the impact the club thought he would, granted they arent his players but is that a reason to give him the job on a full-time basis?? I'm not so sure, Another problem the club have is the pricing policy for next season no flyers or prices or advanced payments for season tickets have been released at all, I would has at a guess given current results/form/performances we would struggle to even sell half of what we have this season. On top of that the increase on pay at gate prices last season will not do the club any favours for next season, I reckon theyll have to reduce prices!!! All in all a massive amount of clearing out and work to be done, I know currently of at least 5 people who are that disappointed they will not be renewing their tickets for next season, it is of course their perogative, I myself have had one for at least 15 years and been watching Bury since the early 60s I have seen promotions, relegations, disappointments, near misses, play off final, play off semi final defeats, mid table finishes, the list goes on, but like a lot on here I cant ever, ever remember the last time the paying supporters of this historic football club have ever been let down as badkly as they have in season 2017-18. Currently I am very worried as Im sure most on here are!!!
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    We have had three different managers this season and neither has got a successful run out of the current playing staff, Maguire, Reilly etc have been a total let down. Any other manager would have struggled to gel this band of mercenaries. We need stability, as Barry so rightly says we need to distance ourselves from the Hollywood hysterics of the last two seasons. Cooney, Shotton, Styles, Cameron, Thompson are a nucleus to take us forward. Ryan should be given his chance, he is a winner and he will be hurting, he has a lot of contacts and an able assistant in Schuey but he needs time and support. We can now bury the crazy idea of getting into the championship and get back to doing what we've always done so well, developing young players and being a welcoming club. This could be a blessing in disguise, hopefully the chairman and to some extent the fans, have had their fingers burnt and we can get back to being the little men of Bury, that never knows when they're beat.
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    Doesn't matter who they are or what they have done before, all managers have good times and bad times. Stan had his good time at Bury, despite many fans not wanting him because he had previously done nothing of note and he was also tarred with being Walsh's assistant so the expectancy was more of the same. Colin on the other hand had his one bad time with us - he's left every other club he's been at in a higher position than when he arrived. You just have to hope that the manager you appoint is about to have one of his good times, but there is no guarantee or magic wand.
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    No-one doubts we were in a mess 5 years ago, but as early as 1 month after the purchase of the club by Stewart Day there was a significant number of people that I am aware of that made valid points about openness, transparency and the chance to unify the club by getting the supporters onside by including them in the discussions. No-one since that point up until maybe a year ago called for the Day administration to leave but to get the club to engage with fans in a meaningful way especially given what had happened during the the previous regimes and the last time we were in administration. Now since they have come in, they have gone out of their way to alienate the supporters/shareholders who have the best interests of the club at heart and a few examples are: lack of a number of fans fora, sidelining of Forever Bury, the removal of a FB representative on the board, written questions and answers at fora with no chance of meaningful follow up, name-calling in local papers about fans, lack of transparency over ownership, sponsorship of the ground, share transactions, lack of keeping promises regarding 90% of money making ventures. I have been one of the most vocal critics of this regime and I have been and continue to be suspicious of the modus operandi of the club and I have never called for Stewart Day to leave only for the higher echelons of the club to engage with the supporters in meaningful ways. There have been MANY comings and goings of the senior management of the club in that time which has not helped any consistency of approach or follow through on actions but the upshot is that this club will never survive as an underdog without everyone pulling in the same direction (never mind not knowing what that direction is). The club, in my view, has singularly failed to communicate with the only people who will keep this club going from one generation to the next. Lessons can be learnt, but only if you are willing to engage and change. Do you think this regime is willing and able to do this?
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    I personally would not go back, that would be negating our history. No Leon Clarke, no James Vaughan, no promotion at Tranmere. You are a football fan, you take the rough with the smooth. Yes I know it is particularly rough at the moment but the sun will shine again at some point. Do I think there have been mistakes? Undoubtedly Could we have done things differently? Absolutely Am I going to be here next season? Definitely
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    How can you possibly saying he will be hurting more? A) You can't know how others are feeling B) He has been a fan for 5 years - some of us have been here for 6/7/8/9/10 times longer and most of us have lived through the administration and Eaves-funding cut eras!
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    And I will keep on giving. I expect us to have seasons like this occasionally but I don't get stressed by it. To me BuryFC are like a part of the family I don't walk away or turn my back because things ain't going right.
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    We would have two derby games if Rochdale are relegated. Many of us admire the sensible approach of the 'dale board. They don't spend money they don't have. They are realistic about what they can achieve. The club has terrific collective spirit. 'Dale get it right, whereas we get it wrong.
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    I am positive that: Ryan Lowe is not yet ready for management- I up front, you got to be joking! Most of our players should be let go- no question. Callum Styles was by far our best player and Danny Mayor is a must for us next season Zeli Ismael's behaviour put the nominated penalty taker off It was one of the worst penalties I have seen bar Phil Jeavons Tactics were woeful Pride and passion have gone awol No options when we get forward Shocking defending Hanson will never score a goal for us Hoofball doesn't work I will be there next season
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    we have lost our soul... but I also feel football has in general... its boring, corporate and the wages at all levels are ridiculous.
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    Hi Rammy, I wholeheartedly apologise for a failure to respond. I have gone through all of my e-mails in the past 24 hours and can't find anything outstanding regarding a supporter e-mail. I do have a folder that is a bit behind relating to people trying to sell to the club. If you are trying to sell me a product or service then unless it jumps off the screen I am likey to take time to respond immediately but I do get around to everyone. Could it fall into this category? If it doesn't, please get in touch Matthew.Hanson@buryfc.co.uk Have a great weekend all. #UTS
  47. 6 points
    Maybe we should have kept Smith, you know the guy scoring for Rotherham, you know the guy you slated as well. I am certain you don’t need to type anymore and just copy and paste, with a change only for whoever the manger or players turn it is
  48. 5 points
    Pound for pound, Bunn must rank as one of the worst player's I've seen at Bury in over 50 years. He'd be first on my "to get shut of" list
  49. 5 points
    The donkey derby springs to mind
  50. 5 points
    Or use the Theresa May approach, charge the unemployed , disabled and elderly more and give out free champers in hospitality