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  1. Efng

    Next Seasons Shirts

    Players don’t like embroidered badges. This season’s does look very tacky though and last season’s printed badge is the better option.
  2. Efng

    Last week and the Bury Times

    Yes, but the Northwich Guardian isn’t published in Bolton.
  3. Efng

    Accrington Checkatrade

    No programme as far as I’m aware.
  4. Efng

    Message board flag.

    Sorry to be picky, Andy😂, but how can you have a large pint?
  5. Efng

    Alan Griffiths

    RIP Alan. OASAAS.
  6. Efng

    Today's Birthday

    Happy Birthday, James. Hope someone takes you out for a nice coffee this afternoon.
  7. Efng

    Message board flag.

    What do you know? You write ‘UtS!’ with a capital ‘t’.😱
  8. He looks to be an excellent prospect. More good news IMO.
  9. Efng

    Peter Allen

    RIP Peter. Part of a true Shakers family.
  10. Efng

    Forest Green away

    After Adams, perhaps.
  11. Efng

    FGR beer tent

    Bloody hell, Andy, you weren’t ‘feeding’ Keith as well, were you?😲
  12. Efng

    Forest Green away

    He was quality today. A brave performance after last week. MOTM?🤔
  13. Efng

    Forest Green away

    The ’motorcycle cop’ was on a horse.
  14. Efng

    Forest Green away

    Thought you led from the front with Buzby, Malc?😏