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  1. Yes it was..... Ians got it wrong..... again 🙂
  2. No there were 2 Marshall’s who looked after the pitch.... brothers.
  3. MK over. They’ve won 2-1
  4. A loose canon is Andy Haines. Anything can happen with him. One of his less controversial games today....
  5. Lowey said on Monday that they won’t strike.
  6. Without any doubt I’m sure the court case will be adjourned until the end of the season. Bolton were a president they must now follow.
  7. Three gifted goals. The first a slip on the over watered surface. The second from a poor pass for a shot on Carlisles goal, 20 seconds later it was in our net. The third from an unnecessary corner conceded by Thomson . Nevertheless we should have won that easily. What noise from the Bury fans. Incredible.
  8. Yes 3 games for violent conduct.
  9. Sounds like he’s been kicked from pillar to post from the stats and just had enough.
  10. Well a draw and Mansfield losing, so I think I’ll take that. The gap to 4th increases.
  11. I think 9th will be favourite for the rearranged match.
  12. The latest takeover has just fallen through. Oh dear!
  13. With the EFL semi and bringing last weeks mid week match forward, we’ve probably played 2 more matches than other teams. We can rest up next week now, refreshed for next Saturday. Great win under the circumstances.
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