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    We all know we are in a time of great uncertainty, but just to lighten the atmosphere (not wishing to detract from exiile's brilliant post) I decided to write summat encouraging. I can't remember the first time I found this mb but it was a few years ago. What was the purpose of starting it in the first place? Who's idea was it? Whatever the answers one thing is for certain. It has created a huge family. As with any family we have our disagreements, arguments and sometimes go a bit to far with name calling but we have stood firm and are still here, although some have left to belong to a place which is less, err, shall we say policed. I wanted to put this to print as there are too many of you to speak to 1 to 1. This mb, for me, has found me new friends enabling me to meet some of you down the 'Gigg'. If I may name just a few (apologies for those not included, nothing personal ) . Pete Red, Vinny, Rammy shaker, Myra, Efng, Exiled in Edgeley, King creosote, tubwash (who once saw me in panto with his sister!) Scales and Alan B. I must mention Barry p who visited me in hospital loaded with armfuls of goodies) Of course there are others but I cannot miss out the lad who means the most to me and you know who you are R11BFC . Had it not been for this mb I would never have got to know that one of my former teachers from Elton was the dad of this fella. We have struck up a fantastic relationship which somehow seems to be at it's strongest when the half time whistle goes at home matches (never understood why ) I am also certain that we all have our own small circle of 'family' when we take our seats and say hi to those around us we have got to know so well. I would like to think that if the worst was to happen to our much loved 2nd home, most of the 100's of similar friendships will remain. At the time of typing I learn that it appears Chris Brass has called off his petition and so we have been granted a slight reprieve. Right, I've waffled on for long enough now so I will say thank you to ALL of you who make life so worth coming on here and getting scowls from my missus cos I am typing and she wants to talk!! UTS
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    Members of the two largest, non-commercial online communities of Bury fans have joined forces in a bid to get answers about the club’s perilous financial state from its chairman. Steve Dale took control of the 134-year-old football club from Stewart Day in December 2018, claiming that he felt he had been given a “second chance” after suffering from leukaemia. In the intervening period, despite the team riding high in the League Two table, club employees have claimed that they have not received their salaries in March 2019. The club has also survived a winding up petition brought by former coach Chris Brass which was deferred and is now facing a £277,000 bill from HMRC on top of this. Supporters on Beardyman’s Big Bury Board on gigglane.com and the Bury FC Supporters Message Board on Facebook, which between them have more than 10,000 registered users, feel that Dale has not invested in the club to an extent which is needed. They are now demanding answers as to why players and club employees – many of whom are fans themselves – have not been paid what they are owed. “We understand the acute financial difficulties that face the club because of its small fanbase in the age of Premier League giants on its doorstep,” says one of the forum administrators of gigglane.com, Dominic Martinez. “Fans have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in the past to save the club and have already started a fighting fund with which to pay its staff. “While the club has acknowledged the financial problems it faces after the profligate reign of Stewart Day, it must keep its financial, moral and ethical obligations to its staff. “We also understand the need for change but believe that this should be managed in a structured, honest and transparent manner,” Martinez added. Fans on both forums believe passionately that they have an important role to play and that without them, the club is nothing. “We fully support the team and staff as the club faces the remaining four, crucial games that could result in automatic promotion to League One,” said the administrator of the Facebook group, Carl Bentley. “We the fans stand as one not just behind the team but behind every single member of the club’s staff. “They deserve, as do we, clear communication on the state that the club finds itself in. We are the only ones who truly love Bury Football Club and want it to continue. We will do everything we can to play our part,” Bentley added.
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    We're being watched on here? By Dale? Oh good. Hi Steve, I'm Rob from Tottington and I think you're a bellend.
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    Mr Dale (I know you're reading!) - this is going to be short and not so sweet. I want you out of my football club NOW. You will not ruin (if not already ruined by Mr Day) Bury FC. You can bring as many bodyguards as you want with you...but you will NOT break 3000 supporters, the players and staff of my football club. I am now in the process of reporting you to Bury North's MP, along with other authorities, e.g. the EFL. Take this message, to go quietly, with no cash or assets, as you have bitten off more than you can chew. Also, take a long hard look in the mirror and ask if you are proud of yourself? Personally, i'd be embarrassed. No regards. Andy Ashworth
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    Tell that man to message me on here, I will pay for ticket and give him a lift
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    ...better than the last one! And what a gesture, to ALL the Bury FC staff. I know it's been mentioned a couple of times already. Scales: Lovely touch to allow the office staff on the pitch at the end, and join in the huddle. ShakerSte: The joint huddle at the end almost brought tears to my eyes. But deserves a thread of it's own...can't wait to see the photos. I LOVE MY FOOTBALL CLUB.
