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  1. Wonder if there are any plans to resurrect this idea for Gigg ? Stockport County have been granted permission to stage a festival headlined by local band Blossoms next year. Is Edgeley Park all that different to Gigg in terms of safety, exits, being in a residential area etc?
  2. DJAsh

    Bury v Leicester - Played For Both

    Norman Bullock managed Leicester
  3. DJAsh

    Crewe away 1994

    Monkey on a stick
  4. DJAsh

    Colchester predictions

    Iceni 5 Romans 0
  5. DJAsh

    Mention on BBC Sport

    And was reportedly a frequent applicant for the Bury manager vacancy whenever it became available over the seasons.
  6. DJAsh

    Played for both (Colchester)

    Wasn't Steve Baines sent off on his Bury debut at Colchester?
  7. DJAsh

    My local paper

    Alan Whitehead
  8. DJAsh

    The Most Missed?

    Which of the ex-League clubs currently below level 4 do you miss the most? And why? Some of them last played in the League some time ago ( Southport, Workington, Barrow...) Others were in recently but briefly ( Kidderminster, Boston, Rushden etc) Some were frequent opponents over the years ( Stockport, York, Chester, Hereford, Darlo etc) Which would you most want back, and why?
  9. A much better first half. More pace, more ideas, more threat, and a half-time lead. Turning point(s) were the failure to put away the second. Gold unlucky to see one blocked, maybe should have gone for more power on the second. Easy to say that from a weather-beaten plastic seat, though. Someone should do with Gold what Houllier did with Heskey. The ref's haste to award the yellow card after 1 minute also ultimately had a significant bearing on the outcome. Another frustrating evening.
  10. DJAsh

    Lincoln away Tues 21st Aug

    Might have been different if Reggie Dwight hadn't persuaded Graham Taylor to go to Watford...?