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  1. DJAsh

    Nottm F

    Just count the GROUNDS you have visited.
  2. DJAsh

    Nottm F

    Bury first team competitive matches : 121 grounds. This includes old ground / new ground scenarios. For example, a visit to The Manor Ground in the past was a markedly different experience to a day out at The Kassam Stadium (or whatever it is called now). NB: don't count rebuilds on the same site as a new ground- even Bournemouth who rotated their place when they rebuilt. 260 grounds in total (first team, competitive... not counting friendlies, car boot sales and donkey derbies e.g. Newquay)
  3. £80 million + got them into the Premier League.
  4. DJAsh

    Gold Signs

    That was my suggestion for the Run-Out Music Poll on here a few years ago ( the original Morricone soundtrack version). It got 1 vote.
  5. DJAsh

    World Cup 2018 discussion.

    This tournament has been staged west of the Urals, so not in Asia. The plan is for Qatar to stage the WC in Nov-Dec 2022, so temperatures will be closer to those of a European mid-summer. Not sure if the air-conditioned stadium plan is therefore still being considered?
  6. DJAsh

    Pre-Season Schedule

    Think it was Cressswell
  7. DJAsh


    Liverpool fined a paltry £17000 for the pre-meditated smashing up of the Man City bus. And I don't see any warnings for a future repeat leading to anything like a proper fine / deterrent. In essence, the got away with it.
  8. DJAsh

    Admiral Branding

    There were a few "issues" surrounding Admiral in their 1970s heyday. Colin Bell in his autobiography describes how the quality of the new Admiral England kit was much poorer and less comfortable than the previous Umbro gear. I think that Don Revie inserted a clause into his England contract that Admiral should become the official kit supplier, trousering a nice percentage of the sales for himself. Not sure how far the current Admiral company is related to the one which produced those kits pictured above (some of them extremely nasty). I think the company was originally based in Leicester?
  9. "utter dross like Bury" Same to you.
  10. DJAsh

    Player Rumours

    Serious news?
  11. Likely - Southport A Unlikely - Man City or Man Utd XI at Gigg . Sold out , fully sponsored and TV rights sold to premier club's website /tv channel.
  12. DJAsh

    Nick Pope

    The fact that Pope has played for Bury Town, Bury and Burnley is going to befuddle a number of hacks out there
  13. DJAsh

    Salford City

    Another potential rival for attracting the next generation of local(ish) supporters? The Bury fanbase was looking very skewed towards the 50+ age group last time I surveyed the crowd.
  14. DJAsh


    They got away with 2 other non-awarded pens, though.
  15. DJAsh


    Glasgow Rangers #1 ?