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    I'm delighted to confirm that my second book, 'Things Can Only Get Better: Bury's mid-90s rise under Stan Ternent', will be launched at the club shop before the home game versus Lincoln City on 26 January 2019, cup fixtures permitting. We are not taking pre-orders for this book. It will simply be a case of come to the shop, buy a book and I'll sign it for you if you'd like me to, as will hopefully some members of the squad from that time who'll be coming too. It's slightly more expensive than The Forgotten Fifteen, coming in at £18.99. However, it's 100 pages longer and has more colour photographs in it. If you're unable to make the Lincoln game, the book will also be available in the club shop after this date as well as on Amazon for exiles and hopefully in Waterstones Bury too. I think we've signed up for an eBook package as well. I'll freely admit that The Forgotten Fifteen was a bit of a voyage of discovery; I didn't know much about the squad and it was my attempt to learn more about them in the process of writing it. This team, however, are my team from one of the greatest spells in the club's history that I know like the back of my hand. I hope you'll think I've told their story well. Thanks, James
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    As I walked out of Gigg Lane today I watched with a smile on my face at the rapport between the fans and players. Considering how poor that relationship was just months ago it’s bloody fantastic to see. Even if this season doesn’t result in promotion we’ve already achieved far more than I thought we could in such a short space of time. There’s one person responsible for that and it’s Ryan Lowe. I was incredibly vocal that he should get the job and that’s the reason why (and I’m delighted to continue my record of always being right). He gets what this club is about and that’s all we needed. Look at O’Shea, look at Danns, look at Danny Mayor - each of those are unrecognisable from the players they were - Curle or Grayson couldn’t have done that because they don’t get what it would have taken. Look at what we get from the whole team for 90 minutes - Lowe instils that, a random big name manager couldn’t do that because they don’t get it. Will Lowe be attracting interest from other clubs? Possibly. Will his head be turned? I doubt it. He moved clubs at the drop of a hat as a player but he must know that this is the right job at the right time for him and say what you like about his badge kissing but he loves this club.
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    Mods we have just seen a troll posted the other day, called "unpaid wages" it has developed into a 4 page rant and negative content, on "OUR" club I am all for free speech and rights etc But please, when we get a new random member, starting with a negative post, can you not just suspend, them, do what we do in Financial Services, called KYC (know your client), ie ask for ID, proof of residence etc, before they can post/repost this will soon drive the scum bag trolls away We have a strict "no swear filter" ( i just about agree), but anyone gets an account in 2 minutes Please MODS, apply some common sense here this last troll, has done exactly what they wanted...created a hundred negative posts and bad press of our beloved mighty shakers! A week and a month of our best results for a decade... the trolls get us bickering and sniding WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS whilst, i agree our current owners are not the best in the league, we are still trading and playing... ( remember the locked gates of 2013) the only way we can get out of this, is by being successful, climbing the leagues, and thus more financially attractive, to global zillionaires, who want a part of probably the most exclusive "club" in the world, of which there is only 92 members: ENGLISH FOOTBALL LEAGUE/PL CLUB OWNER
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    And that's you gone. Bye bye.
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    One things for sure, our progression in the FA cup will depend on the weight of support we give the team on Sunday. There's nowt better than the Main stand and the South stand in unison, " Come on Bury" makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. So come you Shakers give it your best, loud and proud.
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    He yelled 'sign a new contract Danny.' Mayor responded with a smile and a thumb up. If that isn't legally binding then I don't know what is. 😂 😂 😂
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    Condolences and Sympathy to Peter Lee, & his family Club Photographer at Boro, killed on the M60 Guys like Peter are the real spirit of English Football, week in-week out, in the lower leagues for just the love and pride of their local club RIP Peter https://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/17278413.tributes-to-radcliffe-football-club-photographer-who-died-in-m60-crash/
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    I'm no fan of the award (largely due to what follows when you win it) but... if Ryan Lowe doesn't win it for November, it will be a crime. Unbeaten. Progress in the league and two cup competitions. 22 goals scored. 5 conceded. Now the Division's leading scorers. Scored 4 goals or more in 4 of the 6 games. These are ridiculously brilliant stats. Bloody rubbish, Bury!
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    I don't agree, I think it's upto us as responsible posters to ignore the trolls and show how we can rise above any nonsense. One person's troll is another person's freedom fighter 🙂 I'm a passionate advocate of free speech especially around Bury FC considering there is no other balanced outlet for debate. Do we really need an echo chamber?
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    Danny is a confidence player and needs to be loved. He performs when his head is in the right place, which Lowe seems to have sorted, so why would he want to move? I might be getting a bit ahead of myself here and getting a bit giddy after the disaster that was last season, but these players are looking and working like a TEAM. They have a togetherness, an understanding of each other and a respect for each other that we haven't seen since the days of Stan Ternent. The bonus now though is that whilst Stan's team played some dour football and ground out results, this team also has a flair that we haven't seen since Dobson's Forgotten Fifteen. If Lowe can keep them together it looks like he and his staff might just have the combined ability to develop this group into a formidable unit. Why would any player actually want to leave that? .......... unless you are Chris Big Boots Maguire of course!
