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    Underrated Shakers

    Joe Jakub
  2. DJAsh

    Question time?

    Russia Today is more balanced
  3. DJAsh

    Wally Amos

    Her's a link to Pathe footage of that game:
  4. DJAsh

    Next Seasons Shirts

    Manufacturers don't like embroidered badges as they are more expensive to produce, therefore shaving off a bit of profit margin on each shirt.
  5. DJAsh

    Paul Scholes.

    So here's the scenario: late season game next season, Oldham v Salford , Oldham secure for promotion and Salford need a win to avoid relegation...
  6. DJAsh

    Paul Scholes.

    When is the 3 part BBC documentary?
  7. DJAsh

    Morecambe Matchday

    What did Nicky do? Breathe on him?
  8. DJAsh

    Ref Watch - Neil Hair (Crawley)

    Crawley are having to field a couple of fringe players I hear.
  9. DJAsh

    Message board flag.

    Pete Cullen's book has team squad photos from most seasons, certainly those in the 70s onwards. Home kit can be checked on those.
  10. DJAsh

    Message board flag.

    Was the V shaped Badge in use as early as '71? Thought it was later ( need to check Pete Cullen's book)
  11. DJAsh

    Dear Ryan, Please stay.

    However, monetary concerns aren't the only factors to consider
  12. DJAsh

    Dear Ryan, Please stay.

    Be our Eddie Howe (without the few months at Turf Moor).
  13. FGR stewards certainly could do with reducing their red meat consumption?
  14. 5-3 defeat at Edgar Street in the '85 promotion year. Constant end to end stuff.
  15. DJAsh

    Forest Green away

    Nailsworth police reinforcements notified
  16. Graeme Jones played 3 games for us and scored on his debut, I think... sat on the Cemy End wall after putting the ball away? Assisted Martinez ( who played on Gigg for Wigan) as Belgium coach at Russia WC.
  17. .... not playing for us though..... Seem to remember Alex Sabella playing for Sheff U in 79 against us? Jack Charlton played for Leeds at Gigg on a few occasions I think. Maybe Sir Alf way back in time? Discussion open....
  18. DJAsh

    HMV goes into administration.

    The last time HMV had a crisis the unfair advantage Amazon held over them- the tax avoidance- was cited as a major factor. Five years on nothing has changed.
  19. If only he'd slapped the Grimsby player in the face with a fish... Could have got off on a comedy / surrealism technicality.
  20. DJAsh

    Mr Day

    Bury was affiliated to the White Rose?
  21. DJAsh

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Stockport have now added a Paul Heaton gig to the Blossoms one, so not everything is impossible .
  22. DJAsh

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Unless Mr Day has dealt with them , in which case that would be very positive and newsworthy.
  23. DJAsh

    Club sold announcement Monday

    So, do the debts remain or did Stewart Day write them off, as some here suggested he would?
  24. DJAsh

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Weren't there claims "ITK" that Peel Holdings are / were behind Stewart Day's tenure at Gigg?