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    There has been much speculation about you leaving to take the Luton managers job. I know it is a decision you will take for you and your family's future, but please consider also the family you have here at Bury FC. I, along with many others would like you to stay and carry on leading both your team and us, the supporters. You have brought some of the best entertainment to Gigg Lane in nearly half a century. Not only is the football free-flowing, it is being played in the right sporting spirit. Also, the combination of you, your staff and the new Chairman have brought a feeling of renewed hope that as a club we can all help Bury FC survive the terrible mess of the past five years. Already this season you have proved to be a Manager that is being noticed by other clubs, as supporters we already knew you were doing a great job and, are pleased to see others appreciating your efforts. Whilst I appreciate that you will receive offers from clubs higher up the footballing pyramid and, the offers will continue to come; I implore you to stay and lead this great club back to League One status at the very least. I trust others on this board will take a few moments to express their appreciation of what you are doing for our club and show you their support.
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    Imps fan in peace Won't take up too much of your board- I posted a couple of times before our game in August. Really looking forward to this game on Saturday- even though it was early season, Bury remain the most "complete" team who have been to Sincil Bank this season. Looked like you needed a couple more games to get EFL 2 ready but it was clear you would be in the shouting for top 3- had some real quality in the team. Looks like we will have around 1,000 there- have 3 away games on the bounce now (Yeovil tomorrow, Bury then Notts County away). 5.30pm and the County game (where we are 600 tickets short of a 4,300 sell out away end) means some have rationed the away games. Will be a cracking atmosphere nonetheless. Good luck for the season- in all sincerity, since we played you, have been keeping an eye on how you are doing- genuinely amongst the nicest away fans and proper footballing team we've had at the Bank so I hope you come up with us at season end (we have Mansfield and MK to play away yet so hopefully will aim to do you a favour there).
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    No scapegoats this season please. Yes Stokes has cost us a few goals, but he has made good contributions as well. Let’s win as a team and lose as a team - supporters included.
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    Done (no questions or comments needed please!): From: Andy Ashworth Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019 12:17 PM To: Forest Green Rovers Subject: Complaint re Steward Number 34 PLEASE PASS ON THIS FORMAL COMPLAINT TO MR VINCE AND YOUR SAFETY OFFICER IN CHARGE OF STEWARDING. I’m a Bury fan and had a rather unpleasant experience with one of your stewards on Saturday, whose number was 34. He’s a fairly stocky guy, with a grey beard or goatee. I won’t spend too long typing the complaint, because it would be easier to explain verbally to someone in authority at your football club. However, these are the relatively brief details: 1. Steward 34 prevented a Bury fan from entering the ground for something or nothing or a bit of banter if you like. The said Bury fan, is a club employee of Bury Football Club! I went to the steward/police to testify for the Bury fan and to give him a break and use some common-sense. I was basically told to clear off by Steward 34 – he came across as obnoxious and power mad. 2. At half time there was an incident going on behind the away side. Lo and behold it was Steward 34 ejecting a Bury fan for what would again appear to be something or nothing, although i would add i didn't see the incident. But i did hear another Bury fan explaining the situation in an articulate and sober way, only for Steward 34 to effectively say he wasn't interested and he was being ejected. Once again he came across as obnoxious and power mad...it was like he was looking for any reason to throw Bury fans out. I told Steward 34 that in the hundreds of football matches I've been to, he was one of the worst stewards I'd come across and was a disgrace. At that point, i turned around and walked away. A second later i was pounced on by Steward 34 from behind and dragged out, assisted by 2 other stewards. I asked why i was being ejected and Steward 34 said he’d had enough of me. Is that a good enough reason? Is telling the truth or at least my honest perception of the truth, a crime or reason to be ejected? 3. During the 2nd half, i told several police officers what had happened and they told me to complain to the club. Otherwise, if i didn't, nothing would be done, nor the steward censored appropriately. 4. Near the end of the 2nd half, i told the Police Officer from Bury that my flag was inside the ground and asked how i get it back. He told me to wait for the final whistle and then make my way past the Bury fans to get it. I did as i was told. As i made my way to the away entrance/exit – who did i come across again? Yes, you’ve guessed it, Steward 34! He prevented me from going any further. When i told him my flag was inside the ground and I'd been given permission by a police officer to retrieve it, in his now familiar obnoxious manner, he effectively said he wasn't interested and i wasn't going back in the ground. What lack of common-sense. 