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    On behalf of my family, I just wanted to say an enormous thanks to Gary for all his work on the flag, to Vinny for tickets for today and to Ben Miles who was so generous with his time showing us round the ground on what must have been such a busy afternoon. I know there are heaps of the rest of you who I haven't named here who I have spoken to or who have been involved with the creation and funding of the flag, or the decision to reference my daft old man on it - mine and my family's thanks to you all. I know on one level it is just a flag but for me, Mum and Vikki it is a reminder that people still value a man we have spent the last 8 years learning to live without, and people still think fondly of him.
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    Tell that man to message me on here, I will pay for ticket and give him a lift
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    Hi all Bury fans, A Tranmere fan in peace, can I also say Congratulations to Bury on your promotion and I know that you have had a turbulent season as regards players wages etc, so I don't know if any punishment is coming your way, but the fans who buy season tickets or pay at the gate to watch their team should not be made to suffer because of this, it should be owners that get fines and not points deducted from your team. So well done again and good luck in League One
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    Have been following this thread closely and have to commend everyone. Massive appreciation and admiration in equal measure for those who are pledging and for those offering support through their skills and experience. Like many on here, any pledge would be dependant on clarity of how/where the funds would go (as opposed to an ill conceived but well intended gift to a black hole) as I would reccommend we all guard against. This is a one time only event/opportunity should the need arise (hopefully it doesn't and a wealthy consortium step in, but I appreciate this may not be likely). Providing comfort had been achieved with the above points then at the time when it is apparent that this becomes a crucial step to support the existence of the club then I would pledge £3000. £1000 as a gift and £2000 to be donated as an interest free loan. I would also lend my experience as a director within the finacial services/insolvency industry and pull on contacts I have within said industry. There are many barriers to succesfully running a committee but I'm sure the correct parties forming a board with a common goal could overcome this.
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    ...better than the last one! And what a gesture, to ALL the Bury FC staff. I know it's been mentioned a couple of times already. Scales: Lovely touch to allow the office staff on the pitch at the end, and join in the huddle. ShakerSte: The joint huddle at the end almost brought tears to my eyes. But deserves a thread of it's own...can't wait to see the photos. I LOVE MY FOOTBALL CLUB.
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    Having read the messages on Beardyman's board for many years, this is my first post. As some fans are still alluding to the last forum involving Stewart Day, I would like to add my own observations on what occurred at that meeting. To say I was ashamed to be an Bury fan that night after over 50 years of being a Shaker is an understatement. The vitriol in the room was tangible and the whole atmosphere was toxic. It is an absolute disgrace that people who tried to ask legitimate questions about the finances, equally people engaging in private conversations expressing their doubts about Day's leadership were physically threatened by Mr Day's acolytes scattered around the room. As usual, questions had been hand picked and nothing pertinent to the financial situation was asked. Yet again we had a question about Carrington that gave Day carte-blanche to talk for the next 30 minutes or so about its so called benefits, something we had heard time and again before. One person in the room was booed for asking an important question about the very worrying financial situation yet people on the front row were allowed to shout out "Well done Stewie" "You're doing a great job Stewie". Definitely not something I wanted to listen to as I had sussed Mr Day out some time ago. To Rovers Roy, The Keyboard Warriors and the individuals who wrote to the Bury Times I would like to add my thanks to you as you all had the guts to try and raise the necessary questions. To this day I deeply regret not standing up to be counted and if the club does fold, will deeply regret not adding my voice to those who tried to make a difference.
