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  1. Charlton 4 Sunderland 4 anyone ?
  2. Might be difficult, but I’d like us to have some stability and continuity on the playing side, to counter the off field troubles. Dream on. Besides, if he goes down there and has a bad start they’ll be calling him a grockle and flinging pasty crusts at him. Parochial bunch , only want you for your tourist pound.
  3. Hope you voiced your approval !
  4. Reading the unfolding accusations and possible counter accusations and subterfuge surrounding the recent accusations against City... Hacked emails, Uefa panels which might not be entirely independent, Sports management companies and their clients, rival Arab states and interests, international media groups, rival sportswear giants... Seems more like a fight over global market shares of a mega-rich global industry, rather than for trophies and titles.
  5. I remember an article about Bury in When Saturday Comes circa 1988 written by Neil Coupe.
  6. I hope Lowe will stay, if possible. A manager with a strong connection to the club, who favours entertaining football and treats the players well. These don’t come our way too often.
  7. The strategic importance of building castles to keep the Welsh in order?
  8. Was that a quote ? Who seddit ?
  9. He was known for enjoying a bit of poodle haired metal when at Gigg , too. on subject of football managers you bumped into at concerts- I can add Gordon Strachan at a James gig. Could be a new thread...?
  10. You mean they will have a cheaper pretend Man Utd to go to, rather than other community based affordable league clubs already in the Manchester region?
  11. Didn’t Lim buy Salford because he couldn’t prise Utd away from the Glasers? Hence he is creating his own mini version of his beloved club along with the “class of 92” bunch.
  12. A number of aspects here which sting a bit though : Salford City are just down the road They have more than a whiff of “a mini Man Utd” Amongst their backers are a couple of people very close to BFC , who have been rumoured to have helped us financially in the past, but are apparently now forbidden from doing so now as we face a severe financial crisis They will be guaranteed a disproportionately big slice of media exposure and cash
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