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    Deserve their own thread. Firstly I would like to say thank you to them for what has already been a brilliant season full of some excellent, excellent football, togetherness and spirit in what must have often been incredibly trying circumstances, circumstances which I don’t think many of us were aware were at the extent they were until very recently. Thank you for banishing some of the on the field memories of last season and most of all thank you for agreeing to play until the rest of the season no matter what, something which we have absolutely no rights to expect. All too often in the modern game players are criticised for only being interested in the money therefore it is only right and proper to really highlight this as many others have already done. I hope (and fully expect) that everyone displays the correct level of appreciation tomorrow and for the rest of the season to each and every member of the squad. I hope (and again expect) a real sense of unity amongst the fans and between the players tomorrow and I hope this transmits to a more positive result. If it doesn’t it doesn’t, we will still be singing ‘We love you Bury, we do!’ come the final whistle. Remember Danny Mayor jumping on the referee’s back when we scored late on, when Eoghan O’Connell stuck that one in the top corner, the wild celebrations when the winner went in again MK Dons, Nicky’s daft celebration against Lincoln, Maynard taking the mick out of O’Shea for only scoring penalties, the comeback against Oldham, the last minute against Stevange, the smiles so often seen on fans and players this season ! This is what we are about ! Like the Main Stand said at the end of Tuesday’s game - Come on Bury !!!
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    Ticket bought that man is going to the game and that empty seat in my car is now filled
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    Thanks everyone - we've now passed the target! Speaking on behalf of all the admins and moderators it's lovely to know you value the board and the work done (all for free in case anyone doesn't know) to keep the forum running and, we hope, running smoothly with as little nonsense and infighting as some other forums are troubled by. Still Running Man asked recently on this thread about the history of the forum. Briefly, and if anyone can correct me please do, as I understand it this particular forum was started by Gordon Sorfleet when he left the Navy (or while he was still in?) probably getting on for 20 years ago or so. This led to him getting a job at the club - which he still has - and the forum became the official Bury FC forum. Then - and someone here can please correct me on the exact date - the club had the SOS campaign in 2002/2003 due to the financial problems the club faced. I was listening to BBC GMR and heard Wagg talk about the problems and how the club was urging everyone, no matter what team they support (and I was an armchair United 'fan') to go to the home game that afternoon to support the club by buying a ticket. So me and my then wife went down to Gigg. As soon as I started approaching the stadium I had some odd memory from childhood. I still don't know what it was, but I had been there before for something as a child. I fell in love with the place before I even got through the turnstile. If my memory is right (and I have a bad memory for specifics) it was a terrible game and I think it was the game that confirmed Bury were relegated that season. No one seemed overly fussed though as they had obviously expected it. But for me the day meant something else and I must have been one of the few people in the stadium that day to be happy! That led to me joining the forum and noticing the problems (it was on a slow server and the club couldn't really even pay for it - I think Gordon may have been paying for it personally even). As I had a dedicated server for my business, I offered to host it. That led to me getting involved financially and time-wise in hosting, buying domains names, setting up new software, buying gigglane.com and offering email addresses etc and becoming an administrator really just so I could do the tech side. But over time a family built up of moderators (many people over the years have done their stint and we thank them all for that) to help the board run smoothly. At this stage the board was themightyshakers.co.uk (I forget what it was before then, someone will remember I'm sure). Long story short(er) - you could probably write a very boring book on this subject - when *T*wa*t Day took over the club I was hopeful that with all the new 'money' he was bringing to the club, Bury FC could take over the forum management properly again and I could stop paying for it after a decade or more. Of course, the reality is Day didn't want a forum. At least not one that didn't make them money and not one they couldn't moderate in the way they wanted. So almost overnight the message came down from the 'top' the forum was being closed down and they were starting the Bury FC Network (does that still exist?). We were about to pull the plug when we decided we just couldn't do it. Forum members were gutted when we announced it and, despite looking forward to the lifting of the burden of being involved, a quick decision was made to keep it alive. I hope the historic thread on this is still on the board somewhere? So we transferred all the data from the old forum to thew new one and crossed our fingers that the club/Day wouldn't challenge that (it would have been a complicated argument as to who really had the rights to anything because of the way it had been funded etc). We changed the domain from themightshakers.co.uk to gigglane.com which my company already owned, and continued as an unofficial board (which is how it had started originally). Of course, this had to be the end of Gordon's involvement as he worked for the club but his key role in the forum should never be forgotten. We decided the best way forward was to start a non-profit limited liability company to run the board which is what we did and Gigg Lane 1885 was born. I gifted the