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    I’ve been waiting for a bit more positivity on here before posting this! Anyway, as some of you may be aware, myself, AndyH, and a few other Shakers have built up a bit of a relationship with Rot Weiss Oberhausen, a German 4th tier club who play in the Regionalia West. We go over every year and they find it fascinating that we go and watch their club. Picture below is while we were there for their away game this season at Wuppertal, my flag is bottom left. So, they want to repay the favour, and 12 of their fans are coming over for our next game against Blackpool. We will be in the social club before and after the game, before showing them the bright lights of Bury and some real (English) ale! So, if anyone wants to join us, feel free. They really want to engage with the Bury fans. They have had a flag made especially for this trip, also pictured below. Please say hello, have a chat with them in the social or in the stands and make them feel welcome. We will be in the south stand, so have a look for the flag. If anyone wants to have a beer with us, let me know. UTS.
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    Belief in Lowey. I've been one of Mr Day's biggest critics & in my opinion there's been many reasons to be so. Did the fans forum ease these reasons for me? 'at this stage i'd have to say no' because we're used to his plans not materialising. That said for Mr Day to say some of the things he did in front of a packed Social Club was either very brave of him or very stupid. For now & even though some of what he said I (for now) disbelieve, i'm siding with the very brave. Very brave because if what he says becomes not to be true, not to happen, then with so many people hearing such there won't be any getting away from it. For the clubs sake, every fan & everyone connected with the club I really hope Mr Day can prove the cynics like me to have been wrong in doubting him. If so I will be one of the first to congratulate him & his team. I truly hope this to be the case as Bury FC is a million times greater than me or others being right. After the forum I & a couple of others (not sure if they want me to say who?) were able to speak with Ryan Lowe. In conversation Ryan showed grit, passion & belief in the task ahead & there's no doubt at all he & his players are going to give everything in every match from now until the last game of the season. It was a pleasure to hear Ryan's passion & commitment. He also said the players are fully behind him & vice versa. Concluding the forum Mr Day urged everyone to get behind the team starting this Saturday, with Ryan's total commitment to the cause I came away feeling that things could turn around & survival in the division could be a possibility. It will be a dream for many & an unbelievable season end, plus what a start in management it would be for Ryan. I wish you all the very best Ryan. Come on lads, don't be afraid to shoot at any given opportunity, get those balls in the back of the net & do yourselves & everyone else proud of you. You can do it UTS
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    Hope the commentary was at an understandable level - my thumbs need a rest! Enjoyable evening and I leave the event feeling much more positive about things than I did when I came in.
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    I am a Bury fan and have been for approaching 60 years. A long time ago when a nipper at Fishpool Infants/St Chads primary Gigg lane was a magical place just down the road. Saturday was so eagerly anticipated, you could almost taste it. I am still on the 60 year rollercoaster and no doubt will continue so until my daughter sneaks my ashes on to the pitch, near the Main Stand ( it is prone to waterlogging ! ) Even though I am a Wiganer who lives in Preston, Bury ( T.M.S. ) is my team. So whoever is in charge I will back them. Ryan x2 I believe you are more than just wage takers I think you have some love for the club. Mr Day keep finding the money please. Good luck tomorrow. Players put some effort into it please. I will settle for a point a game for the rest of the season. Do not bow out without a fight have some pride in a club dating back to 1885. A record breaking F.A. Cup team that is forever in the history books. Not a lot to ask is it ?
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    It doesn't make for terrific reading As an aside, on a cold, wet and miserable Winter's afternoon at Gigg, it was an absolute joy to see 'one of our own' silence the Tangerines, and young George's goal celebrations in front of the South Stand were a real pleasure to witness. Now there's a lad who really cares.
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    Fasan leaving the area, well there`s a first
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    I will be providing whatever updates I can throughout the evening on this thread. Unfortunately, I've got no previous journalism experience but will be trying my best to pass whatever information I can on to the message board. If you are attending and able to, feel free to contribute any points!
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    What a wet towel. Enjoy the win, let people enjoy the fact we’ve scored goals. People will get carried away tonight and rightly so, we haven’t felt the feeling of scoring goals, winning and belief in a long time!
