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  1. Shhh everyone will want to know! 😜 seriously though he is driving us both from his but confident about the parking 🤞
  2. R11BFC will be happy to know I have bought my ticket so he has a lift to the game! 😉
  3. Get to bed you have to be up early! 😉
  4. My reading in to this would be, if they had been paid it would be front page news on the website! I maybe wrong but just in case I am right, I am sure the singing section could change the words to ‘play up Pompey’ for Monday 😜
  5. I think even the most vehement dale support must wane, if the staff are not paid again, in the face of getting so much revenue in through games etc I think it is counterproductive to not to value your staff if you are interested in moving forward. Having said that I have worked in enough schools that the head teacher doesn’t care about their staff and leaves it to a survival of the fittest.
  6. My thoughts would be them trying to sort out the issue of a charge against the ground but could be wrong
  7. I know Forever Bury is not universally liked or understood but I know from speaking to them on Saturday they have still got beers and ciders to be sponsored I was wondering if people would maybe club together to sponsor one (£100). I am not sure if you get to name the beer or not but if so it could be called ‘message board fury’ or something like it.
  8. I take offence at this, maybe it is my slimline figure that you missed me stood next to you! 😜
  9. Thompson has been in my opinion one of the players of the season. I thought he would be dropped after Lowe’s interview after the Carlisle game. On paper he is our best defender, lack of finances effect people in different ways and we have to trust Lowe in his decision (To rest 😉 Thompson).
  10. You are more than entitled to your opinion and obviously have reasons for that. I have said my piece. Thanks, speak soon.
  11. I am saying is it helpful? The vast majority of supporters have already made their minds up about the situation and who is in the right and who is in the wrong etc. Do we need something like this to add fuel to the fire? Are we not just working ourselves up and up till we lash out at each other. Andy a couple of questions for you, Is leaking it not going against the confidentiality clause? I am guessing, you know it is definitely a valid message and therefore is not subject to rumour. What do we now do with this information?
  12. I fail to see where in all of this where what has been posted is actually helpful! I get that we are in an age of social media and people feel like they need to know anything and everything that goes on. I am not happy in the slightest about what has gone on and tbh the message (if real) is not good. However, in my opinion the publishing of a private message only divides people and we can’t afford to be divided! I am incredibly sympathetic to those who are working in horrendous conditions at the club. I would wish it on anyone but it is heartbreaking to see and hear fans of the same club arguing over sometimes* petty things. I suggest whoever has originally (leaked) this is very hurt and will believe they are doing the right thing but I am not someone who condones this because there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. It just adds fuel to an already burning fire! Please hear my tone (something that is incredibly difficult in written word). I am not wanting to have a go at the said individual but only to say it is not helpful.
  13. Bury 2020 ’A vision for the future’ 😜
  14. I was going to do similar and pay at the turnstiles each game however because of the uncertainty around the owner (shudders) I am now considering giving the equivalent to Forever Bury instead as potentially they could use it wiser?
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