assets that were owned by my company to the new company. Then we started the fundraising so we could pay for the legal fees, annual accountancy fees, software, domain renewals, etc etc and the hosting (which is not on any of my servers any more. There was an option for me to charge the company for hosting but I decided not to do that in case it was misconstrued, so we use an independent hosting company). None of us have ever taken any money from the company except for direct expenses (ie, we all paid for things out of pocket when we started like the legal fees for the company setup, the initial purchase of the new forum licence etc). And that leaves us where we are today. A fan-funded, independent, not-for-profit forum that has been home to discussion on the last 20 or so years of ups and downs (no jokes there please) of Bury FC. Again, thanks to everyone who has been involved at any level - from Gordon for starting it (and I think Gordon may even have taken over from someone else whose name I forget, I'm sorry - actually Carlton springs to mind now?), to the numerous moderators and administrators who have worked tirelessly to keep the board as sensible as possible, and of course to all the members who make the forum what it is. For me, it's a special place that we have all carefully nurtured to be as safe and family-friendly as possible compared with some of the other forums out there (and each have their role). Finally, I was clearing out some stuff recently and found these tickets (along with lots of programmes from 2003 onwards - and if anyone wants them please let me know, they are in Manchester and I'm not going to ship them to Spain). The fact I kept these tickets, and the date - 1st March 2003 - suggests to me they are probably from that first 'SOS' game that I went to that led to my involvement in Bury FC. It'd be nice for someone to confirm that's true rather than them just being two random tickets from a random game Thanks again and UTS!
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    Regardless of the rivalry between the two clubs as a Dale fan I have seen my fair share of uncertainty over the 42 Years I have followed Dale. I genuinely hope that you guys get out of this situation that your club finds itself in and can somehow manage to sort out the mess you are currently in. Dont fully understand everything behind it but Good Luck and lets hope we meet again next year (preferably in L1) Cheers
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    Bolton fan in peace just wanted to say how much of a shame it is to see our clubs in this situation. I know we have been taken over but time will tell if we are out of the woods. The EFL are clueless only on Monday at our supporters trust meeting they sent s statement saying that they stand by their comment that Bolton had enough money to complete the season two days later Anderson said that he was not funding the club so work that out also they said they cannot get involved as they are a competition body not a governing body so what is the point in them. One club will go bust because of them and it was and still could be us. Hopefully you will get through this and our rivalry will continue next season. I wouldn’t wish any fan to go through what we have gone through and I would never want a club to go out of existence as fans deserve a club to support and for it to be run properly. Anyway good luck in your promotion bid and see you next season up the shakers and up the trotters
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    I have no doubt that Rammy and others who have posted some pretty strong stuff about Dale are not only well intentioned but well informed - in comparison to me! However, I have taken the view that, a) until I have some proof that Dale has some wicked devious plan beyond speculation and b) there is something I can actually do about anything other than whip myself into a depressive frenzy . . . I would prefer to concentrate on things that are the football fans' primary role - support my club. I do have to say that, if I were a player reading this board (which I know many of them do), I would have lost all will to live and would be spending all my time locked in conversations with my agent and trawling recruitment websites. This is surely not what we want them to do when they are on the verge of what would be one of the most unlikely and amazing promotions in our history. I desperately want Ryan Lowe, Schuey and the Beast to drag us up and for the players to truly enjoy with us what would be a fantastic achievement. Quite a lot of the ideas that have been aired on here I think would move the focus away from the games that are left and in the direction of something we have no control over. I also think that some of the comment and speculation has veered into serious libel which also puts this site at risk. Organising financial support for the staff, turning up in force for the games (something that sadly I personally can't do at present ) and writing in to the club, the press and the players personally with strong messages of support and encouragement for the games ahead is something we can all do and, while we can harbour foul and dastardly thoughts and share them on here about perceived baddies - it won't change a thing. I would be more in favour of turning out with inflatable black puddings, blue and white rattlers/clappers, men on stilts, juggling mono cyclists and anything else that will lift spirits and enable us and the media to get behind to support our club. personally, If anyone can put together some workable ideas I am prepared to fund it! I personally think the issues concerning the immediate future for the club are for Forever Bury and Steve Dale to lock horns over with the help of the PFA, MP's, Council and the EFL and we should be supporting them in saving our club. I support the club first and foremost and have the greatest of respect for my fellow message boarders who are fellow travellers. We all want to see the club survive so lets concentrate all of our efforts in the best way we can by getting right behind the team and not get sucked into some great vortex of depression!
