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    I can't believe some people on here. He is out injured, an injury that may well have ended his career given his age. I doubt anyone is more frustrated than Beckford, who was comfortably our best player last season by the time of his injury. He is a talented player on whom we took the same gamble we had done in the past with Clarke and Vaughan - the striker who has lost their way. Because of the injury it has never come to pass in the way it did with the other two. it took a lot of players' bad attitudes to make last season the relentless turd omelette it became, but JB was certainly not one of them. Frankly he showed more interest when analysing our game at Blackburn for Sky than many of his colleagues did on the pitch. Also why would we "pay him off" - he has no incentive to take that and we lose an experienced player round the club who can still teach a lot to the younger forwards we have at the club.
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    Are you 2 ex-lovers who just cannot let go?
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    Think it said '5 year plan expired'
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    I wouldn't say classy, but by Rochdale standards probably.
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    That's harsh and ill informed. Dawson hasn't played well for us since he returned but injuries have clearly taken a toll. He has given 100% all the time. Deserves respect.
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    "Unusual" statue of the Liverpool striker unveiled in Egypt to join a distinguished line of WTF offerings like Ronaldo, Lucille Ball and the "fearsome" tiger symbol of a Sri Lankan army battalion. Did the sculptor intend to marry a barely recognizable head on to a "matchstick" body or did she simply run out of money to buy materials after casting the head? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-46094658
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    Same at Burton. What is it with these coach-driving super heroes?
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    There was an article recently welcoming the company who are upgrading the camera equipment. The cameras were at different heights on metal poles and I think to be planted around the pitch, so maybe they aren't looking to use the Main stand.
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    I’ve had many friendly exchanges on here thanks as some people don’t get all uppity about Rochdale fans having a bit of a laugh with them. I’ve never gone as far as the personal abuse I was subjected to but as usual you refuse to acknowledge my point and stick to your own agenda. Yes I have gently ribbed people but as far as I’m aware I haven’t broken the rules about personal abuse laid out in the thread above. How are you going to deal with the poster who subjected me to personal abuse? Try not to avoid the question eh?
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    I think he’s just upset because I didn’t ever ‘like’ one of his tedious Plymouth posts from last season.
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    Disparaging? I was called an “absolute virgin” on here recently but don’t recall you shouting down the person who posted it. Purely because I’m not a bury fan I’d assume. Now who’s the hypocrite? I also note there is a ‘sticky’ at the top of this forum that says personal abuse like the above will not be tolerated. Did you report the post and why didn’t the moderators act even if you didn’t? A local forum for local people.
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    Anyone know if we can use our 'Ten Pound Tappit Chairman Bonus' to get in on Saturday?
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/BuryFCGoals/status/1059126373808259073/video/1 thanks to mango on the shooting on sight thread . I tend to agree it didn’t go in . But what a hit . ( special treat for those not in the ground by then 😂😂)
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    Hi guys what I have heard is that he’s currently doing coaching courses for a while (I made this account just to post this).
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    Should definitely have been on there https://mobile.twitter.com/BuryFCGoals/status/1059126373808259073/video/1
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    I`ll gladly exonerate you Ian, I should have known a man of your calibre wouldn't be so insensitive.
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    ' Oh you are awful but I like you ! '
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    But according to you everything is appalling
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    Probably not the best we've played so far this season as others have said however we were clinical and they weren't that was the difference between the two teams, Mayor was pretty much anonymous as they clearly did there homework unlike others teams who didn't and Danny exploited that, however it was good to see that we are not just reliant on Mayor to open teams up and create chances I commented on another thread pre match that anything other than 3 points would be disappointing last season we would have lost a game like this. Nice to see that ruthless clinical streak we have credit to Lowe and the coaching staff and lastly the players.
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    Bolger seems out of favour at Fleetwood, just a bench warmer under the new manager it seems, whereas the previous management seemed to favour both him and Eastham as twin centre halves. I was very impressed when we had him on loan from Southend, could it be worth an enquiry in January for a loan till the end of the season?
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    Not with our crowds unfortunately. Bradford for example are having a hard time at the moment, but their potential pulling power within a population of 300k assures them of high quality and high earning sponsorships and merchandising which will make it far easier for them to turn it round eventually. I look at the L2 table and reckon that almost half of the clubs are bigger than Bury FC nowadays; a glance at L1 and the disparity becomes frightening. For us tbh, other than finding the proverbial sugar daddy, I see no way that we can ever reach the second tier again. But as i've been banging on for years on here, perhaps the real achievement - and one in which as real supporters we can all be proud - is that a small club like ours, with enormous local competition, can keep surviving at all.
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    will be good to see O'Connell back in against Dover . Be interesting who he would come in for - Stokes or Aimson - on a long term basis as I think he is better than both of them
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    Topic aside - this is a wonderful photograph. I had my reservations about Beckford when we signed him (given our penchant for big name signings who didn't perform through lack of application) however I'm happy to state that I was proven wrong in Jermaine's case. I saw no evidence of a player who couldn't care less, rather someone who was willing to work hard and whenever I've heard him being interviewed, someone who has the best interests of our club at heart. Whether or not we'll see him play in a Bury shirt again is debatable. If not, my sincere thanks as a fan and good luck for the future.
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    Some posters beggar belief Quality player who has been unlucky with injury. He's certainly not lazy - he has excellent positional awareness which may come across as lazy because he's not pointlessly legging around the pitch. He's always in the right place at the right time