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  1. puddin

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    I want us to get more than we got in this season, I still have memories of going to Wembley and messing up!
  2. puddin

    This is how you get Promotion!!!

    A draw would have been a fair result on the balance of play / chances but who cares 😁
  3. I will be there booked on the coach this morning!
  4. puddin

    Transfer window shuts this week

    57 Emergency Goalkeeper Loan 57.1 If all the Professional Goalkeepers at a Club are unavailable as a result of having been: 57.1.1 certified by an independent medical practitioner as being unfit to play; 57.1.2 suspended; or 57.1.3 called up to play for his national association representative matches in accordance with the requirements of FIFA as laid down from time to time, a Club may register (either before or after the deadlines laid down in Regulations 43.2 and 43.3), a further goalkeeper on a short term basis in accordance with the following provisions. 57.2 The Club must supply to The League, (including by facsimile) written evidence to demonstrate the circumstances set out in Regulation 57.1 apply, together with the appropriate form(s) for his registration and The League having confirmed that the circumstances conform to the provisions of this Regulation: 57.2.1 in respect of any fixture played on a weekday when the Office is normally open, at least three hours before the match; or 57.2.2 in respect of any other fixture: a) 12 noon on the day of the match; or b) at least three hours before the match, whichever is the earlier. 57.3 The period of any Emergency Goalkeeper Loan: 57.3.1 shall be for a period of seven days, inclusive of the starting date and finishing date; and 57.3.2 may be renewed for seven days at a time, subject to compliance with Regulation 57.2 in respect of each proposed renewal. 57.4 The provisions of Regulation 54.4.2 shall not apply to an Emergency Goalkeeper Loan.
  5. puddin

    Transfer window shuts this week

    Are we not going to miss Danns for a few matches? International duty? So maybe a midfielder is needed to cover and push those in the team
  6. puddin

    Message board flag.

    B let me know when you want me to get some money to you!
  7. puddin


    Interesting comparison between now and 10 years ago!
  8. puddin

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Injured at the moment so not an option
  9. puddin

    What a liability Stokes is....

    He was a pivotal part of the youth team getting to the final of a cup yesterday!
  10. puddin

    Forest Green away

    Great trick! Not sure RSPCA will have been happy!
  11. puddin

    Checkatrade draw!

    We are home against Oxford
  12. Dom Telford or Danny Rose Danny’s all action style certainly made most fans happy but I think Dom is a more natural finisher!
  13. Bought my ticket and coach travel today after the match (one of only a few I have never visited) so at the very least I can claim it as one of my 92
  14. puddin

    Lowey on Radio Manchester

    I honestly had a guy only shut up moaning after the third goal went in! (I thought he had either gone home or gone to the toilet when it went in) instead he just slumped in his chair not even celebrating! It beggers belief sometimes!
  15. puddin


    https://www.pnefc.net/news/2019/january/preston-north-end-sign-walsall-winger-josh-ginnelly/ winger signs for preston!