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    I just wanted to say, I am not a Bury FC fan (although the username may suggest otherwise!) But hand on heart it has been spectacular to see you all come together during these hard times and look after the people that really need it the most. I support a local rival team and it really isn't nice to see any club go through this. Too many people don't understand that when I club is on the brink, it's not just 11 football players on a pitch that are in danger of losing their jobs. It's Mary in the tea rooms, it's Mike on the turnstiles, it's Sam the programme seller etc. They've all got mouths to feed, and although yes sometimes you get a slight sense of joy that a rival club is in trouble, if you don't show any remorse then you're really not a true football fan. Well done all of you for getting behind the people who work day (sorry) in, day (sorry again) out for your club - if things are as bad as they're made out to be then you can only be applauded as a club for the way your fans are handling it. I'll whack a tenner in the GoFundMe page if it's still going if that's of any help.
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    Not going to name him but a great gesture from the Golden Gamble winner today, handed the envelope to Lynne after the match and asked that it be used to help the staff 👏
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    ...through this almighty mess; at least we are sticking together, as true Bury supporters. Well done everyone, let's keep focusing on what we can do, even if that means a Phoenix Club in due course. Good, can often come out of bad - so cling onto that thought. UTS and BTID.
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    Made his 600th career start on Saturday. Well done him and thanks for keeping us in the game 1st half especially
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    awesome post. one of the things that drew me to this forum was that of its family feel our own variants would never dare to share something like this even if felt. I concur with the message here, I've gotten to 'know' some via here and at times felt a support and comeradery that as a foreigner and a blade I probably don't deserve, I've enjoyed being able to post, share comments and thoughts, help with the predictions etc, but nothing has meant as much as these last few days seeing this family hurting. I'm confident you will survive this latest drama, I'm sure there will be many low points to come but also some highs, I look forward to sharing both with you.
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    Given the financial dire straits we are in - thanks to Stewart Day and to some extent Steve Dale what I am about to say will be completely amoral to supporters of other clubs, but given that none of us supporters have had a chance to influence what has happened at boardroom level for such a long time then I feel justified in saying this, as I am solely interested in saving the club from oblivion. I don't think we are going to have a knight in shining armour come to rescue us in our current state. My forlorn hope and I feel its got a less than 50% of happening is that we get promoted (PLEASE!) then the club goes into administration and someone with a bit of nouse re negotiates our debts and that we take the 12 point hit in League one with an absolute skeleton team. We will undoubtedly get relegated but all our efforts should be on rebuilding the club for the 2020-21 season in League Two. Can you imagine starting League Two with a 12 point deficit? I know there will be a LOT of criticism from other fans and people from outside the club but I can honestly say that myself and others tried very hard at forums, with local & national newspapers, with shareholders meetings, message boards and elsewhere to highlight the wrongheadedness of Stewart Day's regime. Stewart Day hoodwinked all of us to a larger or lesser extent, but he hoodwinked NN, managers, players, Mederco investors, shareholders, auditors and the countless people he loaned money from. He owned 90% of the shares. He could do what he wanted and even with some moral and public pressure he still has left us with a mountain to climb. We will put the SD(1+2) regimes into our past but we all need to stick together. The next 12 months are going to be a VERY rough ride with very little sympathy from a lot of the wider football and business world but we just have to remember that we are supporters of Bury FC - a local club for people from Bury. We don't deserve our football club to be dragged through the mud again and again. I hope that the people who become custodians of this great club recognise this next time.