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    Ticket bought that man is going to the game and that empty seat in my car is now filled
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    This is the reason why politics is broken. Like it or lump it, MP's are the best networked people you can link in to achieve change, particularly at local level. If an MP is interested enough to get involved in our cause, they should be encouraged, not damned with faint praise or insulted. If he has got something wrong or is taking the wrong tack - MP's should be privately corrected or given accurate and useful advice. Trust me. I have worked for MP's and ministers on and off for forty years and know how to make the system work for you. I appreciate why you made those comments but they will be grist to the mill of those whispering in his ear to stay out. We sometimes need to zoom out and see the bigger picture. I personally think James may be open to persuasion to put down an early day motion with his Parliamentary colleagues which will certainly concentrate the minds of those involved in the future of the club. I would urge support for all those who are helping 😊
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    It speaks volumes that the present incumbents have not communicated the events yesterday with the supporters. One of the major legacies from the SD1 tenure has been the gulf created between the club hierarchy and the fans. This has become even worse under the slapstick performance by SD2. I truly hope that the buy out happens. I hope the new owners are committed to creating a sustainable club. But more than anything I hope that the club can once again regain the trust that has gone. Most fans are not stupid. Most fans appreciate the difficulties of running a club at our level and fan base. For too long now we have had to pick up scraps of information from social media or attend formulated and controlled fans forums. Whoever takes over this wonderful club please don't treat us like cash cows. I hope they were at Tranmere to experience what this club means to us. Above all, as I commit to a season ticket, I hope we can have some stability and the pragmatism that sees the foundations laid for the future. Realistic plans. Realistic expectations. I live in hope. UTS
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    Not going to name him but a great gesture from the Golden Gamble winner today, handed the envelope to Lynne after the match and asked that it be used to help the staff 👏
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    Been following your results since rossiter came down on loan, so glad for you guys that your now promoted, also glad jr has had a good run with you, hope bury and Jordan continue to flourish
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    Promotion as a player twice and now at his first attempt gets us back up to league 1. He galvanised a club on its knees after one of the worst seasons in league 1 last term got rid of the mercenaries and built a team with passion and desire with attacking flair. He also had to develop a style of play and he did this in pre season not after 3 or 4 seasons a pre season. Some fans didn’t want him as manager and he’s stuck two fingers up to that lot He could also of saved the club as a prospective buyer would be better in league 1 than league 2. Arise Sir Ryan
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    Last post of the night. What a story: Dave‏ @daveallen78 11h11 hours ago 3 years ago in Shrewsbury hospital @rlowe15 and @buryfcofficial were messaging me when I was told @brianja46 had about 5% chance of pulling through. Couldn’t have even dreamt of this photo then. This is more than football. #buryfc #uts
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    I just wanted to say, I am not a Bury FC fan (although the username may suggest otherwise!) But hand on heart it has been spectacular to see you all come together during these hard times and look after the people that really need it the most. I support a local rival team and it really isn't nice to see any club go through this. Too many people don't understand that when I club is on the brink, it's not just 11 football players on a pitch that are in danger of losing their jobs. It's Mary in the tea rooms, it's Mike on the turnstiles, it's Sam the programme seller etc. They've all got mouths to feed, and although yes sometimes you get a slight sense of joy that a rival club is in trouble, if you don't show any remorse then you're really not a true football fan. Well done all of you for getting behind the people who work day (sorry) in, day (sorry again) out for your club - if things are as bad as they're made out to be then you can only be applauded as a club for the way your fans are handling it. I'll whack a tenner in the GoFundMe page if it's still going if that's of any help.
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    Hi folks. Just got back (had to do some shopping after) and I assure everyone on here that the staff that met with us know only too well of our absolute gratitude for what they have done after what they have/are going through. Many thanks to EiE, kentshaker, and shaker in excile for their input and generosity as we were able to leave them with a box full of goodies and a half a dozen bottles of preseco with which to celebrate tomorrow. UTS. PS one or two tears were shed
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    Bloody typical. You lot wriggle out of the primeval swamp that is FL2 and we're trying our best to wriggle back into it. As the OP says, congratulations on your promotion Shakers, lets hope your club gets itself out of the financial dodo during the summer and we have the chance to resume our rivalry. Long live little clubs Bury and roll on cold wet Tuesday nights at Gigg Lane.
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    Given the financial dire straits we are in - thanks to Stewart Day and to some extent Steve Dale what I am about to say will be completely amoral to supporters of other clubs, but given that none of us supporters have had a chance to influence what has happened at boardroom level for such a long time then I feel justified in saying this, as I am solely interested in saving the club from oblivion. I don't think we are going to have a knight in shining armour come to rescue us in our current state. My forlorn hope and I feel its got a less than 50% of happening is that we get promoted (PLEASE!) then the club goes into administration and someone with a bit of nouse re negotiates our debts and that we take the 12 point hit in League one with an absolute skeleton team. We will undoubtedly get relegated but all our efforts should be on rebuilding the club for the 2020-21 season in League Two. Can you imagine starting League Two with a 12 point deficit? I know there will be a LOT of criticism from other fans and people from outside the club but I can honestly say that myself and others tried very hard at forums, with local & national newspapers, with shareholders meetings, message boards and elsewhere to highlight the wrongheadedness of Stewart Day's regime. Stewart Day hoodwinked all of us to a larger or lesser extent, but he hoodwinked NN, managers, players, Mederco investors, shareholders, auditors and the countless people he loaned money from. He owned 90% of the shares. He could do what he wanted and even with some moral and public pressure he still has left us with a mountain to climb. We will put the SD(1+2) regimes into our past but we all need to stick together. The next 12 months are going to be a VERY rough ride with very little sympathy from a lot of the wider football and business world but we just have to remember that we are supporters of Bury FC - a local club for people from Bury. We don't deserve our football club to be dragged through the mud again and again. I hope that the people who become custodians of this great club recognise this next time.