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    Post reported to the mods for incitement to abuse!!
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    Curtousy of BFC tours international 1) Met from Bury to Manchester, 2) Few pints 🍺🍺🍺 3) Met from Manchester to Oldham - which stops a 10 minute walk from the ground. 4) Celebratory curry after the match at Westwood East ( best curry house on the planet and one I regularly travel to ) which is on route to said tram stop) 5) Met from Oldham to Manchester.( 5 minute walk from curry house ) 6) Few beers.🍺🍺🍺 7) Met from Manchester to Bury. 😎 8)Few beers.🍺🍺🍺 9) Lamb kebab from Raja's. 10) who cares 😎
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    Some of the football we have the pleasure of watching at the moment, is absolutely outrageous for the fourth tier. Individual pieces of skill from Danny Mayor and O’Shea and finishes from Maynard belong to a far higher level. As indeed does our style of play and our passing football in general. The majority of fans are finally starting to appreciate why we knock it about at the back so much and are no longer clamouring for us to get it forward (and yes, it would be nice at times if it were done more quickly, but remember this is the basement division). Older fans like Radcliffe Loyal will remember the likes of Benny Phillips, Alan Waldron, Kevin Tully and, dare I say, Carl Halford. Let’s enjoy this while it lasts and hope that a few more than last night, start coming to Gigg, to give the football the audience it deserves.
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    I'm not even that bothered. I'm just enjoying enjoying watching Bury again!
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    32 shots! 32 SHOTS!! And 90% of them looked like they were going in. I honestly can't remember the last time I left Gigg Lane as euphoric as I felt today. The passion, the skill levels, the sheer love of the game shone through our team today, and was reflected in the faces of our supporters. I'm proud of you lads!
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    Remembering Sharon Unsworth, who sadly passed away on Tuesday night. Many of you will know her from previously working for the club on reception/the ticket office, for a number of years, until recently. I always had good, friendly chats with Sharon, about away tickets/travel and all things Bury FC. A lovely lady and a sudden and massive loss. So sad. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time - i really feel for you all. RIP Sharon...you were very special.
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    Hi guys... Had my spat with barrowboy a few weeks ago and felt that he knew how to draw you in ...pick on emotions and make me personally angry/ frustrated/ nervous/ uncomfortable....to the point that I got banned for a week.... the frightening thing about these posts that I reacted to were that even now I would probably react in the same way..!! UTS..these people are seriously psychologically nasty pieces of work imo... Postcorvus was just being open and willing to converse about things yet was seriously intimidated by this " not right"... please Don't allow him back mods or we will all be feeling uncomfortable with his presence..
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    For anyone wondering why I banned Barrowboy - apart from the fact I made it 100% clear I would in my last post - not only did he reply when I told him not to, he made a reference to the fact I am 14 years sober by suggesting I 'have a drink'. I'd rather be 14 year sober than an idiot for life (not aimed at Barrowboy so not personal abuse...) I'll let the mods discuss whether or when to allow him back, but at the moment the ban is permanent because I can't be bothered setting a time limit. Now can everyone get back to what matters please? Thanks.
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    Now this is where the mods need to intervene. I really don’t need to be reading a spat between you two. Can you not do it over private messages, save us all having to put up with it?
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    Just to clarify surrey__exile (and others), my company handed over the domain name and message board to a newly founded non-profit limited liability company called Gigg Lane 1885 a couple of years ago. There are three shareholders/directors including me. We run it purely on a voluntary basis and take no income from it. Anyway, on the main subject... I agree with surrey and Bury R and others who say we can't go banning people just because it's the first post and negative etc. Sure, if someone is obviously a wind-up merchant (and not funny) then I have no problem banning them, but to demand ID etc when registering is not feasible. Vinny does the bulk of the work on the forum these days and he has enough to do without that extra work.
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    Stewie!!! I hope you have got Ryan tied up on a long term contract, because, as recent results show, Ryan has turned around in 7 months, a complete shower of mercenaries and fee collectors, into a REAL team, with passion, flair and goals what Ryan is doing, in no time and minimum budget, probably even reducing it (so you can now pay people on time, before CCJ's) is a complete miracle what he has done, even by November, compared to the dressing room in April, isnt worthy of manager of the month, or even season, more like Decade Please, get him signed up long term, because it wont be long, before Championship and L1 clubs come sniffing Recruiting Ryan, is probably the best signing, you have done in all the 5 years you have been here, IMHO UTS: as always
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    First Post - tick Email address similar to username - tick Bolton IP address - tick Thanks for stopping by.
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    Back to the original post we've nowt to fear they'll be shitting it coming to fortress Gigg, ,playing an in form free scoring attacking side who play some good football, no reason why we can't book a place in round 3 the lads are full of confidence right now massive credit to Lowey and his team as others have mentioned this is the best football we've played since Martin Dobson's mid 80's team...'Ryan Lowe's super white army'⚽️👏
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    Just look at these stats, Well done to Ryan and the squad Leading goal scorers now (with the imps) Thanks Ryan for giving us pride and joy back, especially after last season Any manager, must be proud of these stats