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  1. So... what does a First Team Analyst actually do?
  2. For the award? At the moment, it's just open for nominations. I don't know how they decide who the nominees are - you'd hope it's not just weighted on sheer numbers, otherwise there's little chance for any but the very biggest blogs outside of the Premier League getting nominated.
  3. Being open-minded about it, I think there's a legitimate case for half a dozen players to be Player of the Season - Mayor and Adams are two of them. Very few people, including me, thought that the latter was going to be almost ever-present in the side, let alone thriving in a role he's never played before.
  4. "Yeah, it's called Lee Clark's managerial car crash. We all want compensation."
  5. Mayor - 10 goals + 8 assists Adams - 3 goals + 11 assists
  6. He might not be Danny Mayor, but I still think that's quite harsh.
  7. Correct. That's one of the reasons why, apart from the prestige of winning the trophy itself, there isn't really that much of a prize for claiming the title. You could argue that it might tempt a few more players to the club in the summer, maybe, but I doubt there's much substance to that. As for tonight, a Lincoln win all the way. Any outcome that maximises the chances of Bury being promoted automatically is the one I want.
  8. That, and the majority of the names on the list don't play in the same position(s).
  9. Apologies. I meant more... fundamentally speaking, rather than what they themselves have as their purpose.
  10. The point raised about FB comes back to one very simple question for me: What's their purpose?
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