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    I got an email from James Frith as I had originally emailed him. My reply to James Frith email is below. Only my personal opinion but hope it mirrors other fans thoughts. Dear James, Thank you for taking the time to look into this matter and for trying to address the fans concerns. Whilst I feel a fans forum would normally have been welcomed with open arms I do feel it is too late in the day to prove worthwhile. I feel judging by the tone of your email that Mr Dale has not really given you any insight into the questions we would have wanted answers to. The way he has treated staff has been disgusting bearing in my he said he wanted to give back to the community. We really wanted to know why he taken over our club when he clearly has no intention to invest in us and it was largely in the public domain how much debt we were in. I feel he has answered your questions with basic answers which are the lies he is hiding behind. No or minimal investment and in crisis after 2 months despite going on TV after one month and saying things going ok. This man is a conman and cannot be trusted. Basically he has not given you any answers to any questions that matter. There is no way he would attend a fans forum and I would not believe anything he said anyway. Therefore my personal request to you would be if you could in anyway see if there are actually 3 parties that are interested in buying the club. You are clearly an intelligent man and must find it hard to take Mr Dale at face value. All our hope must now be on a sale going through and anything you can do to ensure that Mr Dale is actively seeking this would be appreciated. As would your thoughts on the new owner having the best interests of our great club at heart. A fans forum with a new owner would be fantastic. Once again thank you for showing interest in our club. Yours Sincerely Gordon Russell
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    Just want to say that although I am a Bolton fan I understand the frustration you are all feeling now regarding silence from the chairman and the non payment of staff all the worrying about if you’ll have a club let me tell you that if we don’t get wound up neither will your club judges do not like winding up clubs unless they really really have to. As for your time of session next week it will available around 2pm the day before. You will get an adjournment based on trying to conclude a sale. Bury have to survive and they will forget rivalries this is about the fans and I never ever want to see happen to another club what has happened at ours the EFL are useless both our clubs have been run badly and both passed the EFL fit and proper person test. Bury FC will survive they have to
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    Here's a picture of my dog Sparky with a Bury scarf on!! UTS 😁
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    First ever post , shown how to do it by my son (R11)! I would like to pledge £1,000. Cliff Ashworth
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    Forever Bury Statement – 30 April 2019 All Bury fans will be concerned about the financial troubles at Gigg Lane and over the last several weeks Forever Bury have been looking into how we can help in the current situation. Today, representatives from Forever Bury and Club officials have had a business meeting that covered a wide range of topics relating to the current situation. Following frank discussions, Forever Bury are now able to inform you that the Club have received a number of expressions of interest from parties wishing to purchase the Club As of this moment in time, a number of these parties are undertaking a due diligence process. Because of these developments, the Club are confident that should a takeover not be completed by the Winding Up Partition on the 15 May, a deferment at the court hearing is likely to allow a purchase to be finalised. Because of the sensitive nature of the current negotiations between the parties involved, Forever Bury are not able to make further comment at this time. As well as meeting with Club officials today, Forever Bury has had meaningful discussions with Supporters Direct, Bury Council Leader Rishi Shori and the EFL. In addition, the Asset of Community Value on Gigg Lane is in the process of being re-registered. Forever Bury will update members and supporters on future developments as soon as we are able. What Forever Bury needs is an influx of new members and certainly proactive members. Together we can make a difference. Finally, a massive congratulations to everyone at Bury FC for the wonderful season culminating in the well-deserved promotion to League One.
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    Just after we scored, some knuckle dragging Neanderthal, in the bottom right corner, took a rather strong dislike to me ( can't think why? ), and decided to launch a coin at me, his face was a picture when I just put my hand up, caught it, put it in my pocket and gave him a thumbs up!!
