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  1. Love all this stuff, Joy. Thanks for taking the time to post them.
  2. Count me in for the £1,000.
  3. That’s no way to talk about R11. Wouldn’t wish moving to Horwich on anyone. Certainly not Andy.
  4. Don’t think any true Shaker would have got out of bed this morning with a spring in their step, do you?
  5. That is quality. Worthy of everyone’s donations and all of all your efforts and, like this board, a fitting tribute to Adrian.
  6. Telford was apparently injured in the warm up. We struggled to adapt to playing with a big target man and, like you say Mike, lost our impetus for a while, just when I felt we were at our most dominant.
  7. Yes indeed, Happy Birthday Rob.
  8. Congratulations to Danny & his fiancée. Great weekend all round.
  9. Don’t think they can do any training at the moment.
  10. Cheltenham Festival starts next week, so it’s been moved forward to avoid a clash.
  11. Actually saw Leganés’ 1-1 home draw with Atlético this season.
  12. Players don’t like embroidered badges. This season’s does look very tacky though and last season’s printed badge is the better option.
  13. Yes, but the Northwich Guardian isn’t published in Bolton.
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