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  1. Efng

    RUN OUT TO THIS.......

    Or for Day’s ex-fans, Buzzcocks - Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve)?
  2. Efng

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Plenty to like so far. Massive job on his hands. Love the talk of transparency and actions rather than words. I wish him all the very best. UtS!
  3. Efng

    Club sold announcement Monday

    How do you give this comment your monthly quota of likes?
  4. Efng

    Bury Youth

    Excellent win. Well done youth.
  5. Efng

    Today's Birthday

    Somebody didn’t buy you a football club for your birthday, did they Jack?🤔 Happy Bithday.
  6. Efng

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Even in the darkest days of the Fenton era, with the padlocks about to be fitted, we never had someone come round to confiscate our dishwasher.
  7. Efng

    Remembering Our Own

    Very sad news indeed. A lovely lady, always polite, friendly and efficient, whenever she helped me at Gigg. Sympathy to her family and friends.
  8. Efng

    Today's Birthday

    Happy 50th Birthday. A lot younger than Keith,then.😏
  9. Efng

    More Nominations!

    Already happened.☹️
  10. Efng

    Luton on Sunday

    REMINDER - 2.00pm kick off!
  11. Efng

    Luton on Sunday

    Agree with half of that😂. Then again, he’s not seen us win away that often.😏