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    Awful final round really. My strategy was simply to throw a few names and regnal numbers about. I've never seen a second of Game of Thrones, I can only name two musicals based on Shakespeare (never mind who stars in them or songs from them) and if Sporting Queens was about the Queen Anne stakes or whatever, I'd have been flummoxed. Even if it had been 'Name a QPR player in the 2015/16 season' (it was recorded in September 2016) I'd have been stumped. Oh well. While they had their tea, between one and two million people saw that people out there care about clubs like Bury.
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    Additionally (and unbeknown to a number of people) apparently Danns was playing through injury earlier on last season, and I'm ashamed to say that I joined in the chorus of not wanting to see him play in a Bury shirt again. Since his return and barring a couple of short spells out again through injury, he has been one of our best players, including today.
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    S85 was talking about going but he keeps popping up!!!! 😀
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    Is that a map of his movement yesterday?
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    I've never been in favour of the way Stewart Day has run our club from day one and have said so publicly on a number occasions in fans fora, shareholders meetings and on here. I'm here to counteract the thought of some people on this thread who have said that we should not question Day's running of the club and just get behind him? I won't be getting behind this regime without some real change. I'm not asking for a change of ownership (it would almost certainly spell the end of Bury Football Club) - here is what I would want: 1. Increased engagement with fans, supporters and shareholders with honest answers given 2. Prioritise the balancing of the books in terms of sustainability not pushing with undue ambition for Championship football at the expense of local companies through CCJ's, late payments and bad publicity for the club 3. Stop with very poor get rich quick schemes which end up not happening or make the club look ridiculous (Aparthotels, apartments, festivals etc.) 4. Create a positive image for Bury FC and rebuild trust by using the media and the club's extensive media footprint to promote Bury FC by being respectful, professional and treat the paying public with the respect it is due. As far as I can see I have been consistently let down by promise after promise that hasn't come to fruition. Yes, Stewart Day comes across really well and cares about this club BUT it doesn't mean he walks on water and everything he does is great. His regime has made lots of mistakes and is continuing to make them. When these mistakes are rectified and they do something consistently well I'll be the first to congratulate them. Until then I'll use my voice to constructively criticise those running the club.
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    Here’s my thoughts on last night. The first thing I noticed was the amount of long term, hardened Shakers fans in the audience. No glory hunters looking for autographs, just proper fans who between us, must have had millions of hours and pounds following our club. Day spoke very well, but he generally does. Good to hear he regrets talking about the 5 year plan and willing to accept he’s made mistakes. He made some assurances about he long term future of the club, which is what I wanted to hear. As others have said, whether the plans for the social club come off, believe it when you see it. Thomas was tasked with answering most of the financial questions, which to a financial novice like me, sounded better, if not perfect. Good to hear HMRC are being kept happy. If Day’s £60m mega deal comes off this week, I’ve no idea where this will leave the club. Carl Evans talked sensibly and rightly apologised on behalf of the club for the farce regarding merchandise. Lowey was his usual passionate self, which fans love. I thought there were a couple of sideways digs at Lucketti, which weren’t needed. Overall, I feel slightly better than I did before the event. Again, as others have said, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. They were never going to disclose much about the finances, but as I mentioned to a few last night, it takes a brave or stupid man to sit in front of 200 people and lie. There is no question in my eyes that Day is passionate about the club, he had a range of emotions on show last night, anger, passion, humour etc. I think he’s learned a lot about the passion of the fans. His final rally call to the fans, stick with us, believe, 18 cup finals etc etc, Mr Day, that would never be in question. The fans will be there no matter what. I just hope he now realises that a club, any club, is nothing without its fans and starts to treat us with a bit more respect.
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    That's shocking. Don't they have locks on the lavatory doors in the Social Club?
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    Thank you! I plan to contact the club tomorrow and ask who runs social media / the website if anyone because its currently not being done very well and i’m confident I could do a better job!
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    Which is precisely what was always going to happen tonight. Some people will believe or be reassured by what is said and a good number will flat out refuse to believe anything that is said. The Chairman can't really win in this situation!
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    As proud as I was watching them against Villa, the reality is that the best of them will be sold without ever being a regular part of the first team. The money going to partly fund experienced older players on far larger wages in attempt to reach the Championship. And we all know how well that experiment has been going, L2 and millions in debt. Purely on the football side I`m sure most fans would have liked to have seen more home grown players in the side while they mature and hone their skills and if they do become top players by 19-20 then sell them for millions instead of thousands Let Bury fans have the pleasure of watching these young stars progress and in the process save fortunes on expensive journeymen wages.