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    I came into the Bury family in a promotion season, 1960 when I was 9 yrs old. And I have followed them ever since, as many others have I guess. In all that time I have experienced joy. and despair in fairly equal measure. It goes with the turf. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. On Saturday amid the celebrations and looking at the young kids smiling faces it was them I felt entirely sorry for. And angry about how they may never experience the Bury roller coaster beyond this season. What has happened for the sake of one mans vanity is criminal in the extreme, and a complete betrayal. As for the players and backroom staff they are all heroes and heroines and all respect and admiration to them. They could have given up, but they didn't, and that encapsulates the Bury way for me. The mountain to climb is enormous, but in some shape or form we have to survive, if only for our history and spirit and And also for the sake of our young supporters and fan community. I don't want a last promotion and vanish into the long dark night. This club is worth more than that!
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    If Dale goes Lowe stays and if Lowe stays the bulk of the squad stay. We've spoken about our wage bill being excessive, but I genuinely don't believe it would be that bad for League One if we could get rid of the Dawsons, Edwards', Bunns etc. That starting 15 or so probably don't earn a great deal more than any other squad in League Two. I'd love to see how far this team could go.
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    Arguably the most ludicrous thread I've ever read on here.
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    I don't know you but I want to thank you for your input.
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    I don't think he's been mentioned on here yet. In addition to putting in a top quality shift, and apologising to the MRE for scoring, he stayed on the field for several minutes after the final whistle to quite rightly ackowledge the travelling fans in the first instance but then shake hands and have photos taken with a good number of Bury supporters. He was a class act today.
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    As I posted earlier.Amazing...truly amazing. Absolute scenes and the vocal support (especially 2nd half) was outstanding. Can't wait to see all the videos. I love our football club.
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    Hello Bury folks Another Daley here, one who works in Bury with a few of your lot! Despite what has gone on with your club, I think what Lowe and the players have achieved this season is remarkable. Don’t think that the bulk of first teamers were big earners this season so congratulations on that front. Hope you survive for the renewal of rivalries next season, some great games in league 1 next year. I’ve read the messageboard with interest the last few weeks and can see that you’re all true lower league fans like the rest of us with a passion for your club. Hope you don’t suffer administration and can find a way to repay the debts so no one loses out. Think that solution would sit better with the bulk of fans but what will be will be. Pity you couldn’t celebrate promotion at a game!!
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    Great pictures.. We have more canine fans than human one. There's definitely a canine season tickets money spinner gap in the market. Meet Kevin the Bury mad cockerpoo..
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    Sobering. People wanted a statement, so here it is. It makes sense to me. It doesn't excuse rudeness to staff, nor does it excuse non-payment of salaries - but the culpability of Stewart Day is plain. What was he thinking?. Let's get behind this fantastic team on Saturday and hope for the best.
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    The most emotional moments for me were towards the end of the second half, rooting for our guys, most of whom who looked to be dead on their feet but with a steely determination to get the job done. I've already said this before but will say it again - whatever happens from now on I can't thank them enough for this season and wish each and every one of them good luck and success in the future, wherever their futures lie. We are Bury. We are loud and proud. UTS
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    No worries I will do my best to keep you up to speed god I’ve grown to like Bury now 👍
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    congratulations to Bury fc on their promotion last night, thoroughly deserved after the financial problems of late. l would also like to thank all the REAL footy fans on here for all their help and contributions to my original post , ive been astounded by the response. Many Scottish fans have an adopted English team they support, I have never had one till now, but I hope to see you all when I come down to Gigg for a match next season, COME ON YOU SHAKERS !!!
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    Well....if it does all end, we went out in the best way possible. Playing our way, playing for each other, backed by our magnificent fans. The players had to stand tall tonight. The atmosphere was amazing and Tranmere wanted the win badly. But the players took it on. Mayor got free of his marker in the second half and the game was turned on its head. The fans were brilliant. Anyone who cares now knows how much this club matters to us.
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    Lemming state of the board? As I was fond of telling Shaker Ryan, you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. The facts are that years collectively of work was done by a number of fans to uncover what Day was up to. You have said this is not true. It is. You are attacking many of us here who worked to expose him because the majority ignored us? Are you for real? If someone shouts STOP THIEF! and no one does anything to help, who is to blame? The thief? The people who did nothing to help? Or, as you seem to be suggesting, the one who shouted? You are offending a lot of fans who put a lot of work into Day & Co and if you think for a minute it made no difference you are very much mistaken. Yes, it took 5 years for him to go, but the work we did (and he majority was done by other people than me I should say) DID have an impact. You won't understand why or how and it's not something I am prepared to go in to in public but believe me, his 'empire' collapsed in part because of the work that we did. If others had listened to us, he would have been out of the club before he could have done as much damage as people like you allowed him to get away with. This morning I said I wasn't going to attack fans who didn't listen, but your posts and attitude are different. They stink.