5. At this point, i told him i was going to make a formal complaint and wanted his name – he refused, which is fair enough and said, i could have his number instead. I asked what it was and he said it was on his bib. However, his bib was crumpled up and no number was showing. I told him that and he kept saying his number was on his bib. I must have asked about 10 times, with the same reply by him, until eventually, he showed me his number. When i said i wanted to take a photograph of it, he immediately covered it up again, i asked him repeatedly to show me again and he refused. I then left the scene telling him i would be formally complaining, as I'd been asked to do by several police officers. Now i know it’s his word against mine, but to give you my background, I'm a 55 year old retired Bank Manager who has never, ever been ejected, arrested or involved in any football related violence, etc., in 40 odd years of watching hundreds of football matches. I’m sure this steward will have had complaints about him before, there again, maybe not, because people tend not to want to waste time phoning up, typing emails, writing letters, etc. But when i see an injustice – that’s what i do, take the time to raise the issue, so something is done about it. In my experience of Steward 34, he is power mad, obnoxious, lacks common-sense and in general, an unpleasant character. In short, in my opinion, he is not fit for purpose to be a steward and even worse, i think he is one of your senior stewards. As a side issue, I'm led to believe that 2 separate stewards, literally punched Bury fans. Now i didn't see these incidents, so i can’t really comment, in fact, the first 2 stewards i met at the away tent who allowed me to put my flag up were great. But overall, in my honest opinion your football club has an issue with several stewards, especially Steward 34. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS FURTHER. Thank you and regards. Andy Ashworth P.S. When i phoned up today to obtain an email address (all your emails on your website are for media, hospitality, events, etc.). I ended up speaking to Matt at Ecotricity (Extension 5577) as my phone call was re-directed there, as nobody answered at your football club. Before phoning me back to discuss further, please speak to him, as i think he will have some wise words to add and vouch for me. By the way, he was excellent; as was the lady i spoke to last week, when i was checking it was okay to bring my flag. Forest Green is a great little club but have things to learn (the idea to invite Bolton Wanderers fans to the game for example, even if i feel sorry for your club and what Bolton have done, was a recipe for disaster) and in many ways, why I'm spending part of my Monday typing this email...which to be honest, is the last thing i want to do. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
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    I feel like I have had my money’s worth and some for my season ticket already this season ! Another cracking game, more great football and a never say die attitude that stands out above all else. I honestly don’t think I have looked forward to going games at Gigg as much as I currently do, something I don’t say lightly. It is a sign of how far we have come since last season that despite feeling much pride in this squad yet again, my overriding feeling after that game is actually disappointment that we didn’t win in. Once again I feel the need to say to Ryan Lowe AND all his playing staff ..... THANK YOU! UTS
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    Those of us listening to the commentary today might want to add some extra excitement to the game tonight. Print of the game card below and try your luck! All in fun. The commentary has improved greatly this season and Brian Rigby has provided a nice counterweight to Maurice's excitement with his perceptive comments. Keep it up lads!
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    For anyone on here who is unsure or as yet undecided on purchasing James’s new book ‘Things Can Only Get Better’, I would like to offer some informed reassurance. I was delighted when James asked me at the start of this project to help guide him throughout the process of creating this book. By reading through the draft of each chapter as he wrote it, I was along with a couple of others, to review, edit, fact check, and generally advise where it could be made even better. This was a long, but immensely enjoyable task and it soon became clear that with the subject matter covered of the 1990’s being such a momentous period in the club’s history, this book would be a winner and not just with fans who followed Bury at that time. Though I have read the whole written content of the completed book, I am still eagerly awaiting to see it in it’s published form with photographs etc., and I look forward to going to the collection and signing this Saturday. Apart from reliving the many memorable games, incredible achievements and other major events of the period there is so much more to enjoy, including an abundance of previously unknown gold nuggets of inside information from the players and staff involved including cherished memories from various supporters of Bury and even other clubs. I can honestly say that James has done a wonderful job and I am honoured to have been of help in producing an absolute treat for all fans that is not to be missed. If you enjoyed ‘The Forgotten Fifteen’, then with ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ they certainly do.
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    Given the weather conditions, the state of the pitch and stakes between two high flying teams that was a helluva game. Thoroughly entertaining and both teams and coaches should take credit for serving up some exciting football.
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    May I apologise on behalf of the vast majority of Bury fans?. The idiots responsible for the incursion into your stand do not represent us or our club. I suspect most of them were attracted by the fixture and by the extended opportunity for a " drink-up" afforded by the amended kick-off time. We don't want this scum at our club. They aren't us.
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    So MK Dons hadn’t conceded 4 this season until we played them Forest Green hadn’t let in 2 at home in the league lincoln hadn’t let in 3 in any league game edit - and oxford hadn’t conceded 5
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    That may be a very pertinent question however I find the cheering of his substitution in the last couple of games bizarre and I believe it goes against everything being a supporter is about and it certainly goes against the togetherness and positivity that this squad has created so far this season.