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    Sorry but I couldn't give a stuff about this supposed lack of communication - it doesn't affect me or my support for the team in any way whatsoever! This may be because I was brought up in the pre-internet days and never knew who was likely to be playing until I turned up on a Saturday and saw the players run out! I don't feel the need to know the ins and outs of the running of the club as long as there's a team to watch on a Saturday (and that's not always been certain over the years!) I know some people feel that they have the right to know every little detail and that football is different to other businesses because they have an "emotional" attachment, and whilst my attachment is undoubtedly emotional I don't have the sense of entitlement that lots on here appear to do. This is probably an unpopular view and in some ways, contradictory, as I'm on here commenting about it but whether or not I get told who is injured and for how long does not affect my attendance and support on a match day so it's irrelevant to me!
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    Confirmed as Friday February 16th 7pm kick off . Managed to get the night off work as I wanted to see this after really enjoying the win v Villa. Only the second time in our history the youth have reached this far . Lets get that gate above 1000 and support the next generation.
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    You should get that checked out
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    From no squad number, to captain...within 5 months. I doff my cap to you.
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    No doubt if he plays against us Tuesday he'll get a great reception
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    I'm sure there'd be a few who'd prefer to sit in the social club for home games never mind away ones!
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    It's not just the smell of the toilets etc. It's the total feeling of isolation I feel. I have done hundreds of hours down there helping the maintenance crew with all sorts of stuff. I used to clear the stands after every home game of plastic bottles for re cycling and I got on well with all the staff who got to see me every day (I was unemployed for 4 years till retirement) All that has gone. I was no longer allowed into the stadium, stopped from having a chat and brew with my friends Kev, Tony and Stu. I didn't and still don't want/expect any reward other than to be able to watch BFC on a Saturday afternoon. I feel just the same as the majority of fans nowadays. An unwanted distraction. We don't want to be loved, we want to feel we are an important part of our famous club. This board have totally destroyed that connection between us and the club. That's how I feel and why I would rather have the old days back.
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    Done and thanks re twitter: From: Andy Ashworth Sent: Saturday, January 27, 2018 2:38 PM To: Forever Bury Subject: Fans Forum 29th January Hi Forever Bury Board Members, I dont want this to sound like a criticism, as i know all your time/services are given free/voluntarily. However, as a member, it would be remiss of me not to raise my concern, due to the silence from yourselves regarding the forthcoming Fans Forum. I would have expected an email from FB stating your stance regarding the evening, or at least an official comment on the Bury FC Message Board on either of the 2 threads: https://www.gigglane.com/index.php?/topic/31071-questions-on-behalf-of-the-messageboard-for-the-fans-forum-on-the-29th/&page=1 https://www.gigglane.com/index.php?/topic/31073-forever-bury-where-are-you/ Is it possible to put a comment on either or both these threads as a minimum and/or send out an email to all FB members stating your stance? I look forward to your response with interest. Thanks and kind regards. Andy Ashworth (Membership Number 95)
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    Happy Paul Butler day everyone
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    A draw tonight was probably a fair result. The pitch didn't lend itself to flowing football but both sides produced an entertaining game. Probably a point was better for us than you, but truthfully both sets of forwards were pretty dire in front of goal. So, good luck for the rest of the season and I hope you get the results and points necessary to stay up. It's always so much fun playing at Gigg Lane on a freezing cold Tuesday night. Until next season, cheers and goodbye.
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    With the average of 2 points per game (which is promotion form) since Lowey & Kidd took over, it's acheivable to stay up if continued. 54 points should do it. To the lads. Every chance & every shot at goal is vital, treat every game as an FA Cup Final game. You have the chance to make it a historic season. 'Be confident, believe you can do it' & every fan will be so so proud of you when you do. UTS
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    I'm really impressed with what Ryan Lowe (and co) has done with this group of players in such a short space of time. The team is balanced, we are looking a good side. We play with heart and desire, we keep our heads up when we concede. I was devastated by Greg Leigh's quite frankly abysmal mess up - to get nothing from today would have been cruel. But Ryan threw on attacking subs and the team spirit came through - what a gorgeous finish by George. We fight on. UTS
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    He had some terrible games (and unlike some, was never afraid to take an interview afterwards) and some terrific games. We helped him in terms of getting back into the game, and he repaid us with loyalty, hard work and professionalism. Tom Soares will certainly get a good reception from me on his return.
