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    Hope they put a label on Beckford and Dawson, might get back a few quid.
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    Why is he lazy? I’ve seen a few Bury fans say this and I don’t understand why? Injury prone yes but he’s always put in 100% when he did play. He was given a big 2 year contract - no one forced us to give him a 2 year contract.
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    I'm not going to Monaco. Have you seen how they drive, bloody lunatics driving round at over 150mph. They're gonna hurt someone one day. No wonder they have all those barriers up!!
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    I see the whole sorry Brexit mess has been given another turn of the paddle by the entirely unexpected news that Arron Banks is to be investigated for alleged breaches of election spending during the Brexit campaign. It has been an open secret for a while that the £8m he tossed into the mix didn't come from his own pocket and, further, that it was disbursed illegally. And before Ryan comes on and complains about other parties breaking rules, there is a difference between breaking rules and conspiracy to commit criminal activity. This trail may lead to activity by "foreign actors" which no-one in this country should be happy with - particularly when we voted to "take back control"! And as for any comparison with George Soros. Soros did not spend any money during the campaign which he is prohibited from doing during the election campaign. I watched with a cynical smile as Banks and his drinking mate, Andy Wigmore, came out with the usual blanket denials of wrongdoing - just like Weinstein, Greene, Trump and other rich blokes that think they can bluster and buy their way out of anything. I suspect Banks will be regretting his insolent appearance in front of the Government select committee now. Perhaps his Russian wife and the various Russian Embassy officials he met and offered him "business opportunities" can help him find a way out of this?
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    I thought about it but didn't want to lower the tone .
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    I think everyone deserves praise for getting so far down a thread about manure and not mentioning Stretford 👏
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    Your accusing others of your own failings, you`re constantly impolite which makes the double standards comment well double standards. There is a word for somebody who accuses others of the very thing they are themselves. Answers on a postcard.
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    And there's me thinking it was a holiday destination for pensioners.
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    Sadly most fans have already put a label on them!!
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    crowd was 256 per BFC twitter feed
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    I thought it was too quiet! Come on we are not happy unless summat rum is happening!
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    OK, just for you Tommy
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    Funnily enough my grandfather drove a tram on the same route..... i can get to Macclesfield for free with my bus pass.
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    Sure I saw Reg Varney and Bob Grant on one of those pictures!
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    I din't realise that 'Tommy' was a conductor
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    60 X 15 = £900 Minus driver wages Minus administration Minus deisal Minus insurance Minus Wear and tear Not sure that breaks even. Think that must be subsidised by the club. 😂😂 indeed
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    Was still talking about MU on the Today programme until recently, 20 years since"retirement". A great writer and keen observer of everything football. RIP
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    Worth a mention. Legendary Manchester Evening News journalis,t who covered Manchester United, virtually for his whole career!. Like many of a certain generation, I undoubtadly read many of his reports in the eagerly awaited Saturday Footbal Pink, and on occasion the Manchester Evening News. R I P!.
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    yes .A very respected journo .Also used to read the Pink back in the day .RIP
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    Total now an unbelievable £1464, with a wonderful donation from Chris Lucketti and his colleagues at Salford City FC.
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    I think it’s a pointless question in our case. We’ve played well the vast majority of the time. That’s what’s important. You won’t always win if you play well, but that’s just football. Anyone remember last season? We’re a picky bunch...
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    I’m no fan of Dagnall but Telford was doing nothing, is coming back from injury and Dagnall played better than Telford at Crewe. Lowe recognised we needed to change things and neither Adams nor Telford were contributing enough.
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    Majoroty of Our fans will give Popey a good reception when we play vale last game of the season always gave 100% for the cause and was so unlucky with injuries . Wish him well at vale too.
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    He was an excellent servant to our club when he played for us. The guy must be as tough as nails to have played before fully recovering from the nasty injury he received that season as well. How I wished we had someone with Pope's attitude and work rate last season - I wish him well at Vale. Certainly agree re. a big, strong target man. Our main strikers are skillful however they were smothered this afternoon. Beckford could well fit the bill however it seems unlikely that we'll see him in action this year, and if the worst comes to the worst, possibly never in action again, for us at least.
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    Maybe because Monaco is in the EU Customs area the EU VAT zone and is effectively in the Schengen area and uses the Euro.
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