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  1. So would you if you did Twitter.
  2. Been on loan at Jong Utrecht.
  3. Yes. That's the safest bet against another repeat of this shambles.
  4. Yes. He hasn't covered himself in glory with other comments since, don't get me wrong... and no-one, absolutely no-one, would label his season at Bury even close to acceptable. Even so, a degree of balance must be brought to the table when considering him and others last season. That's my last word on the matter.
  5. Is the correct answer, and a big factor in why I don't share the vitriol most have for Maguire or anyone else who turned out last season.
  6. Far more than that, depending on how you define it.
  7. Hmm. If it's the same as what happened to Yeovil, it's not 'the last thing to worry about'... And that's if they're not anyway because of late/lack of payments...
  8. As they ought to have been years ago.
  9. An absolute irrelevancy at the best of times.
  10. Thanks. This is one thing I definitely haven't sat on the fence about!
  11. You don't honestly believe that was his thought process, do you?
  12. This is what's known as 'top trolling'.
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