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    May I just say R 11 that I am thinking of you right now. This post stuck with me since reading it the other night. I found it very sad on a number of different levels, some more important than others. Can I just say (I am certain on behalf of many others on here too) that I wish you well in any personal battles you may be facing at this moment in time. As someone who took the time to say hello when I first joined this MB and as someone who personally contacted me when I had some time away from here (and although I have never met you in person) I value you and your contribution (to both this place and the club) greatly - again as I am certain so many others do. I hope you enjoyed today as much as I did, despite (as I read elsewhere) being embraced by a certain Barry P. Stay strong fella. Anyway, enough of this sentimental nonsense ...... UTS
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    Yes, I'm still around. I've shied away from posting on here, however I have kept tabs on the developments from afar. I'm afraid that in my experience of dealing with Mr Dale in the course of my business, everything that I can see happening is exactly how I feared it would go, although I'm astonished it has got to this point so quickly. Several people have suggested that Mr Dale has experience in "turning businesses around". Mr Dale's business is buying failing companies with no intention of turning them around. I'm fairly sure that of the 60-odd businesses he's linked with on Companies House, not one has been "turned around". Bury FC is (I suspect) just another example. My guess is that his knowledge of football is so limited that he simply didn't realise the strength of feeling and publicity it would create, or that he thought it was worth the risk to get his hands on a valuable piece of land. (As an aside, the reason he withdrew his interest in buying Widnes Vikings RL was that the ground wasn't part of the deal.) There was definitely an application to transfer the ground which was lodged with Land Registry however this appears not to have gone through. This is maybe because Day hoodwinked him like he did everyone else at Bury and he didn't know it was tied up as security. Or that he wasn't aware it was listed (at the time) as an asset of community value. Possibly that is why he has negotiated with Chris Brass to delay any administration/liquidation while he tries to sort it. I'm certainly not confident Brass will end up being settled. My suspicion is that he will try to persuade the players with money further down the line to get them to play tomorrow. There are some details which I'm not prepared to disclose on a public forum which occurred during my dealings with Mr Dale which pretty much mirror some of the tales I've heard here. I sincerely hope Bury come out of this in one piece, I suspect to do that, they need to be put into administration before the major assets are "dealt with", take the 12 point hit and hope someone (maybe Forever Bury?) can step in to run it. I have no particular leaning towards Bury FC. However I am a passionate believer in fairness and transparency at the lower levels of professional and grassroots football. I detest seeing any club struggle through blatantly immoral ownership and as mentioned in my posts back in December, my club suffered from such people. I am fully aware that there's bugger all anyone can do about the situation as it stands, other than sit with fingers crossed, stick together and hope.
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    Is Thursday the actual quoted deadline by the powers that be, from their mouths? If it is, we support the team 100% on Monday. And as soon as the whistle goes for the end of the match we unfurl banners, chants and something memorable aimed at the directors to remind them of their responsibilities. We unleash a coordinated media campaign where we all inundate the media and social media with pressure on the board. We support the staff with funds and collect money and goods for them through Forever Bury. That's just off the top of my head.
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    Bullock, let me try and explain. During SD's reign a number of people did an awful lot to try and expose what has now come to light. This required a number of things : A lot of research and pulling together of as much information and evidence to try and piece together the complex web that SD and others were weaving using the professional expertise of people who do understand these things To engage with people who could try an influence - working with David Conn on the article was to effectively say to the board - people are watching and that we do know what you are doing Tried our hardest to communicate what was going, to hopefully make see and understand what was really happening. For this Many took personal abuse and snide comments, repeatedly, - I urge you to go back through the message board and look up some posts (Bowks, George and many others, interestingly where are they now - they are still here under different user names!) Others, and I include you in this, took to repeatedly defensive posting, but appearing to try to shout out the points the being raised - this is yours and others perrogative but you must surely see now that it was unhelpful to what others were trying to do! Why was all this important? 6 years ago we were a professional football club that despite having on-going financial issues due to the uncertain nature of professional football : Most importantly owned the ground Whilst debts and cash-flow were an ongoing struggle, the numbers allowed for the cycles and it was easier to understand where an investment of say £500k may be sought, challenging but doable with the right focus Whilst of course all fans want success, most clubs know their place. League 1 would be nice and where we aspire and sometimes play. Top end of League 2 the norm. That isn't lack of ambition, that is ambition - I think most fans understand this What was apparent to those that investigated, was that Day et al were doing was changing the whole basis of points 1 and 2. Unless Day was really a property tycoon, or as others insisted had a mysterious backer! They were about to change the future of Bury FC in the future - and not for the good. If we could not mobiise then, the position we are now in was obvious from the research. When all the evidence showed us that Day and pals had far less money and assets than many even on this board, coupled with the cringeworthy rhetoric that (hats off to him) many lapped up like the second coming - we knew we were in trouble. Here is the one thing, I personally got wrong - the timing. I underestimated how big the pyramid could be built - I had estimated about 3-4 years before the fuel of money lenders would run out. I am still surprised by how much can built up and is a learning for me! Could we ever have overturned the SD regime, I'm not sure, did we fail - yes! But please never question that many tried - and now you might understand why every other post of "but what can we do about it?" irks myself and others and quite simply put we could not "enjoy the ride".