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    We need to be in full voice from the word go to maintain this momentum, on the Lincoln forum it was said Gigg Lane had no atmosphere on someone’s last visit, let’s send them home wondering what hit them
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    Or the linesman put his flag up, or the ref didn’t blow for a pen. Leave it out for a bit eh?
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    What a game, played in difficult conditions, must have been a treat for the TV audience. I was delighted with a point, yet somewhat disappointed we didn’t get 3 in the end. A defeat would have been travesty, we were by far the better team for the last 30 minutes, after a pretty even first hour. 2 dodgy goals went against us, but both were difficult decisions in real time. Seeing the penalty again on TV, it was clear it was a blatant dive. Sadly Stokes was culpable again for at least 2 goals, and I suspect his place may be in doubt next week. If I was a Lincoln fan, I wouldn’t be too impressed with the keeper on a couple of the goals.
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    Lincoln's second was proved to be offisde in the Sky studio. It was also a foul in the build up, pulling one of our player's neck with both hands. Lincoln's third was a dive. McFadzean hardly touched him. O'Shea gets a deliberate stamp on the face by one of theirs. Well done Bury. We've learned today how they've stayed at the top. Wily, tough defensively, diving, big, tough players prepared to tackle hard and foul cycnically. But.... we have style
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    They have finally seen sense and resettled the bet.....happy days! I 🤑
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    Not a great overall performance but all the players stuck at it. Lowe not afraid to make substitutions when players aren’t playing well, Mcfadzean and Danns in particular. highlight of the day, if not the season was at the final whistle . Alan B shouted to mark cooper, “what’s it like to lose to a good team?” Coopers reply was unexpected, “ f... off you retard”.... A volley of abuse was returned....!!
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    Lincoln can play like that all season and go up top, I'm not bothered. We can play like that and go up third and I will have thoroughly enjoyed it more than any season before.
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    The best quote is from the Oxford MB: "We were battered by a well organised scoring machine." Love it!
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    I must admit at the start of the season the signs weren't good but since he got his style established we are superb to watch. If only we could defend
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    Not seen this mentioned anywhere else on here but I thought Byron Moore was superb when he came on. Against knackered defenders (both teams were working seriously hard) he was clever, used space and his speed well and made himself available on the left all the time. Really good cameo from Byron that.
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    This from their board sums it up, a well balanced post.. ---------------------------------------------------------------The weather was foul, the pitch looked like it had been played on by Wigan RFC and they had the most polite announcer this side of Cowplain.On to the game. I'll keep it short and full of cliches.A draw was a fair result, however Bury showed why they score so many late goals and are experts from coming from behind, often to win. We were hanging on at the end and were blowing out of our collective backsides.Bury were frightening going forward. They reminded me a lot of the Micky Adams Fulham team in 96/97. They won the division at a stroll, I believe. We were uncultured and played counter attack football. Bury were simply the best team I have seen all season.I have to say we played well though, considering the weather conditions and held our own. We had to work hard for our chances, and conceded far too many corners. Particularly a concern was Eardley, he was done like a kipper so much, that if you wanted some for breakfast, they would have run out.Still, we lost a lead three times. But a draw was probably a fair result. For me big John was blowing out of his backside at 80 mins and I think perhaps the third sub should have been the biggun. We probably could have imposed more control and not looked so panicked.There is some debate on Ashton Tours about a point gained or two lost. Considering how formidable Bury are with how they attack, I consider it definitely a point gained and a very entertaining game to watch.
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    Have we, Will we ever beat this: played 6 won 6 19 for (wow) 10 against won 4 from behind in the Automatic's for promotion 90 mins from a Major EFL final and still one game to go live on world-wide TV, PROUD TO BE A SHAKER!!!!! Thanks Ryan! and Team
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    May I be the first ......
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    It sounds from the comments of visiting Shakers that the FGR Chairman has got many things wrong at the ground including the physical accommodation of away fans, catering choices ,quality of stewarding and according to reports on here, his manager appears to have reactively hurled unacceptable abuse to an away fans' banal comments. Furthermore his clubs self interest publicity stunt in this game ,seems to have jeopardised safety for all supporters at the game. I for one, had some unconnected/sentimental admiration for FGR coming into the league, sadly now based on the comments on here and the outcome of the BWFC stupidity, I have no respect or empathy for FGR hierarchy as they appear to do little credit to the EFL IMHO- well as far as we are concerned anyway!!.Perhaps its been a step too far into a professional league situation!