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  1. Practising for the Dover queues ? Or maybe Felixstowe.
  2. Wasn't there mention of a new social club planned for the rear of the stand?
  3. Ironic that there has never been more money swilling around football, yet many clubs still have to exist on the brink of financial ruin.
  4. Of course he's looking for a response and an escalation, that's why he put it on the internet. These lunatics (on both sides) want to ramp up the hatred and violence further and further.
  5. Away end can hold up to 2200 ?
  6. Is that sweaty fox still living in the away end?
  7. How many dives to try to win a pen did they perform this time?
  8. Not a penalty, was not a clear intent to handle the ball. Also the ball was out for that Ajax goal. VAR is already highly suspect.
  9. Been to Leganes and Rayo. Leganes had a bloke driving around the town with a megaphone attached to the roof of his car, imploring / ordering the locals to get to the match.
  10. After Saturday's game I walked past the bus stop behind Starkies, noted that there was a large queue and slow traffic. Decided to walk on towards Whitefield direction and maybe hop on the bus if it arrived, further on. Made it as far as Sunny Bank Rd, the bus then arrived with 'Sorry Not in Service' displayed. However, it clearly was in service as there were a passengers on board (but not anything like the expected / usual number) So, was this a tactic to avoid picking fans up after the match?
  11. Russia Today is more balanced
  12. DJAsh

    Wally Amos

    Her's a link to Pathe footage of that game: https://www.britishpathe.com/video/manchester-city-beat-bury/query/Town
  13. Manufacturers don't like embroidered badges as they are more expensive to produce, therefore shaving off a bit of profit margin on each shirt.
  14. So here's the scenario: late season game next season, Oldham v Salford , Oldham secure for promotion and Salford need a win to avoid relegation...
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