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    Oh come on, I know footballers have a reputation for diving these days but Danns is not one of them! And then you want another!! Also, O’Shea is not pants. He’s one of the best players at the club. We’ll be lucky to keep him.
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    Proud to announce the renewal of a beautiful bouncing Bury season ticket. Weighed in at a healthy 225 pounds. Father and credit card are doing fine. 💳
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    Bury fans in Oberhausen ready for tomorrow’s final. The sun is already shining. They normally get 2000, but tomorrow against their biggest rivals, there will be 14500 on the ground. Looking forward to a great day.
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    I take no joy in other clubs' financial plight. How can we expect any sympathy or support from our footballing brethren (am I being sexist using that term?) if we show none to other sufferers. I might enjoy teams losing on the pitch but most football fans are just like us, love their club with a passion and have very little say in how it is run. Yes there are a few Latics gobshites but then I think we have a few of our own. Give me a game against Oldham, Bolton or old Darlo rather than FC United or Salford City any day!
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    Small claims court? Only joking
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    Which bit did the lad on the counter say ? the bit about " more than at the same time as last year " ? or the " that's pretty good after the tripe we had to endure last year ?
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    Harsh ! Just because he is associated with Bolton !
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    I don’t particularly feel that strongly about the Royals - having heard both sides of the ‘arguments’ all my life. I doubt I will ever feel any differently. I didn’t hang out the bunting or throw a party yesterday but I watched (or I had the TV on in the background anyway). Sometimes I just don’t ‘get’ the Royals, just like I don’t ‘get’ the coverage getting excited about who Victoria Beckham was wearing (certainly not a smile!) but sometimes I do ‘get them’ - I ‘get them’ when I see the joy brought to the young cancer sufferer and fundraiser invited to the day out and the joy clearly brought to many on days like yesterday. Maybe I am just a fence sitting hypocrite but as someone who feels most footballers are ridiculously overpaid and yet still has a Sky Sports and BT Sport subscription I am used to it. On a purely personal level, having seen those two young boys make that walk twenty odd years ago it is nice to see them enjoy happier times.
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    Agreed. We can't have it both ways. We can't ask the board to be prudent whilst demanding signings we can't afford.
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    I couldn’t care less where a goalkeeper kicks the ball as long as he keeps it out of the net..
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    Good thing it's in July, fair chance Gerrard will still be in his job then. Anyway I'm off to get a tattoo of an AK 47 across my forehead to show how much I disapprove of guns and one of a swastika to show how much I disapprove of fascism.
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    Unlikely, but if the lad signs for an IPL club for a decent fee then the headline: "Tsun Dai 》Mumbai = Happy Day (S)" could bring a bout of nostalgia for fans of a certain 1970s TV programme...
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    Like I say, we are trying. I have got Lowey talking to the RWO manager. They have invited us over this summer for a friendly and have agreed to let us use their training facilities (which are very good). It’s up to the clubs now. Not much more I can do. My last email off RL was ‘I’m sure it will happen’.
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    2-1 Oberhausen. They got the winner in the 90th minute. Absolute mayhem!! Hats off to these guys, they have really gone out of their way to look after us. Even to the point of having a whip round so they could buy our beer and food all day. Free tickets for us, tshirts and organised a pub to open with loads of RWO fans there to meet us. It’s been a great weekend.
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    Erm well, what I meant was, yes the voices in his head told him after hearing this on good authority. Well done Notradamus Alan, one in every 20/30 isn't bad. 😂 😂 😂
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    Our experienced management team did really well last season didn’t it , still paying off the mistakes from the “experienced” lee Clark , and we will be for a good while yet. Give it a rest or engage brain before bitching like usual .
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    Well he gets top marks from me for talking football jargon nonsense. "The longer-term vision is to create a long-lasting, sustainable and effective football department, developing a modern, innovative and thorough recruitment strategy whilst ensuring there be a clear pathway into the First Team from our Youth Department.” In his street the waste management and disposal technicians collect the bins. 🚚
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    Graft and hard tackling was the least of his issues. I spent some time working for the club last season in the performance department and statistically speaking he was one of the hardest working players at the club.
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    Was a great day, amazing atmosphere and brilliant game of football. I do feel for the Shrews, they had a great season and pushed hard for promotion, they just seemed to run out of steam towards the end of the campaign and couldn't quite compete with the might of the Wigan and Blackburn machines. They were fatigued yesterday, fitness played a huge part. But then again when you make your old fitness coach your manager.... 😉 Rumours are Paul Hurst off to Ipswich. Good luck fella, always be a legend at Rotherham. Paul Warne done an amazing job with us, I'm sure that next season we'll do ourselves proud even if we end up rock bottom, the team ethic will guarantee we make a fight of it. I just hope the fans and board appreciate what Warne is up against and aren't rash in calling for him to be sacked at first sign of failure. Once again good luck to you guys next season, firmly belive Lowe is exactly what you need. No mercenary, no "name" manager on the carousel of failure. Someone with passion and pride for the club. It goes a long way
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    Big thanks to seasideshaker and John for their connections, enthusiasm,and good company. Our German hosts couldn't do enough to make our visit one to remember. As posted above the way the game went was better than a Carling ad! Look forward to seeing the RWO fans across here next season and being able to return the hospitality.
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    As others have said, any winger that is consistently able to beat a man and can get a decent cross in often won't be playing in the lower reaches of the EFL. I think quite a few Bury fans need to accept the new reality. My hope is that, like successful managers before him, Ryan can make the players play as a team greater than the sum of their parts. At this level we should be aiming for "team" success rather than "individual" success meaning players like Byron Moore fit into a system/ethos which binds the team together.
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    Bring back Tommy Marshall🌱
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    Ordinarily I'd agree with you, however this time around the focus appears to be on recruiting players and ex players with a certain mentality and work ethic as well as a genuine affinity with the club. Jensen was a teriffic keeper for us and has exactly the sort of work ethic we need. He should be an excellent coach. Welcome back Brian.
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    So you are the reason for us being relegated!
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    Remember around 10 years ago when we publicly announced all of our targets and we managed to sign none of them!!