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    Let's be honest here, it's 18 months since he should have been paid. he probably tried every avenue under Day to get what is rightfully owed to him. He has a family and commitments like all of us probably do. It will be his solicitor who is steering it in this direction. I bet if he didn't have to do it this way he wouldn't have - he's been left with no alternative in my opinion. He was a good servant to the club - he wasn't a slave.
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    Congratulations to Barry P and wife Elle, on the birth of their baby daughter:
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    It's been noted & shared on this board that you've issued an email setting out your strong feelings towards the current situation of Bury FC. You state in this email that Forever Bury are preparing for Bury FC going into administration & so of course are very worried. In it you state you require help & support (in different forms) from current & past Forever Bury members. You do not mention that you want the same from any other Bury FC fans, nor do you reach out to everyone on this message board in your plight for help in what effects EVERY Bury FC fan & follower. I suggest that a senior member of Forever Bury should 'NOW' be very present on this very message board in outlying what is known, what you plan, what exact support & help is required, how best to contact you...& what 'ARE' your plans. Also as of 1 hour ago (when I tried) your contact page on your website does not work in that it would not allow me to fill out the message box &/nor send. How can anyone contact you if this continues not to work & why is there no contact number available online? This message board represents a large number of Bury FC fans, everyone would be absolutely gutted to see the club go under. Please Forever Bury, do the right thing & reach out & communicate to ALL fans & followers. Now is the time to ALL pull together to make sure everything possible is done in saving the club. I'm sure everyone of us would appreciate your communication, especially at this desperate time. Thank you
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    Let's replicate Carlisle away - non stop singing, clapping and encouraging...and NOT one boo. To show everyone what our club means to us. COME ON BURY.
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    Get Out of Bury Football Club; there is less than five weeks before the next date with the High Court. Steve Dale must be gone by then if #buryfc are to have any hope of surviving. If you think our only hope of surviving is if he has gone then what exactly would be your solution? For me you are potentially killing off any last gasp chance, however slim that might be. If I was Dale and was genuine about what I was trying to do and read some of this stuff I would be angry, in the same way I would be angry if my staff were leaking stuff to the press. What has been most surprising and disappointing is how supporters have turned on each other during this time, some of the vitriol has been outright shocking, all this garbage of who was right to call out Day and the vilifying those that didn't is pretty sad tbh. Anyway its matchday tomorrow and lets just hope fans get behind the club and there is no stupid nonsense about Dale etc I think also what needs to stop is the public denigration of Dale at this stage - just what is the point? Lets see how things unfold and if it turns out to be as bad as predicted then fair do's. The last thing we want to do is hack off a lifeline ...if that exists. UTS
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    This could be the making of us. Desperate times and if we come out of the other side we will have all learnt a lesson. Next time we spend money we shouldnt - we protest, we make it clear it isn't what we want. We back initiatives, we bring friends to games we promote and eulogise about the club and why it is great. We accept it's about a game on a Saturday more than a promotion at seasons ends. We don't complain about a tough run of results we think of what we have and why we love it. We see any relegations as opportunities and new adventures and we embrace them. We love players while they are here but accept it won't be forever and we wish them well on a move and greater earnings and see what their replacement is like. We love our club for what it is and what it means to us not for whether it's in league one or the championship or even the conference. UTS - good luck tomorrow and see you Saturday 👍
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    Now is the time.....to support our club in every way possible. Now is the time to get to as many of the remaining games ( home and away ) as possible. Now is the time to stop sniping and spreading rumours. We can't do anything about the past but we can help our club's future. Now is the time to stop booing our players , management and back room staff who have been playing under the stress of not getting paid on time. Have faith and help in whatever way we can UTS
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    Sobering. People wanted a statement, so here it is. It makes sense to me. It doesn't excuse rudeness to staff, nor does it excuse non-payment of salaries - but the culpability of Stewart Day is plain. What was he thinking?. Let's get behind this fantastic team on Saturday and hope for the best.