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    Best bet, join Forever Bury, the established body which represents Bury fans, and volunteer to do stuff - any stuff at all. When the SH1T hits the fan, we will need a strong set of fans willing to spend the time and effort creating a new club, ground, whatever. You sound motivated, so do it - join FB and push the current committee into making public statements (but watch out for that libel law)! Perhaps better to get Forever Bury moving in the meantime, than to spend your time getting a group of 30 mates together just to have a whinge - unless you have lawyers and finance guys on board who can actually mount a takeover. Dale currently wants the club to fold so he can get some assets. Glen Thomas is possibly there to shred all documents which incriminate Stuart Day and Nichola the lawyer lady. What we need is for a new person to come along and take over the club, attend the court hearing and defend the club, rather than agree that it should be shut down (the Steve Dale approach). Ignore the £1.5million number - that probably includes a lot of payments to various Stuart Day and Steve Dale companies for their professional services, or interest on false loans that they claim to have made to Bury FC. The real money needed is probably more like Chris Brass £140K, HMRC £225K, staff wages for two months possibly £200K? Can we sell enough season tickets to cover that - perhaps 2000 at £250 would give us the right ballpark. Then a season in Division 1 playing eleven very young, very cheap players and getting relegated back down to Div 2. But at least we still have our club. If I was a potential backer, presumably from Bury, I would want to see the town united behind the team - Forever Bury with a thousand members is good sign. I would not be as happy to see new fan groups being set up to push different agendas - the only real agenda here is to safeguard our club, make sure its here for our children, and try to secure Gigg Lane. Those are the aims of Forever Bury and your aims also, so no need to reinvent the wheel You may have a pop at me, but I think that sounds the best way forward.
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    Good Luck to Bury FC, my club, our club, and long may we continue at our ground - the famous Gigg Lane. Also Good Luck to Gateshead and Ebbsfleet who will be going through the same Really hope we all survive
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    Now we have the last games out of the way we can both look forward to renewing our rivalry. Just imagine, you can come to Roots Hall for a 5.30 ko and we can come to Gigg Lane with our wellies. I just can't wait. This is a bit of a ramble but I'm still smiling like a Cheshire Cat from giving Sunderland a damn good whacking (well maybe not a whacking, but we won!!). Cheers people and once again congrats on your promotion.
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    These bloody non regulars coming for a day out at our club. SCUM! Don't they know the rules? Only moaning allowed and please, in future we'll have no expressions of positive emotion, fun or celebrations. No dancing allowed either. Oh and no singing please. If we get promotion again, please sit silently in the Main Stand and await further instruction as to when the players will arrive back onto the pitch (2.5 hours later). If you're in the South Stand, the club will send a carrier pigeon due to the PA system being rubbish. Clap politely, then moan under your breath and await a raffle for Boundary Mill vouchers, a years subscription to Now That's What I Call Caravanning magazine or a trip to the chair museum in High Wycombe.
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    What an amazing day and season to be a Bury fan. I have no problem with fans on the pitch and I don’t think I agree most were new fans. You don’t get that passion from a few games. And here we are bickering amongst ourselves again. Can we celebrate this amazing feat rather than moan among ourselves?
