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  1. just sent this tweet to Gary Neville @GNev2 Have you seen the Players statement From The bury players this evening have a read it's shocking I'm not asking for anything except maybe a retweet of the statement, we need the publicity Have also tweeted Dan Walker Daily Mirror Alan Nixon from the sun
  2. Have sent a text to the Mirror see what come from that
  3. I should have said from Monday. If something about the club being sold breaks, it will probably never be aired, That's fine by me.
  4. Shocking that it has come to this, we now need the bloody chairman's statement asap preferably as he walks out of the door.
  5. Sam Gibbs did say on Facebook and twitter that it will probable be on Monday (don't know why)
  6. Its certainly brought the fans together, I doubt the stupid old man envisaged such a thing happening. More fool him certainly bit off more the he could chew.
  7. Cannot claim any credit for the report on the BBC website just posted it as I found it.
  8. Gone National now https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48358800
  9. It was Ashley just had it confirmed by Noreen who arranged the interview.
  10. Not related to Granada Reports but it's from the Facebook Message Board ‎Jason Rakha‎ to Bury FC Supporters Message Board 30 mins · The end is near, frustrating no updates have come out, but i am told we are very close to a takeover, SD2 is dictating those talks with a small group, I am sure RL is aware and is giving the club he loves every opportunity as are several players, let’s hope the new owner gives RL the tools to compete and the fans something to shout about...... Next season we will be walking down Manny Rd... This Guy I know is a mate of Sam and is also a friend of Ryan Lowe. However I cannot vouch for him as I don't know him. So believe it or take it with a pinch of salt but whatever you do don't shoot the messenger😎😎
  11. Very disappointing Bury fc as usual not newsworthy enough Oh well thought as much.
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