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    The most emotional moments for me were towards the end of the second half, rooting for our guys, most of whom who looked to be dead on their feet but with a steely determination to get the job done. I've already said this before but will say it again - whatever happens from now on I can't thank them enough for this season and wish each and every one of them good luck and success in the future, wherever their futures lie. We are Bury. We are loud and proud. UTS
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    I'm suspicious of Dale; anyone who gets balls-deep involved in a money pit football club with no prior links or ties either needs their head feeling or has ulterior motives. I'm pinning hope on Dale being the exception. If Dale has any money to throw into the Bury FC financial black-hole then he'd been a fool to do it now. Once any unsecured creditors get the sniff of cash, we'll be back in court. The magic money tree is dead, we're skint and need to look skint and the irony our club is sponsored by "Tappit, the cashless experience" being cash only is not wasted. I'm hoping that whilst Dale is fire fighting he's also started negotiations with secured creditors who have charges against the ground. Assuming negotiations are successful, Gigg Lane would be relatively safe from any asset stripper - assuming we can maintain repayments! Slashing the football wage bill next season while still being competitive, continuing to develop decent youth prospects and giving youth a clear and guaranteed path to the first team all with a decent manager who can replicate the togetherness and spirit of this season... Ok, I know, wishful thinking... I'm dreaming... In the short term we need to reduce the deficit which is killing the club. I've been through redundancy, administration and sale process and not been paid for work, it's brutal, feels horrible and probably worse if you love your employer - the club... But our deficit could be higher than 2.5 million - it's eye-watering that we are (and have been for years) spending £7,000 a day more than we earn. If staff do leave and find other employment to help reduce our losses, we as fans need to thank them. The club also needs to be supporting them. Staff who are willing to dig deep and stay should be all hands to the pumps to maximise revenue. Any task that doesn't generate income should be on the back-burner. Forever Bury also desperately need that meeting with Dale, Mccarthy or ideally both. Off the top of my head, we need to know 1) Dale is doing the right things, 2) the scale of the problem and 3) how we as fans can help. There are 100s of people on this message board alone who have skills, experience, contacts, time, money etc etc. Together we can actually help and the club need to mobilise people and Forever Bury (the structure) is the best way for that to happen. Should the worst happen and May 4th is a brick wall, Forever Bury will also be best placed to salvage something from the dust and with information a plan can be formed so we're ready for such a scenario.
  33. 14 points
    Just our luck if they are all called Sodje....but fingers crossed.
  34. 14 points
    I was one of them. They need the same kind of support that got us back into the MK Dons game. No point booing them off. They would be scared stiff of making errors and unmotivated then and I think they deserve much more this season. They tried. They really did. But we can't give gifts and expect to win games. But that is an aside to the way they need to be supported for the rest of the campaign.
  35. 13 points
    Arguably the most ludicrous thread I've ever read on here.
  36. 13 points
    For the record, it’s James Daly I’ve been working with on this as well. I’ve had four separate phone calls with him today and exchanged a few emails about particulars and potential options. He’s putting in a lot of time and effort to try and help us here. If anyone on this board is using that to make cheap shots about a government he’s not actually involved in as a local councillor, I would respectfully suggest that it’s a discussion maybe saved for another time.
  37. 13 points
  38. 13 points
    Holy sh!t.. Get in Steve, the vast vast majority of us are true fans and are right behind you and your health. You could have walked and didn't, you've show more character than anyone we could hope for in this situation. Simply Brilliant, he's come out fighting and I love it.. now that's what we have to do.
  39. 12 points
    To be fair mate, I doubt you or I know the size of the budget available to every manager in L2 - Cowley (never reported) has more money to play with than any manager in Lincoln's history, MK will always have more money than us etc etc, so it seems unfair to call people "deluded" for disagreeing with you. On your wider point, I'd have agreed with you about Lowe somehow feeling tarnished until this most recent crisis. But not anymore, because if we go up he has stood up AGAIN and made a difference at the crunch moments, just like he drove that team forward in 2011 (assisted by the energy of one S Schumacher) after Knill left, scoring the most goals from a Bury forward in a season I think since Madden. And it is often forgotten how he lost his goal touch through the middle of the 2015 season but found it again when we needed it at the end - Newport away, Wimbledon at home. He is a legend because in the crunch moments you remember his immense contribution. He could have walked away after the relegation, but he stuck at it, backed himself and we have had some wonderful memories amid off-field chaos this season. If we finish the job he has been promoted twice as a player, scoring the goal that did it for us first time, and then again as a manager. Not really sure what else he has to do, but it is subjective and you're entitled to feel otherwise. Personally I am over the angling for the move to Tranmere in 2011, and he only left in 2016 because we (rightly I reckon) wouldn't match Crewe's 2-year deal. He was still back at Bury by February.