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    Unfortunately due to other commitments and unfortunate circumstances I have not seen the Shakers in action for a few months and very rarely comment on here but after yesterday I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the game and squad. Ripley looks like he will be a Prem keeper one day, his decision making was fantastic and he came off his line for every ball, judged his angles very well and commanded his area very well for such a young lad. Blackpool didn't really test him all game and he could do nothing about the goal of which the player will probably never hit a ball on the volley as sweetly as that again. The back four looked solid, Clarke is relatively immobile but then he is 36, however he makes up for this with strength and experience and rarely got outmuscled all game. Nat Cam, Leigh and Edwards all had decent games however all 3 of them have found their level in league 1 and I suspect that none of them are good enough to step up a division, Edwards had come in for some flack recently on here but I thought he played well and dealt with some tricky wing play well and used his experience to get in the right position and only got beaten once all match which was quite early on in the first half. Leigh and Nat Cam give 100% and more and are both good league 1 players, we will do well to hold on to them both in the summer though I can't see either of them being good enough to step up to the Championship. Mayor and Ismail both worked hard and looked willing to take players on but the pitch just didn't suit them unfortunately. On a nice flat, lovely, green surface Mayor and Ismail will be a real handful on both flanks and lets hope we can keep them noth in the summer. As for Maguire, eek, it all went downhill after his air shot in the first few minutes, at first he tried hard but soon realised it was not going to be his day and his head went down, I can see why Lowe is protecting him, he is clearly a confidence player and he couldn't get off the pitch quickly enough when he was subbed. In his defence at one point in the first half he did come racing back to put in a fine tackle to break up their play and he was guilty of floating his corners in rather than his crosses but I suspect this was at Lowe's or the coaching staff's instructions, back to the drawing board on that one I hope. Dawson ran himself ragged and chased everything but he still doesn't look 100% match fit, I would have preferred to see Tutte replace Dawson for the last 10 mins instead of Styles, Dawson was shattered and Tutte's energy would have caused a few more problems for a tired looking Blackpool team who were there for the taking. Hanson looks unfit also but then it is no surprise as he is short of minutes on the pitch. In the first half it was like watching Andy Bishop again, he mistimed every leap, then in the second half he looked a different player and won every header. George Miller was a breath of fresh air, its a shame he didn't come on 10 minutes earlier than he did because Blackpool were flagging towards the end and they had no answer, if George had 10 more minutes on the pitch I think we would have won the game. He is an impact sub and should not start the game though, Lowe got the tactics right, it was a game we couldn't afford to lose and had Maguire put in a better showing and Miller had come on 10 minutes earlier we would have taken all 3 points. All is not lost yet, Lowe is slowly returning some confidence to the team and when the fans decided to start being positive yesterday, in the last 15 minutes, the players responded. 4 points out of the next 2 games are a must though. It makes me wonder where we might have been now had Day stuck with Lowe back when LC was given the boot, instead of bringing Lucketti in. I suspect we would still be in a relegation scrap but not as far adrift as we are now. If, and sadly, when, we go down, I expect Lowe to be given the chance to get us back up next year and if we can keep the nucleus of this squad, then my money is on us making a swift return to league one. UTS
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    What a fantastic reception the Oberhausen fans got when they walked in the ground. Thank you, you fantastic Shakers. Never let it be said the South Stand is miserable again.
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    I personally think that Forever Bury would be better if they stopped fundraising being their major concern (they have enough shares to warrant being the "supporters body" and equally will never be in a position to buy the club) and changed themselves into a proper fans representation body - their clout coming from their membership and their ability to feedback to the club in a sensible way. That representative body could then concentrate on activities that don't require loads of people but requires people who are willing to hold Day, Thomas and Evans to account. Forever Bury could concentrate on getting fan's opinions, engaging with fans to find out what matters to them, and ensuring feedback to fans is delivered in timely and accountable way (ie via the website, a proper mailing list and via Bury Times column). They could then not whinge about lack of people resources but could become the real voice of the fans and put public pressure on the club to do right by their fans not just sponsors and the corporatism that has alienated a significant number of fans....