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    ‘Morons’ ‘idiots’ ‘selfish’ ‘embarrassing’. Some people love a good moan and that is embarrassing in itself. Adam Thompson had a flare in his hands at one point and his shirt in the other, swinging it round his head whilst being held aloft by loads of fans. It’s the end of a promotion winning season for a lower league club and people are begrudging fans and children, booing them and calling them idiots for running on the pitch at the end (when prompted to do so by the team manager). Were they supposed to sit quietly in the South Stand and speak only when spoken to? Get a grip and go and read your Daily Expresses you miserable lot. Moan moan moan. It’s the climax of a great season, not a garden fete. Thought it looked ace personally
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    A Statement about BOB Let me make this very clear. The BOB campaign is to raise £3 million in pledges to BUY Bury Football Club to be run on a sustainable basis. Bob is NOT asking for pledges to be poured into a black hole never to be seen again BOB is a bold statement of intent to show we are serious about creating a fan owned club. When the £3 million is raised, we will make a formal approach to buy the club. Following rigorous due diligence, we will be able to ascertain whether the Club can be saved and viable; or whether more money is needed to do so. If it is not viable, BOB does NOT proceed. With the Winding Up Petition due on 15th May, if no-one contests the debts, Bury Football Club will be in Liquidation and cease to exist. The aim, is to appear before the High Court on the 15th, with a coherent plan and, ask for time to show that Bury Football Club can be saved by the will and effort of the fans. We can only do this if we show we can raise the funds. We can do this. BOB
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    I've been trying to keep out of this as I'm not sure the fans having a go at each other is the best thing for anyone at the moment, but I have to reply to this statement. Given the amount of members on this forum, the FB group and the readers of the Bury Times, that covers the majority of fans. So to claim that 5% of fans were more informed than the other 95% of the fan base is simply untrue. We were screaming about SD as loud as we could. We weren't just 'keyboard warriors'. Some of us even put our real names to the BT letter (and took the personal attacks that followed). The information was there and most fans cannot claim to have been uninformed. The best you can claim is you chose to ignore the facts we were telling you. And to be clear, that's fine. I'm not going to sit here and attack fellow fans for being taken in by a conman. It happens. That's how conmen work. But I won't sit here and be told that no one said anything or tried anything to stop it, and I won't be told that 95% of the fan base were not informed of the facts. They were. As we were screaming 'Cliff!', instead of applying the brakes they chose to 'enjoy the ride'.
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    To be fair mate, I doubt you or I know the size of the budget available to every manager in L2 - Cowley (never reported) has more money to play with than any manager in Lincoln's history, MK will always have more money than us etc etc, so it seems unfair to call people "deluded" for disagreeing with you. On your wider point, I'd have agreed with you about Lowe somehow feeling tarnished until this most recent crisis. But not anymore, because if we go up he has stood up AGAIN and made a difference at the crunch moments, just like he drove that team forward in 2011 (assisted by the energy of one S Schumacher) after Knill left, scoring the most goals from a Bury forward in a season I think since Madden. And it is often forgotten how he lost his goal touch through the middle of the 2015 season but found it again when we needed it at the end - Newport away, Wimbledon at home. He is a legend because in the crunch moments you remember his immense contribution. He could have walked away after the relegation, but he stuck at it, backed himself and we have had some wonderful memories amid off-field chaos this season. If we finish the job he has been promoted twice as a player, scoring the goal that did it for us first time, and then again as a manager. Not really sure what else he has to do, but it is subjective and you're entitled to feel otherwise. Personally I am over the angling for the move to Tranmere in 2011, and he only left in 2016 because we (rightly I reckon) wouldn't match Crewe's 2-year deal. He was still back at Bury by February.
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    Good man Steve. I think the key thing here is that we don't let the grass grow like last time. We were caught a little by surprise by the non-payment of wages, but it will come as no surprise this time. There's little else we can do financially to help the staff, but I'd welcome any communication from those who are employed by the club as to how else the wider community can help (if at all). This isn't about Dale anymore, it's about looking after those who look after our club. We'll deal with him in due course. I am currently in the process of collecting the luncheon vouchers distributed by my work which I'll send over to the staff. It won't be massive amount of money - maybe £100, but they're redeemable at most high street shops and might just ease the burden of having to find money for lunches whilst they're not receiving their pay.
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    I'm 36 and I'd consider the only legend to be Andy Bishop. To me he is the one who most clearly meets the definition of a legend. His goals scored speaks for itself and even more so in the context that they were scored whilst playing alongside some of the most limited players to have played for the club. Promotions are nice but his goals kept us in the league, his goals preserved over a hundred years of history. His goals kept the badge of honour for the club. He understood the club and lived in the town. You could see him havin a pint in Rammy. He wanted to be at Bury. He turned down moves. But most of all he put his body on he line. He played when injured, he played when others wouldn't. He gave his all, played through the pain barrier. I've not seen anyone give the club the respect it deserves like he did.
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    Out of interest what achievements do you believe you need to reach legend status? Scoring 27 league goals in a promotion winning season? Scoring the winning goal that got us promoted to League 1? Returning to the club successfully on 3 separate occasions - 179 appearances for us? Was a class player even when not on the score-sheet - always a consummate professional? A delight to watch, always gives his all and 'gets' the fans? Win % this season as manager is 51.85 Not given much chance at the end of last season where we all hoped for a stabilising season (haha!) but has managed to take us to just needing 4 points for automatic promotion As for mentions of chasing money and mercenary blah blah .. Sheffield Wednesday came calling and he was at the top of his game - a combination of his and their ambition made it impossible for him to turn it down, you don't get many shots at moving to a club the size of Sheff Weds
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