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    A couple of years back now, and you’ve probably all seen it before, but reminded me of when my Grandad got invited on his 90th. This was his final game.
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    I hope we show class, and it’s a good one, you cannot say he wasn’t committed when here, welcome back flicker, clap him on, then send him home pointless.
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    Flitcroft is a million miles away from Clark. He did a good job for the first 18 months, and we played some excellent football--and a promotion. After that , he just appeared to lose the plot
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    Here is a photo of my late dad. This was on his 90th Birthday and Gordon arranged it. He did the half time draw at the next home game with another fellow who was older i think. He died just after his 93rd birthday.
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    10 games in, and if your not happy then there’s something wrong with you. Unrecognisable from last season in terms of quality, effort and application. The great unknown of pre season, whether we’d struggle and flirt with non league, or have a push for promotion has now gone and most, if not all, are quietly optimistic about the season ahead. If you said we’d go down, said Lowe would be sacked by October etc, come on, admit you were wrong. The ‘underwhelming’ signings of Dagnall, Moore and Adams are flourishing, we have a good mix of experience, solid League 2 players and others who are still learning their trade. If we’d have gone down this transfer pathway last season rather than Clark’s marquee flops, who knows where we’d have ended up, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been rock bottom with the worst season in our history. Danny Mayor is looking like his old self with confidence obviously returning, we have 3 decent centre backs who can adapt to different formations, Jay O’Shea is even putting a shift in, and above all, we are scoring goals. As I've said before, I still feel we are in transition as a team and results like Carlisle will happen. But to come away from games like that and say ‘oh well, one of those days’ is a far cry from the last 2-3 years where you go home and look for the nearest noose. Will we give it a go at promotion? I’m still not sure. Will we be in relegation trouble? No, definitely not. What I do know is I’m enjoying this season more and more, which is a really pleasant change after the last 2 seasons. And if you’re not joining me in the enjoyment, why the hell not???
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    You can like him or dislike him it really doesn’t matter but leave the booing to the kids. Nothing more sad than a grown man or woman booing over a former player or manager. Lets put that energy into helping our team win not giving Flickers team more motivation to beat us.
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    There should be one or two shakers fans who should, quite frankly, be quietly rather embarrassed about their very vocal pessimism and Lowe negativity.
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    DF really doesn't deserve any abuse at all imo..he is an honest hardworking L 2 manager who had a decent L2 promotion winning team ..with us. He seemed to struggle to have credible alternative game plans(no planB) but maybe that was down to his player choice. ' Yoof' never really got a look in... But 'synergy' was everywhere ....... in Carrington......on the toilet seat...written on the wall behind the interviewer... on his forehead...but unfortunately not on the football pitch... to be fair he was a decent bloke that in my opinion has reached his zenith in management terms.. so let's welcome him on Saturday with a touch of sincerity and decorum..then beat his team!!
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    Just a few of the classics from this thread alone!
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    Bury boss Ryan Lowe dedicated the Shakers’ 2-1 triumph at Colchester to the memory of life-long fan Ian Doody, to his daughter and to the rest of the family. https://www.burytimes.co.uk/sport/16950637.colchester-united-1-bury-2-match-report/?ref=rss Class.
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    Can't believe Archer seems to have become our escaped goat even though he's not playing for us at present. I recall when he and Gold were signed, people were crowing that these were exactly the type of players we should be going for instead of aging has beens looking for one last pay day. Now we're going to write them off because they weren't able to become world class instantaneously after stepping up several levels in the football pyramid? Let's get a grip for God's sake and see what happens after "developing" them longer term which was, I think, the clubs intention. I know Ronky is part joking when referring to 10 minute cameo type players, but my point is that we already have 2 or 3 of these including Beckford for the present so why sign another?
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    I`m noticing the message board has lit up again like a Christmas tree. Nothing seems to evoke as much passion as a negative result. Shame people aren't as vociferous when we are winning.
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    I saw it just seconds after he fell. I must admit Bury FC's staff were very quick to respond to the emergency. 2 members of Bury's training/physio staff in particular, ( I only know one of their names ) were the one's doing the main resuscitation on the man's chest. Cannot fault the efforts of all the people who were involved in trying to save him. I do feel that the game should have been delayed. I am very sad to hear. from earlier posts. that he has passed away. God rest in peace, fellow supporter. My condolences to his loved ones and close freinds.
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    Bill? "Magic our Maurice"!
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    Scarily 75% of the room believed him..
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    It’s a disgraceful way to do business and every one of these CCJs should be exposed. Just because we are all rightly delighted at the recent upturn in playing fortunes doesnt mean we should start turning a blind eye.
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    No one on this board can do anything about team selection, results, or even the weather, but it doesn’t stop us discussing them.!
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    Played 122 games for us as a player, and brought us a promotion as a manager. Yes things went tits up for him at the end, but that’s football management. It happens more often than not. Anything other than a good reception for him would be embarrassing.
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    I have to be honest in thinking just before the Morecambe game how important it was not to lose the game, for me it was a watershed moment. The management team have done an excellent job, the players play for them, they've signed some leader's in the summer and they're very determined to succeed, a massive well done to them all. My prediction at the start of the season was 8th, I'd be disappointed with that now. I don't want to play the blame game, everyone has their views and things can quickly change, but what a relief it is to be looking forward to games after last season, let us as football fans enjoy it whilst it last's and have some fun supporting our beloved Shakers.
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    You're gonna watch Oldham v Forest Green? Shakers will be planning for life back in L1 by 25th May! I'm calling it, automatic promotion with games to spare.
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    Grateful that the doing a Chesterfield quotes have stopped
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    RIP Ian and my condolences to your daughter, family and friends. Supporting the Shakers from age 7 to 71, a true fan indeed.
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    He has limitations and needs to respond to the coaching / advice given in order to improve, in albeit a very demanding role. I would expect to see some improvement over the season as he adapts to regular first team football. But give me 11 of his ilk with his commitment and effort compered to the charlatans who masqueraded as Bury players last season. How soon some forget...
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    Poor thread in my opinion Shakercoola, as has been said he's a young lad just stepped up from non league football and you expect him not to make the odd mistake. His effort is obviously there and he's learning his game, maybe a little encouragement would be more apt at this stage of his career.
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    Well that could have been a whole lot worse....