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  1. Was an official reason ever given for the demolition?
  2. Interesting second post .
  3. Maybe Day was better at currying favour, buying everyone a lager (albeit on club expenses), and indulging in a bit of laddish banter?
  4. Legal stuff? Current board must have got a new one in?
  5. Can an independent assessment of the finances be sought? Sick of reading this and that claim and rumour from non- independent sources and banter merchants
  6. Maybe people WANTED to believe all the bull? Can't really blame them for naive optimism?
  7. None of this would have happened if the BL9 Weekender had gone ahead...
  8. Was looking forward to getting to my first game for a few weeks in a week and a bit... and now all this. Rumours flying around and they are very ugly. Did I hallucinate the news that Mr Dale had put £3 million into BFC, just a few weeks ago, and that Nicky Adams signed a new contract extension, just last week? Wasn't FFP supposed to stop all this sort of thing from happening? ( Recent other cases Bolton, Macc, Notts County et al) Last week chickens were being counted and statistical probability models quoted boldly predicting us as certs for automatic. At least the boo boys were reportedly happy again this evening.
  9. Has this anything to do with the announcement that the car park is to be 'worked on or developed in some way' over the summer...? Can a car park be repossessed?
  10. So was it the Brass WUP landing last week which was the unforseen factor?
  11. What, they've renamed it April Bants Day? Or April Troll Day?
  12. Next up : why aren't the new kits out before the summer hols?
  13. Coulda shoulda woulda stayed up under Warnock if there hadn't been a change to goals scored rule rather than goal difference for that one season. He didn't help himself with his foot-in-mouth persona and huge bugle, but his record of promotions proves his worth above the likes of Barrow, Casper and Biffa Bacon.
  14. Pick from : ( For 2000s only) Kenny Armstrong, Nelson, Swailes, Sodje, Woodthorpe Dunfield, CKR, Jones, Dawson, Worrall, Stephens Nugent, Bishop, Lowe
  15. The recent shower make me pine for a John Major
  16. Practising for the Dover queues ? Or maybe Felixstowe.
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