  40. 12 points
    Good man Steve. I think the key thing here is that we don't let the grass grow like last time. We were caught a little by surprise by the non-payment of wages, but it will come as no surprise this time. There's little else we can do financially to help the staff, but I'd welcome any communication from those who are employed by the club as to how else the wider community can help (if at all). This isn't about Dale anymore, it's about looking after those who look after our club. We'll deal with him in due course. I am currently in the process of collecting the luncheon vouchers distributed by my work which I'll send over to the staff. It won't be massive amount of money - maybe £100, but they're redeemable at most high street shops and might just ease the burden of having to find money for lunches whilst they're not receiving their pay.
  41. 12 points
    I'm 36 and I'd consider the only legend to be Andy Bishop. To me he is the one who most clearly meets the definition of a legend. His goals scored speaks for itself and even more so in the context that they were scored whilst playing alongside some of the most limited players to have played for the club. Promotions are nice but his goals kept us in the league, his goals preserved over a hundred years of history. His goals kept the badge of honour for the club. He understood the club and lived in the town. You could see him havin a pint in Rammy. He wanted to be at Bury. He turned down moves. But most of all he put his body on he line. He played when injured, he played when others wouldn't. He gave his all, played through the pain barrier. I've not seen anyone give the club the respect it deserves like he did.
  42. 12 points
    Out of interest what achievements do you believe you need to reach legend status? Scoring 27 league goals in a promotion winning season? Scoring the winning goal that got us promoted to League 1? Returning to the club successfully on 3 separate occasions - 179 appearances for us? Was a class player even when not on the score-sheet - always a consummate professional? A delight to watch, always gives his all and 'gets' the fans? Win % this season as manager is 51.85 Not given much chance at the end of last season where we all hoped for a stabilising season (haha!) but has managed to take us to just needing 4 points for automatic promotion As for mentions of chasing money and mercenary blah blah .. Sheffield Wednesday came calling and he was at the top of his game - a combination of his and their ambition made it impossible for him to turn it down, you don't get many shots at moving to a club the size of Sheff Weds
  43. 12 points
    He owes us nothing. It's not his fault if a season that was shaping up to be one of our most memorable ends in a shambles. As far as I'm concerned he'll always have my gratitude and best wishes.
  44. 12 points
    Anyone with any doubts regarding how worthwhile the campaign is, or the benefits to the staff of our club should read this. Brilliant effort from everyone, and thanks for initiating it Steve. Unbelievable that it has come to this though.
  45. 12 points
  46. 12 points
    As a business model in its current format, no. As a football club, community hub, memory builder, place where you meet your mates, and make new ones, a recognition of the town, thing to live for on a Saturday afternoon up and down the country, place to take your kids and grandkids, for the history we have already made, for the joy it brings when we win and also the dejection when we lose, for every Watford, Chesterfield or Tranmere moment, for the staff, fans far and wide and the greater football family, ABSOLUTELY 100% YES.
  47. 12 points
    He seems to be " up for it". I left early on Tuesday so I know nothing about the incident cited in the penultimate paragraph. However, I caught the end of the game on Radio Manchester and heard applause and chants for our defeated team. The statement is consistent. He never claimed to be willing or able to pour lots of money into the club. He has taken on a moribund business which may have been sustained by a chain of debt. Let's give it a go. Together. There is no other option.
  48. 12 points
    I honestly don’t know what to believe. Right now I am worried, frustrated, feel like I may well end up feeling well and truly duped and am genuinely quite emotional about it all. What had promised to be an unbelievably memorable season may well still be for all the wrong reasons. I can only comment on what I can see ... and this season that has been a group of lads and a coaching staff who I have pretty much fallen in love with, a group who despite a couple of bad results and performances recently have given their all and been a joy to watch in action. Today, I have taken the decision to attend every remaining game this season, home or away and give those lads and that set of coaches my full support. We could lose 12 nil on Saturday and this will not change. UTS
  49. 12 points
    People running the club making mistakes or a con man, if the club doesn’t survive what’s the difference. The difference is that a person trying his/her best to run the club on a sound financial footing but ultimately failing at the least deserves our gratitude for their efforts. On the other hand someone who fuels their short term ego trip by employing dubious financial measures that had to rebound only deserves our disgust.
  50. 12 points
    I thought the worst performance tonight was the 1000 or so fans who walked out on the 3rd goal. The team gave 100 percent those who walked out didn't.
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