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    I've purposely not got involved in the Stewart Day discussion but I would like to think we are wise enough to know that people make mistakes, we will never know everything about everyone, there comes a point when we have to abandon our doubt and trust people be it politicians, friends, surgeons or lovers. I'm not pro or anti Stewart Day, but he's our chairman, its time to put our differences behind us and go forward, Saturday's another big game for the club, so lets get back to what we do best and give Ryan and the lads our support, lets get back to being good supporters.
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    Many thanks to Moorlands_Shaker for his excellent commentary. I suppose for most people it's as you were. Those of us who are skeptical can point to the fact that nothing has come off that has been promised over the last 4 years, and those who trust Mr Day will point out that he has kept the club going for 4 years and fronted up last night. For me, the proof will be in the pudding. My plea would be just for the club to engage the fans more. Even the most hardened critic would accept that Stewart Day at least put himself in front of the fans yesterday - and if the powers that be did that more often and gave meaningful answers that would go a long way to appeasing the majority's concern. Obviously it also proves that Forever Bury is a non-entity in terms of representation and holding the current board to account. Apart from being good intentioned fundraising is but a drop in the ocean of the annual Bury FC budget, they can't really claim to do anything of note for the ordinary fan. Even if they only performed as the "spokesperson" of the fans and put public questions to the board (last night was a great opportunity) they would be doing a service to us - but it seems like the cabin is all they practically care about.
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    Look we've kept going for how long now since SD has been in charge? Even if it was another 5 years you would still be on the same message. For me at least he keeps the energy and ideas for the club going. He's not a passive chairman. I'm sure there will be issues from time to time but as he says in his time in charge he's had no offers to buy the club. So keep the criticism going but in the absence of a credible alternative criticisms is all they will be and don't mean anything.
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    People who are in the grip of a serious addiction are unable to make the right choices without professional help and advice via. a number of sources. They simply, genuinely cannot help themselves.
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    I agree! I cannot wait to get back to the good old days of PFA loans, transfer embargoes,the bank calling on our overdraft, unpaid players and staff, calls for 10 fans(mugs) to stump up £100k each and a fire sale of all our half decent players. Bring it on!
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    What a thoroughly entertaining evening Fantastic performances from 1 to 11. Maloney looked assured in goal, if Fasan is a better keeper than him then I’ll grow his beard overnight... Shotton and Cooney marshalled the defence well, and I like the look of Harker, Adams and Da silva The young lads displayed plenty of ability and a superb work ethic. Some of them were dead on their feet in the last 10 minutes Great to walk away from Gigg Lane after a cup victory.... really looking forward to the next round.
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    What a credit to our football club. Well done lads. Be proud, be very proud of yourselves. Bring on Birmingham City.
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    After shaking my head in disbelief at our comeback today I found myself thinking "well, if we can get another win against so and so, then beat so and so, we'll only be x number of points of safety." Absolute bollocks of course, but what a difference a win makes eh? UP THE SHAKERS!!!
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    Yep Miller buzzing for the right reasons. Not because of cars, wags and his bank balance - which is refreshing,shows what an embarrassment some of our mercenary signings have been.
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    Welcome back George. I’m not sure he’s what we need atm and I hope there’s not too much expectation put on him to score the goals we need. However, we know the effort he will put in which already puts him in a different category to many we’ve seen this season
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    In fairness to S85 , whether you agree with his views on not, he’s actually doing here what needs to be done to make this forum a success by offering to ask questions on behalf of the messageboard. This will save the same questions being asked/same answers being given and save us all from coming away as frustrated as we arrived. Or at least give it a fighting chance of being a success. Plenty of other threads to derail, as seems to be the way on here.
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    You could ask "Did everyone enjoy the massive boycott I orchestrated at Oxford, which saw 1 fan stay away"
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    Bloody brave of him if you ask me. Would you do it in his position? With you lot baying for his blood? Can you imagine the Oyston's doing it or the Venky's?
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    Whatever is asked or answered at the forum people have to behave with class and decorum, any abuse and we all know what will be making the headlines and blamed for anyone walking away rather than any cock ups on their part.